Friday Gathering: Floods in the Southeast Edition

By Stew


Here are several articles that I found interesting during the past week:

If you are a first time home buyer, you might qualify for an Federal Housing Adminsitration backed loan. You can read all the details at Bargaineering. One statement that I found a little brow wrinkling was the FHA uses no tax-payer funding . . . could be, I guess.

Christian PF asked the question asked the somewhat inflammatory question, Is Capitalism “Anti-Jesus”? Sounds like a topic that I might like to tackle.

Have a good weekend, hope you are safe from the flooding. Take a minute to pray for those whose lives might have been affected. Don’t just spend money, spend time with your family.

Consumerism Commentary is wondering how banks will make up revenue due to changes in government regulations in the finance industry. Just spend less than you earn and keep track of your accounts and you should be okay in most situations.

PT Money recently became a father and is now discussing the pros and cons of the various college savings plans out there. He picked the 529.

Madison at My Dollar Plan is pretty upset with her Fidelity 401K, so she is taking her retirement savings elsewhere.

Photo by US Geological Survey

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2 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Friday Gathering: Floods in the Southeast Edition”

  1. ChristianPF Says:

    Thanks for the mention – and yea I would love to hear your thoughts… The quote was from Michael Moore as he is very offended by the US being a capitalist nation…

  2. Stew Says:

    Yes, I watched an interview with him last night. The ironic thing is that our government shares a great deal of blame for our economic situation – it wasn’t capitalism that gave $700 billion to failing banks . . . He seems to think that capitalism is responsible for the whole mess. I lean toward blaming unrestrained greed and government.