Best Free Events to Enjoy Almost Anywhere

By glblguy

Best Free Events for Kids this summer

Kids are famous for complaining to their parents that they are bored or that there’s nothing to do. A lot of adults who have recently switched over to a frugal lifestyle are starting to sound just like those kids. They simply don’t know what to do to entertain themselves if it doesn’t involve spending any money. Well, just like your parents told you when you were a bored kid, there’s plenty to do if you get creative.

Here are some of the best free events for kids that you can enjoy in almost any place that you might live:

  • Outdoor adventures. Hiking, camping, picnicking and reading in the grass are all activities that don’t cost you anything. They can be done just about anywhere especially during the summer. If you live near a lake, river or national park then you have even more options.
  • Other outdoor events. Nearly every small town offers planned outdoor events for the community. Outdoor movie screenings, plays in the park, Farmers’ Markets, craft fairs, youth sports events and concerts are all examples of things that you might find offered for free in your area.
  • Arts and cultural events. There are a lot of free events that are great if you’re interested in arts, literature or learning in general. Lectures at the local library, open mic nights in your town’s coffee shop and opening receptions at art galleries are all examples of free events you might have fun at. If your town is too small to offer these things, check in the town closest to you and plan an inexpensive day trip.
  • Window shopping and people watching. Sometimes it’s fun just to get out and be around other people. Browse through antique stores or malls without buying anything. Sit in a public space and make up stories in your mind about the people that you see there. Daydreaming doesn’t cost a dime.
  • Get-togethers with loved ones. Host a potluck dinner. Have a home movie viewing at your house. Put together an impromptu game of touch football in your backyard. You can have a great time with the people you love and you don’t have to spend any money.

Stop complaining that you’re bored because you don’t have money to spend! You don’t have to spend money to have a good time. Look for free events in your area. Just get off the couch and get creative. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you might have.

Guest article by Kathryn Vercillo. Kathryn is a writer for which gives away free voucher code deals and also publishes money saving tips.

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5 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Best Free Events to Enjoy Almost Anywhere”

  1. The Weakonomist Says:

    The story of my life will be told as I was the worlds greatest people watcher. Combined with window shopping those two activities really make up the bulk of the best times I’ve had with my future wife. We love it. See society, stretch the legs, and be thankful we can afford to buy stuff but don’t want to.

  2. Marsha Says:

    Also, public libraries are free!! (although they aren’t exactly “events”).

    But check your local library for the times it’s open. I have discovered that the libraries in my city have shortened their hours of operation significantly because of the poor economy (and the city’s lack of $$).

  3. Christine Says:

    I was going to mention the library too. Ours has cool things like “pajama night” where you take the kids in for storytime in their PJs.

    Also, some churches do fun free things in the summertime. Ours is doing a picnic on the lawn with free ice cream and popcorn twice, and in August will do a movie night on the lawn. Fun and free (well, paid for with tithe monies. :) They outreach to the community with this.

    We also just finished Vacation Bible School week, although I learned that our church is the only one in the county that doesn’t charge for this. I loved VBS as a kid, and I know people who were saved that week.

  4. DDFD at Says:

    Great post! We are always looking for fun, free events. We went to a local park with hiking trails today and filled an hour plus with a three mile hike.