Winner of the Skinny on credit cards

By glblguy

the-skinny-on-credit-cardsThanks to everyone that entered into the Skinny on credit cards book giveaway. I received 22 entries and visited to pick to the random winning comment. picked comment #8…and the winner is:

Kim (the first one)!!

In her comment, Kim said:

This sounds like a REALLY great book, and I’d love to win it to give to my teenage nephews. They will be looking at colleges soon, and could use this advice to get off on the right foot financially, especially since I’m sure they will be inundated with credit card offers. And, with their father laid off and no jobs in sight, and me only a temp (with permanent employment a distant, slim, possibility!), and, worst of all, we live in southeast Michigan, every little bit of info and advice helps! Thanks for all the great advice and inspiration! Keep it up!

Congratulations Kim! Thanks to everyone that entered, and don’t despair! I have 5 other books I’m working on writing reviews for and all 5 will reviews will include giveaways.

If you missed the giveaway, head over to the review I wrote. It’s definitely on my “must buy” list.

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