A Little More About The Financial Blogger

By Mike


As previously announced by Larry, aka GLBL guy, he recently sold his blog to a guy called The Financial Blogger. Well that guy is me, Mike, and The Financial Blogger is the name of my first blog. Selling a blog is a though decision to make for both the buyer and the seller. While Larry has to “leave a part of his life”, I am taking a risk that you won’t enjoy my articles as much as Larry’s. This is why I thought of introducing myself as my first article.

First of all, I am a happy father of two little kids; William (4) and Amy (2). I have been married for 5 years with my wife; my very first and only love (we have been together since we were 15!). I work in the financial industry since 2003 and I have been a financial planner for the past 2 years. What I really like about my job is helping my clients achieving their dreams. Buying their house, quitting their job and returning to school, retiring happy (and wealthy), those are the kind of dreams I can help my clients with. I always say that I can’t complain about the pay cheque, but what I enjoy the most, is coming back home with the feeling that I have helped someone today.

I have been blogging on The Financial Blogger since November 2006. What I really like about blogging is that I can share my knowledge with a lot more people than I can do at work. It also gives everybody a great opportunity to ask questions or add comments on my thoughts. Personal finance is a very wide and interesting topic since there are no single right answers. Each situation is unique and there is more than one good solution for each of them.

I started my blog with the help of one of my friend and partner in our online company: Pierre. He is my best friend (and William’s godfather too!). He is also working in the finance industry, precisely in the wonderful world of stock markets. While you won’t see his name often (he takes care of other website and he is the “techno guy”), he will bring his great experience of the stock market once in a while. He also runs a blog called The Intelligent Speculator. Pierre had some interesting financial adventures.

After school, for numerous reasons, he started travelling, a lot, going to places like Asia, Australia, Africa. It was all great except for the fact that he got into a lot of debt in the process. He will be writing about this. And now that he’s out of debt, he is beginning the best journey of his life, preparing a wedding that will take place in 2010, with all of the financial changes that will bring.

We will both be working really hard to provide the best financial content on the web as we think that there is a huge lack of financial education in North America. There are no such programs at school and we basically leave our kids at the age of 18 with a credit card and tell them to buy whatever they feel like.

Good news! I am keeping Stew with GLBL!

In order to not make significant changes and because I like his writing skills, Stew will keep writing for GLBL on a regular basis. He will write 2 to 3 posts a week and I will write the other posts.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask them by email at mikael(dot)heroux(at)gmail.com. If you want to know something about me, I invite you to ask your questions by commenting on this post.

**Tomorrow, it will be the official launch with a contest and giveaways as we are looking for ideas and comments about what you like about GatherLittlebyLittle **

21 Responses (including trackbacks) to “A Little More About The Financial Blogger”

  1. Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog Says:

    Congrats Mike! You’ll do a great job here at Gather Little By Little!

  2. Rob Says:

    Maybe you can keep superstition ( religion ) out of the blog. I want to hear about frugality, not myth. Thanks.

  3. DDFD at DivorcedDadFrugalDad.com Says:

    Congrats! I look forward to seeing your work.

  4. Paul Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts. You’re absolutely right about the lack of personal finance education in schools. I remember my kids receiving offers for numerous credit cards as soon as they left school.

  5. Twin6878 Says:

    Welcome! I look forward to see the “take” you have on PF.

  6. Wendy Says:

    hmm- disagree with “rob” and am interested in your religous take on the aspect of personal finances. Hows does God affect yoru life and the way you live it? It was big part of GLBL that many of us enjoyed.
    Thank being said- welcome!

  7. Wojciech Kulicki Says:

    Welcome, and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  8. Gina Says:

    Welcome Mike! I look forward to your posts.

    Thanks for keeping Stew. We’ve grown to like him. Stew’s wife had some AWESOME tips for saving money while planning a wedding. Pierre should check them out. And if you get the chance, read his credit card ‘cash back’ adventure. That is a C-R-A-Z-Y story!

    A few of us (incl. Larry) are fans of Dave Ramsey, who teaches us to build wealth without borrowing money while walking daily with God. Do you have any debt? If so, how are you managing that aspect of your life? Do you have a budget? What tools do you use for your budget? Gibble guy (aka Larry) walked us through, step-by-step, his whole life changing situation … from start to finish. Your purchase of this blog was the ‘finish’.

    Those are some questions I would like to see answered in the coming weeks/months.

  9. Christina Says:

    Looking forward to your articles. :)

  10. Stew Says:

    I would like to say, “Welcome” to my new boss!

    Rob, I’m sure that you are a great guy, but if you are reading a blog with a Scripture verse in the title, you should probably expect some religious content. Personally, I find that Scriptural advice relating to money is usually pretty good.

  11. Tommy Says:

    I was first attracted to GLBL because of the Christian slant. Simply put, Larry’s views of financial decisions based on Christian belief and Biblical teachings aligned with mine.

    So, Mike, on what do you base your financial decisions?

  12. Bible Money Matters Says:

    Welcome Mike – I’ve had some dealings with you in the past through my logo site! Congrats on buying GLBL and good luck! I look forward to reading more of your stuff – here now!

  13. The Digerati Life Says:

    Hey Mike,
    Just want to say hi there! Congrats on the purchase and wish you all the best with the new digs. Larry, best of luck to you as well! This is certainly a surprise, but real glad things worked out for both of you!

  14. Pinyo Says:

    Congratulation on the purchase. I like your The Financial Blogger site and I have read The Intelligent Speculator a few times. I also think this is a nice introduction, and I am sure you’ll do fine. Good luck and I hope that we’ll cross path often.

  15. The Happy Rock Says:

    Welcome Mike.

    I look forward to seeing what flair you have to bring.

  16. The Wit Says:

    Hi Mike, welcome to the blog. I’m fairly new too to the community but am enjoying the “personal” and “folksy” touch that seems to be the hallmark of GLBL. Hope you will retain that flavor as you take over the reins. God bless.

  17. Carrie Says:

    Welcome! My only tip is to please double-check your work (or have someone else do it) because there are several typos in this article.

  18. Brenda Says:

    I recently found this site and it will be one of my favorites for sure. I like the brief, to the point articles. I am a fan of keeping things simple since life is complicated enough.

  19. Marcy Says:

    Congrats Mike for your first blog! I really enjoy reading blogs teaching how to earn money in a christian way. Well, all I can say is that we just need to simplify and create abundance! Good luck Mike and I’m looking forward reading more financial tips from you.

  20. Benjamin Says:

    Love your work, anyway off to read the other stuff!

  21. battery-stores Says:

    Thanks for sharing the post.