Have a happy Labor Day!

By Stew

hot dogs

I always think it is ironic that Labor Day is a day off of work.

Labor Day has been observed since the 1880’s. It was originally intended to be a nod toward organized labor by politicians, both in Canada and in the United States. I value the contributions of all people who work, not just union workers and I salute all who have used the freedom offered by our culture to work to earn their dream.

Nowadays, the greatest significance of this day is the end of summer. So, enjoy one last trip to the beach, one last time around the lake on a water ski, that family game of softball and a couple of grilled hot dogs.  – Article by Stew

Photo by TheBusyBrain

2 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Have a happy Labor Day!”

  1. Tommy R Says:

    Today, I refuse to limit myself to only 2 hotdogs!

  2. financia at FinancialFreakShow.com Says:

    Thanks Stew!

    I find it interesting how many businesses are open on Labor Day (esspecially retail!) not a very important holiday to most employers I guess.

    Oh well, I guess I get to show how I feel about that with my wallet when I decide where to buy my hotdogs for next Labor Day