The Friday gathering: Tax time

By glblguy


I think I’ve finally received all of the necessary tax forms, so this weekend I’ll head over to TurboTax online and do my taxes. I generally do my taxes the weekend after I receive my W-2s from my employer, but this year I had to wait a little longer to receive all of the forms from my advertisers here on Gather Little by Little. I’m  a little nervous that I might have to pay this year due to the extra income. I sure hope not, but we’ll see!

Doing my taxes this year is going to be an adventure as we bought a house, have another home that is rented, have various supplemental income, and some investments. I would suspect this is going to be the last year I do my taxes myself as it’s becoming a little more complicated than I would prefer. Generally though, TurboTax has made the whole  filing process a breeze in the past. I’m hoping the same holds true for this year as well! If you’ve never used TurboTax online, I highly recommend it. I tried Taxcut one year and hated it.

The Gathering

Here are my favorite personal finance articles this week from the M-Network and other blogs on my blogroll (which I updated last week by the way):

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  1. DDFD at Says:

    I’m with you– this is my tax weekend too!

    Initial indications are a small refund . . .

  2. Pete Says:

    I’ve already started my taxes but I’m still waiting on a 1099 or two. Looks like I’ll be getting a small refund for federal, and owe a little bit on state.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Ray Says:

    I use Turbo Tax as well. We have a house and a rental and several investments, I still use Turbo tax, although not the free version. This year I used Premier Home and Business. It walked me thru the sale of our old house, purchase of our new home and the deduction of the points paid for the refinance our the old house. I ended up getting it as download from Amazon, and it was cheaper than the version in the store, and no sales tax.