Friday Gathering: Looking for Labor Day Edition

By Stew

labor day

Here are some articles that I found interesting or useful this week:

Pretty basic, but we can all use a reminder. Lynnae at Being Frugal lists five steps to pay off your credit cards.

I love to travel and I do a great deal – mostly within the States, but I fly or drive across state lines close to twenty-five times a year. Plonkee from Plonkee Money wrote an article listing seven travel items that a person should not bother buying and five things that might save you money while traveling. I might do a couple of my own lists on this topic sometime – interesting idea.

Mighty Bargain Hunter wrote about “remerchandising relinquishment”. Don’t look at me, click the link.

Our parent’s generation did not change jobs very often. Their parent’s generation never changed jobs. We do it all the time. Prime Time Money asks if changing jobs for more money is worth it.

Generation X financing posted that your car is making you poor. In my case, yes, but there is nothing I can do about it at the moment . . .

Frugal Dad exhorts us to not allow fear to guide financial decisions. I prefer to trust in the promise of God to meet the needs of my family. The problem is that He thinks my family needs a lot less that I do. :)

Have a great three-day weekend. I am working two out of the three days, good thing that I love what I do! Remember: Do not just spend money, spend time with family.       – Article by Stew

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  1. modli Says:

    Hey , it’s Labor Day! I’m happy with my extra day off, and I am planning to make something fun that’ll probably involve a car trip and seeing something new in Flint I haven’t seen yet.
    You write something new on this Monday at the labor day? … HapPY bloggiNG!

  2. mbhunter Says:

    Thanks for the link!