Friday Gathering: End of Summer Edition

By Stew

late summer

Here are some articles that I found interesting this week:

The Silicon Valley Blogger asks what do you plan to do in retirement? As part of the article, she posted a fascinating video about a 93 year old stock broker. Watch it.

The Smarter Wallet wrote down some thoughts on health care. I pretty much operate under the assumption that if there are problems with something, handing it over to the government is a sure way to make it worse. Health care is a worry for all of us and there are problems with the system . . . I would just like to find the solution outside of government, but we’ll see . . .

Jason, one of the writers at Bible Money Matters wrote an encouraging and challenging devotional called “Leaning on my own understanding”. I hope that I always look for wisdom from above.

Christian PF suggests some tips for people who do not like to budget. I like his “power of positive thinking” approach to budgeting. Good read.

A guest post at My Two Dollars caught my attention. We have all seen the ads for debt reduction and debt counseling companies, but Debbie is convinced that you do not need a third party in order to get your finances under control.

Getting started on the road to fiscal responsibility and debt reduction is difficult, but things do not always get easier after you have had some success. I’ve Paid for This Twice Already reveals that the home stretch can be as difficult as the start – but worth it. – Article by Stew

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  1. ChristianPF Says:

    Thanks for the mention Stew!! Have a great weekend!