When will I recieve my $250.00 stimulus check

By glblguy


As part of the 2009 stimulus package, President Obama made sure that everyone was included. For people that work they receive tax credits, for people who don’t and receive Social Security, he included a one-time $250.00 stimulus check.  Stimulus payments are slated to go to people who receive Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, railroad retirement benefits or veteran’s benefits. The total to be distributed? Over 13 million dollars. The 52 million eligible recipients started receiving their stimulus checks in May 7 of this year (2009).

One catch that many of you may not be aware of is that checks will be distributed to some that are both receiving social security benefits AND working jobs that provide taxable income. In this case people you will receive both a $250 stimulus check and the tax credits via your paycheck. But here’s the catch, you can’t keep both. If you receive both the stimulus check and the tax credits, you’ll be required to deduct it from your tax credit next year when you file your returns for the 2009 tax year.

In cases like I just described, the stimulus check you may receive isn’t a “gift” as you might think think, but in fact a loan that you’ll have to payback at tax time next year.

When will I receive my stimulus check?

If you are in fact entitled to a $250.00 stimulus check, there is nothing you need to do to “apply”. Checks will be automatically sent to qualified citizens. If you haven’t received your check by June 4th, 2009 and you are confident you qualify, contact Social Security. Be aware that you will receive your payment the same way you currently receive your Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit. If your monthly benefit is by check, Social Security will deliver your one-time payment by check. If you receive your benefits via direct deposit or Direct Express debit card, you will receive your one-time payment the same way.

Wait! I have more questions

I’m sure some of you are in unique situations and may have very specific questions. If so, please visit the Social Security Administration FAQ page. They have provided answers to many unique situations.

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4 Responses (including trackbacks) to “When will I recieve my $250.00 stimulus check”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Are you benefitting financially to promote MyPoints or MySurveys? Just curious. I’ve tried the surveys and you get $2 or $3 per survey, if you qualify. Half the time, I don’t qualify fo rthe surveys, but you learn tht until you’ve had to answer a half dozen questions anyway.

    It’s hardly a viable way to earn money. People who are serious about reducing their debt or increasing savings would be better off, say, increasing the deductible on their homeowner’s or car insurance rather than wasting time with piddly surveys.Or getting a second job or any number of other things, but these silly little surveys aren’t worth the time people put into them.

  2. dramon Says:

    I have to say that when social security will go broke before many of us who have paid into our entire lives, I have a real issue with providing ‘stimulus’ money like this. I would prefer we had a real long term plan to make sure that all of us who have funded the system for 50 years get something in return.

  3. RICHARD Says:

    Anyone who gets excited about a check for $250.00 is a twit.
    The Washington knuckleheads are trying to buy your vote… with your
    own tax money…
    WE THE PEOPLE are being misled and our rights
    are being trampled on…No…I’m not bitter but open your eyes people… Maybe you can but a nice pair of glasses with your
    whopping $250.00…LOL