Carnival of Money Stories Edition #92

By glblguy


My favorite blog carnival is the Carnival of Money Stories. Everyone loves a great story and I love reading the different stories people have about their money situations. Some are sad, some make me a bit angry, some make me feel a little better about the “dumb decisions” I’ve made in the past, and most just give you hope. Regardless of the the money story, they really put the “personal” in personal finance.

Once again, I have the honor of hosting the Carnival of Money Stories and specifically edition #92. I a total of 45 entries and the 23 that made the cut are included below. Most of the articles were great reads, but weren’t money stories. I selected articles for inclusion based on whether they told a personal story or not.

There are some really great articles included below. I read each and every one of them. I’d highly recommend you spend some time over the next week reading through them. If you see something you particularly like, take a few minutes to add a comment to the authors blog and/or submit the article to your social media network of choice to share it with others.

If your article is included below, make sure you don’t forget to link back to the carnival! Thanks to everyone that submitted and for supporting such a great carnival.

Editor’s Pick

Trisha from Empowering Mom submitted a top notch excellent article called: Are You Waiting For Your Ship to Come in? This was by far the best article submitted this week and I’d encourage everyone to read it.

The article a wonderful reminder that life is short, often shorter than we might expect it to be. The article is very well written, and deeply personal. It’s  wonderful reminder that we should really think through putting off our dreams and desires until tomorrow or later, as tomorrow or later may not come.

Other great articles

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    Thanks for including my post. I love the picture! 2009 will probably have plenty of money stories on taking control of finances.

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    I was very excited to see my article was accepted into the carnival, even more so when I realized it was the editor’s pick. Thanks so much for your kinds words!

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