A dozen (or so) ways to make a few extra bucks

By Stew


Everybody is looking for ways to make extra money these days. Since I started working for money around age 12 or 13, I have always had several streams of income. Someday, I hope to be able to live on a 40 hour workweek . . . someday. But until that happens, here are some extra ways to make some cash. Keep your eyes open, be creative, find something that works for you.

  1. Yard Work – Many people are looking for help with various jobs around the home. Mowing, shoveling, weeding, cleaning out roof gutters, raking and more are all ways to generate money for your budget. How can you get these jobs? You can post your card or a flier at your local hardware store or laundromat. Another way to get work is to volunteer to help out a senior citizen with their work and let word-of-mouth do the rest. The thing about yard work is that there are no set rates and it will not pay the same as your regular job, but extra money is extra money . . .
  2. Blogging – Publishing a blog is easy, but sticking with it over the long haul is difficult. I did not generate any serious income from blogging until I had been doing it for over a year and half. However, blogging can be a reliable source of income if you have the ability to write, post interesting content and keep at it.
  3. Sell stuff on Ebay or Craiglist – I used to sell things on Ebay, but lately, Craiglist has really worked for us – both in selling and buying. Look around your house, I am sure that we all have things we can sell. Kids clothes, furniture, electronics,  power tools, even coupons can be sold online for very little hassle or up front investment on your part.
  4. Babysitting – I know, you have not babysat since you were fourteen . . . but if you are a stay-at-home-mom, let your friends know that you are willing to take in a child or two during the day. There are many working mothers who prefer that their child is in a home rather than an institutional daycare. Mrs. Stew makes a lot of extra money this way.
  5. Sewing and alterations – Sewing is somewhat of a lost art, but if you are one of the few with talents in this area, let others know! There is always sewing to be done in conjunction with weddings, find a couple of those and you will be in good shape.
  6. Window cleaning – This job might fall under the yard work category up above, but most homeowners despise window cleaning and many lack the equipment necessary. If you have a ladder, you can be in business. A Saturday of window cleaning could really jump start your debt reduction or emergency fund savings.
  7. Painting – Painting is another one of those love-hate jobs, but if you are willing there is no end of work. I recently helped a couple paint their rental apartment and soon realized that my painting experience could someday be a real moneymaker.
  8. Cleaning houses – This is another job that Mrs. Stew used early in our marriage to make extra cash. It was a little shocking to me to realize the number of people who want nothing to do with cleaning their own homes. If you need cash, a little mopping and vacuuming could be just the ticket.
  9. Crafts – This is not my cup of tea at all, but Mrs. Stew has several friends who make crafts and accessories to seel on a website called Etsy. If you are crafty, you might be able to spin straw into gold . . .
  10. Home shows – Once again, this is not my thing, but there are many people who sell really useful things like kids books, cooking utensils, vitamins and through home parties. If you find a product that you are passionate about, you might be able to take advantage of this alternate stream of income.
  11. Photography – People are finding that studio photography is out of their reach, furthermore, many want pictures taken outside. The age of digital photography has made picture taking accessible for all of us. If you can develop a reputation, you can make money in evenings and weekends.
  12. Haircuts – This might work better for college students, but at the college I attended, there was at least one guy or girl in every dorm who had a pair of clippers and could cut hair. For some of them, this was the only employment they had all the way through college. Think about it, maybe it is an idea that could work for you.
  13. Pet care – Walking dogs, picking up yard waste, giving baths, changing bedding and cat boxes. Pets come with a lot of work and there are a lot of pet owners who would not mind spending a little money to avoid some of those responsibilities. I am not a big fan of pets, but pet care might prove to be a way for you to earn some “walking around” money.

If I know GLBL readers, a few more ideas are on the way – feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment.

Article by Stew

Photo by Tim in Sydney

12 Responses (including trackbacks) to “A dozen (or so) ways to make a few extra bucks”

  1. Kate Says:

    This is more of a springtime idea, but to those who are handy in the garden, selling seedlings is a good way to make a little money. I saw tons of ads locally on Craigslist last spring for seedlings, and if you’re a gardener, you probably have a lots of starter pots around the shed or garage. Even better if you’ve saved seeds from last year’s plants, thus eliminating the need to buy new ones!

  2. Susie G Says:

    How I have wasted my talent. I cut my kids’ hair for years, and my husband’s for 28 years now, and none of them have given me a dime!
    (great idea, kate, i bought seedlings this year!)

  3. jane a. Says:

    Tutoring is a great side job, especially if you are fluent in a second language or are strong in math.

  4. vh Says:

    Great ideas.

    One of my neighbors, when she and her husband were BOTH laid off just as they were expecting a baby, started baking fancy cookies. Pretty quick she got a local gourmet grocery store interested in them. A church allowed her to use their state-certified kitchen so she could bake commercially. Then she got some Internet publicity and some radio publicity, and the next thing she knew people were calling her from all over the country asking her to ship the things to them.

    Now they have a going business, and neither of them needs to go back to a day job!

    LOL! Not that a business isn’t a day (and night) job!

  5. Gary Says:

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