The Friday Gathering – 1 degree edition

By glblguy

The thermometer outside on our deck says 1 degree this morning. That is the coldest temperature I’ve ever been in while living in North Carolina. My auxiliary heating coils are on as the heat pump can’t keep up, I have the baseboard heater on upstairs to keep my kids warm, and a radiator heater in the garage for the dogs. I can almost hear the electric companies cash register going “cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching“. It will be very interesting to see what this months electric bill looks like compared to last. But, I shouldn’t complain. I used to live in Burlington VT, and accu-weather says it’s -15 there. Man, I sure don’t miss that.

Important Stuff

Just a few real quick items

  • For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a parent company for all of blogs along with a blog consulting and blog coaching business. Starting my own company is something that I’ve dreamed of doing for a very long time. Of course I’ll be moon-lighting for now, but would love to begin doing this full-time as soon as possible.  The company is called Empty Cabin Media. Would love to hear your feedback. Note, for now I’m providing a free blog analysis, so head over and get yours. I’ll also be publishing articles on blogging and in particular tips and tricks on the WordPress Thesis theme as that is going to be one of my focus areas.
  • Just a reminder about the Ask The M-Network. I’ve only received one question thus far. Don’t miss out on this chance to ask a question and get answers fro the M-Network bloggers.
  • Lastly, if you are a blogger, I’d like to mention a few new blogging sites that have been started by some fellow personal finance bloggers. The first is Side Hustle Blogging by FrugalDad. Wait until you see the site, he did an amazing job and it looks awesome. The second is by Simple Mom called Darn Good Blogging. Just like Simple Mom, the site is clean with a great look and content. I’m definitely subscribed to and reading these blogs.

The Gathering

Here are my favorite articles this week from the M-Network and the rest of my blogroll.

Photo by: Richard Pflaume

14 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday Gathering – 1 degree edition”

  1. Peter Says:

    Thanks for the link – and congratulations on the new blog consulting business, I’m hearing good things!

  2. ChristianPF Says:

    GLBL, congrats on the business! And it is 1 degree here now as well – cold!

  3. Frugal Dad Says:

    Thanks for mentioning Side Hustle Blogging! I’ve linked up with Empty Cabin Media, and wish you much success with that endeavor as well. Stay warm!

  4. Adam Says:

    I must admit that Side Hustle Blogging is a great site! I have learned quite a bit from his first two weeks of posts. I am heading over now to check out Empty Cabin Media!

  5. PT Money Says:

    Congrats on the blog biz. I know you’ll be able to help many, many people with your services. You definitely have helped me. Stay warm!

  6. RC@Thinkyourwaytowealth Says:

    Wow, that is really cold! Its been about 30 +/- here in south louisiana, which is really cold for us!
    Congrats on the new site! Since I am a thesis user, I will be adding it to my reader- will have to sign up for a blog analysis as well.

  7. Pinyo Says:

    Wow, it’s even colder in NC than here in NY. Stay warm.

    I think Empty Cabin Media looks good. Good luck with the new company and congratulation.

    Can I get on the list to get free blogging advice? :-)

  8. Peter Says:

    p.s. 1 degree? That’s practically tropical! it was -22 here in Minneapolis this morning. :)

  9. Patrick Says:

    Glad to see you expanding your online empire! Good luck, and I’ll be sure to send some business your way! :)

    Thanks for the mention!

  10. Jenny Says:

    Just a quick note, your link to Mrs Micah’s post on paying off her car links to a chicken recipe instead.

  11. glblguy Says:

    @Jenny – Thanks Jenny, fixed it. Guess my stomach took over control of my hands ;-)

  12. jim Says:

    Thanks for the love gibble :)

  13. Mark Framness Says:

    Keep an eye on your windows during the real cold snaps. Don’t let the condensation sit for too long on them.

  14. carol at A Second Cup Says:

    I live in NC also. I think the tiles on my kitchen floor are freezing! Anyway it is too cold to bare foot on the floor today.