Friday Gathering: Last Trip of the Summer Edition

By Stew


Here are some interesting posts from around the personal finance blogosphere this week:

How to find cheap airfare and hotel like a ninja master was writen by Paul Van Leirop and posted at Moolanomy. I knew most of the tips that he shared, but I did not know how the new search engine from Microsoft called Bing can help in your quest for low cost travel.

Frugal Dad writes about why it is really never a good idea to skip a payment, even when your credit card company offers it to you. Most “deals” offered to you by credit card companies are structured so that they benefit the company more than you. I know, crazy isn’t it? Credit card companies are in it for profit!

My daughter keeps trying to get me to get lots of cash for our gold every time she sees those commercials. She does not realize that A) we don’t have any gold and B) it is probably a rip-off. Mighty Bargain Hunter thinks that those “cash for gold” companies are probably at best incompetent.

Have you ever experimented with “micro-payments”? I have a little and might start doing it again. No Credit Needed explains the process and reveals the power of the micro-payment.

Happy reading! Don’t just spend money, spend time with family.

Photo by Sanyam Studios

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