Friday Gathering: Favre is back! Edition

By Stew


I don’t even care that he is playing for the Vikings, I love watching that guy play.

Clever Dude had an interesting post about the high mark up of disposable razor cartridges. I have a couple of comments. First, companies will charge what the market will bear. If consumers quit purchasing a particular item because it is overpriced, the price will come down. They are under no obligation to reduce the price simply because their mark up is ridiculous. Second: I have used a straight razor on occasion, but I have found that the convenience of the electric razor is beyond compare. I have a reasonably thick beard that I shave every day. Why do men still even use straight razors?

Flexo posted yet another article about the shortcomings of the “Cash for Clunkers” program. This thing is a big mess. I would like to add a small editorial comment, hopefully without without generating too much heat – if our government cannot properly administer a $3 billion entitlement, how in the world can we trust that they can handle a $1.3 trillion dollar entitlement (healthcare)?

A while ago, I posted about my “resolution” regarding my daily lunches. Gen X finance has posted the results from his brown bag lunch experiment. Yet another reason to just make yourself a sandwich!

We have a Costco membership, but it is not saving us very much money. Primarily because the store is quite a bit out of our way . . . We did not consider that when we purchased the card. However, a Costco membership has been a good deal for Green Panda Treehouse.

Tough Money Love is also not a fan of more congretional spending. He even calls it “hypocrisy”. Sigh, wouldn’t it be great if government had to apply the same rules of personal finance by which the rest of us live?

Have a great weekend! Don’t just spend money, spend time with family.

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10 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Friday Gathering: Favre is back! Edition”

  1. Mike D. Says:

    I switched to a double edge safety razor about a month ago and really enjoy it. I got too much skin irritation from a regular razor and the electric I tried didn’t work well enough, maybe I should have bought a more expensive/nicer one. I think I get a better shave now. The cost savings was a minor issue for me, I’m glad to take it but was really looking for a better shave. We’ll see what the cost savings really adds up to, it seems like even though blades are cheaper I’m changing them a bit more frequently so the savings isn’t as high as I first thought it might be.

  2. Bible Money Matters Says:

    I DO care that Favre is playing for the Vikings since I’m in Minnesota and a lifelong Vikings fan. Can’t wait to see him in his first game tonight. Here’s to hoping that he stays healthy and does better than either of our other meager backups.

  3. Stew Says:

    As a lifelong Packer fan, my loyalties are divided, but this guy makes for great spectating. I’ve watched him practically every Sunday in the fall since the early 90’s. I’m happy to see him back – even if he is playing for the enemy. :)

  4. IS Says:

    Wow, it’s going to make things very interesting. I personally hope that Favre can prove all doubters wrong and lead Minessota to a division title:)

  5. Ashley Says:

    Interesting brown bag experiment. For me, going out almost everyday for lunch ends in a round tummy and an empty wallet.

  6. Ron Says:

    “if our government cannot properly administer a $3 billion entitlement, how in the world can we trust that they can handle a $1.3 trillion dollar entitlement (healthcare)?”

    How indeed?

    Reference the errors and poor conditions in VA hospitals, the “free” county hospitals, and the “imploding” Canadian health care system (their words, not mine). At some point, people will hopefully realize, as our President recently did with the FedEx/Post Office comparison, that government run editions of private enterprises are consistently poor performers in all measurable aspects. Oh wait, HE’S the one pushing it …

  7. MITBeta @ Don't Feed The Alligators Says:

    Cash for Clunkers seems to be working great. The only problem I’ve seen is that it’s too popular. Nice spin on the link the “shortcomings” article, which is not at all what the article was about.

  8. Clever Dude Says:

    Thanks for the link. Keep in mind that a straight razor is different than a safety razor. The straight razor is what they used in the wild west, while a safety razor is more like what your grandpa probably used. I’m still transitioning from my fusion 6 blade to the single blade (double-edged) safety razor, but shaving is just so much more enjoyable now. I actually look forward to shaving each morning.

    As for electric razors, I’ve tried a few too and they just irritate my skin. My beard is just wayyyy to thick and stiff to use anything other than a blade, and it was time to either buy $60 worth of replacement cartridges or try out a safety razor. I’m glad I switched!

  9. Stew Says:

    @Clever, thanks for stopping by – my beard must not be as thick as yours. Glad I can use an electric …

    @MITBeta, fair enough, although the article did list several shortcomings of the program. If you were to summarize, in what way has the program been a success?

  10. Alan Says:

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