Friday Gathering: Away from home Edition

By Stew


I am almost 600 miles away from home tonight, but I can still write this post and work on various tasks by virtue of the internet – especially the wireless kind. It is amazing how our lives have been changed by technology. Here are some personal finance articles that I found interesting over the past week:

Jim at Bargaineering wrote about four money lessons from nature. Interesting article – I think there are more money lessons to be found in nature. It is good to remember that money has representative value, not intrinsic value. As Dave Ramsey says, a dollar bill is simply a “certificate of appreciation”.

This article is from a few months ago, but frequent GLBL commenter, MIBeta from Don’t Feed the Alligators wrote an article comparing personal finance to a video game. I never really played video games, but this particular post has to be a one-of-a-kind in the pf blogosphere.

A guest post by Kevin on Cash Money Life caught my attention. It was called Why taking a pay cut is a good idea. The maid idea is that it is better to work for cheap than not to work at all. Good thought in this economy.

My editorial about Cash for Refridgerators generated a fair amount of commentary and I thought it deserved a spot in this list.

Mrs. Micah highlighted a fatastic idea with her article entitled “Couponing for Charity”. This is a good way to help those in need, even if you do not have a lot of cash to give away.

Ron at the Wisdom Journal told an absolute horror story about a bad construction contractor. When it comes to construction, it is good to remember that you pretty much always get what you pay for.

Have a great weekend! Don’t just spend money, spend time with family.

Photo by kiwinz

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