Best of Money Carnival #5

By glblguy


Hi there and welcome to the Best of Money Carnival #5! What? You’ve never heard of the Best of Money Carnival? Well, I’m sure you’re not the only one. The Best of Money Carnival is a fairly new blog carnival  that features the top 10 articles submitted each week. Not only does it make for a shorter carnival, but it also gives you the very best of the best out of all the articles submitted that week. Now of course the downside is on host (that’s me), as picking out the top 10 is tough!

So, without further adieu here are the top 10 best articles submitted from last week:

10 – Which variable impacts your investment return the most?

FMF shares the 3 basic variables that impact the return on your investment, then goes into detail to help you determine which of the 3 is the MOST important. Not being an investment guru myself, I always enjoy reading a good introductory investment article.


9 – Save money on groceries

This topic has been covered more times than I can count across the personal finance blogosphere, but Lazy Man does an excellent job breaking it down and ends up creating a top notch reference article for saving money on groceries. With 6 kids in our home, this is something we’re always looking to do!


8 – How debt settlement works

Ever wonder how debt settlement works? Wonder no more. Jim provides a thorough and well researched article on the topic that will definitely explain the whole process. Really good read and I learned tons.


7 – 5 money tips for travelers

Travel is expensive, regardless of how far you go, but when traveling abroad every penny can make a huge difference. PT shares some tips for saving money based on his recent trip to Ireland. This article is full of great and unique tips.


6 – How to save on your property tax

Ugh…taxes. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t want to find ways to save on our taxes! Jeff’s article tells us how to go about saving money on our property taxes, which for most of us is our heaviest tax next to our income. Jeff shows that just a little effort and research can go a long way to saving us money on our property taxes.


5 – Honeymoon planning tips

Getting hitched sometime soon, or know someone that is? The Financial Highway definitely has an article here you should read or pass along.


4 – Start a side business in the lazy days of summer

A side business, one of my passions. I love the idea created side and passive income with a side business. Money Smart Life encourages us to utilize some of our summer downtime to start one. No time like the present right?


3 – Three magic words to “manipulate” your spouse into total financial submission

While I don’t personally care for the use of “manipulate” or “submission” when discussing your spouse, I do think this is a good article. Focusing on the positives of anyone’s perspective is always a good way to find common ground in a conversation, especially one where the two parties disagree. Sound advise, but I’d suggest you avoid “manipulating” or causing your spouse to “submit”. Neither of these are going to pave the way for a sound relationship in the long run.


2 – Sustainable kitchens: Getting the most out of our appliances

A large portion of your monthly electric bill is the result of appliances in your home, and in particular your kitchen. Frugally Green shares a thorough and helpful article on how to best utilize your kitchen appliances. Excellent read.


1 – Identify & overcome money anxiety & stress in relationships

My number one pick goes back to relationships. Matt shares some absolutely excellent article that just might help you deal with anxiety and stress related to money in your relationship. I’d have to say that Matt and his wife’s experience is exactly what my wife and I where dealing with a few years back as well.  Excellent article and highly recommended!


Thanks to everyone that submitted! There were lots of great articles. If you would like to submit an article to the next Best of Money Carnival, check out the details on how to submit a post. Make sure you read through the rules though or you won’t qualify. Unfortunately this happened to a number of people that submitted last week.

The next Best of Money Carnival will be hosted by my friend and fellow Christian personal finance blogger: Pete from Bible Money Matters!

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  1. DDFD at Says:

    Nice list! I caught a few of these– gotta read the rest!

  2. Neal Frankle Says:

    Thanks for including my post. I really don’t think anyone should manipulate anyone into anything as I tried to point out in the article. I was trying to be funny with the title……sorry it was offensive.

  3. Ray Says:

    Thanks for including me :)

  4. PT Money Says:

    Excellent job on the carnival. Love the pics.

  5. Jeff Rose Says:

    After many submissions, I finally made the cut! Thanks for including me :)

  6. Matt Jabs Says:

    Thank you for including my post & for rating it #1. I am honored.