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By glblguy


Like most of you, I love finding great deals. I’ve been a fan of Woot for a good two years and have bought a number of items from Woot.

Deals of the day sites like Woot that feature a single item for an incredibly low price really offer a significant and easy way to save some considerable cash. For example, I bought my wife a Pentax digital camera that Woot had on sale a week or so before Christmas. Using Woot, I saved myself more than $40.00.

Since I enjoy Woot so much, I figured their must be similar sites, so I recently started looking around for similar sites and here is what I found (along with some help from a few followers on twitter):

Deals of the day sites

Deals of the day all on one site

Want to see all of the Deals of the Day (DOD) deals on one aggregated site? No problem, check these out:

Did I miss any? Have a favorite deal of the day site I missed? Have some feedback on the ones I’ve listed? Add a comment!

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9 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Deals of the day sites”

  1. Wendy Says:

    oh! Do you get sucked into Woot-offs? I also love ThingFling- I get great deals there, as well, and use wootalyzer to track things (and the addicting woot-offs!)

  2. Craig Says:

    I have heard good things about Also can’t go wrong with craigslist for items.

  3. Melinda Says:

    One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to clear my box of these tantalising offers.
    And, if I do see something accidentally I’d like, I have to enter 3 competitions to win freestuff first!
    Wish me luck!

  4. J. Money Says:

    oh man, i’ve heard of two of them but never new there were so many out there!!! VERY COOL. Woot is my fav. out of those i know simply because they were the original (in my opinion) AND they’re funny as hell! i love ’em :)

  5. John Hansen Says:

    My favorite is Tanga. They have daily deals on T-shirts, magazines and cool Euro-type games. Their puzzles are fun sometimes but a little too hard to solve.

  6. twink Says:

    use wootalyzer to track things

  7. I Buchanan Says:

    I really like They have flash sales each day and the shipping is free on these items. Vastly different catergories.