Carnival of Money Stories – Inaugural Edition

By glblguy


My fellow blogging and non-blogging citizens: I write here today, grateful for the trust bestowed up on me to host this 1st edition of the revived Carnival of Money Stories. First and foremost, I welcome you to the carnival and also  to Gather Little by Little. Similar words of welcome have been spoken throughout blogging history: during rising tides of prosperity and still waters of peace…

Ok, ok…I’ll stop trying to carve this whole carnival out as an inaugural speech. I’m a PF blogger anyway, no way I could even come close to drafting a decent political speech in he first place! BUT, what I will do is share some interesting inaugural trivia questions with you as we go through the carnival. Answers to the trivia questions will be at the very bottom.

I’d like to thank Adam from Money Relationship for taking the initiative to restart the carnival. It was missed by a number of us who really like the more “personal” aspect of personal finance. If you’re interested in hosting, head over and let Adam know.

So let’s get to the carnival shall we? I received more than 50 entries, but only 36 made the cut and met the criteria: “The article should be a personal money story or experience.”  You’ll find these 36 entries below. Make sure you spend some time reading through each and everyone as they are all interesting reads!

Editor’s Pick

Out of all of the great money stories, three stories in particular were the greats of the great and received the honor of being Editor’s Picks:

  • A Five Year Old Gets It, We Don’t – This story submitted by WC from the Writers Coin shares a story of a little boy that really get’s it: He understands the true value of money and of giving. Do you?
  • Taking the Buyout Plunge – Dave Ozment shares his personal story of being faced with the decision to take a buyout, just a few days before Christmas.
  • Managing Your Money While Deployed, One Soldier’s Story – Turns out, Jeff Rose served in Iraq. In this article, Jeff shares his personal story about managing money while serving. Thanks Jeff for your service. We appreciate you protecting our freedom. We’re very grateful.
  • Trivia Question #1: After 8 inches of snow fell on the morning of the inauguration, the Army used flamethrowers to melt snow and ice from Pennsylvania Avenue. Which president was this done for?


Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents The Best Business Opportunity Can Be the One You Don’t Take posted at Cash Money Life.

Trivia Question #2: His inauguration was in March (they didn’t start inaugurating in January until FDR), and, at 4 degrees, it turned out to be one of Washington’s coldest March days ever. Cadets and midshipmen who took part in the parade collapsed after standing outside without overcoats for more than 90 minutes. The food froze at the unheated inaugural ball, and canaries that had been intended to fly gracefully among the dancing guests died in their cages. Which president is this referring to?


Trivia Question #3: The oath of office is just 35 words long and has not changed in more than 200 years. It says: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The president has the option of saying “I do solemnly affirm” rather than “I do solemnly swear.” But only one has done so. His 11-year-old son, Benjamin, died in a train accident shortly before Pierce was to take the oath. Some sources report that Pierce believed his son’s death was punishment for his own sins, and he would not swear on a Bible while taking the oath of office. Who was he?


Trivia Question #4: John Marshall, the chief justice of the United States, began the tradition of having the chief justice swear in the president with the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson in 1805. Which president later became chief justice?


Trivia Question #5: Dating at least from Lincoln’s time, a top hat or stove-pipe hat was a common sight on the presidential noggin during the inauguration (and in Lincoln’s case, lots of other times). Who was the last president to wear a top hat at his inauguration?


Trivia Question #6: Where was the first inauguration held?


Trivia Question #7: Which president had the shortest inaugural speech on record?


Trivia Question #8: Which president has the distinction for both the longest inaugural address and the shortest presidency? Despite an ice storm, he refused to wear a hat and delivered an 8,495-word speech that took two hours; he developed a pneumonia and died one month later.

Answers: Q1: John F. Kennedy, Q2: Ulysses S. Grant, Q3: Franklin Pierce, Q4: William Howard Taft, Q5: Kennedy, Q6: New York, Q7: George Washington (his second one), Q8: William Henry Harrison

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    I heard about Pierce’s son from a historian I once met while working at a library circulation desk. Apparently Mrs. Pierce was not present at the inauguration and only came to town a bit later. She had a hard time forgiving her husband for their son’s death, since he never would have been on that train except for the campaign. I think he’d also promised her not to run, so double betrayal.

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