Breaking News: Dillyeo $10 Gift Card

By glblguy


Glblguy here. I’m breaking into my normal daily posting schedule to bring you this breaking news announcement:

I received an email from the folks at Dillyeo informing me that beginning right now and ending tonight at midnight, they are running a promotion in which they will be giving away free $10 Gift Cards. These gift cards are limited to one per household and when you get the card, you’ll have until February 8th at midnight to use it.

After getting your $10 gift card, make sure you visit Dillyeo each day to see if you find an item you can use. If you don’t, well no harm no foul right?

What is Dillyeo?

Dillyeo is a new deal of the day site that is a aggressively marketing and positioning themselves to quickly become a top player in the deal of the day arena. You can read more about Dillyeo in my Dillyeo review. Recently they’ve been featuring deals on more practical items that appeal to everyone such as a knife set, sweeper, duster, etc.

I’ve personally spoken with Frank the CEO for Dillyeo. He’s extremely passionate about Dillyeo and about providing great deals for consumers on practical and useful items. Not to mention, he seems like a great guy. They have some great plans for Dillyeo, so keep an eye out.

Concerned about buying something you don’t need or spending money you don’t have on deal of the day sites, then read my article on avoiding impulse buying with deal of the day sites.

If you think about it, head back and share what you used your $10 gift card on. I’m curious as to what items you guys are buying and which items you feel would be best featured on Dillyeo. I’ll pass your feedback onto Dillyeo to help them make it even better.

8 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Breaking News: Dillyeo $10 Gift Card”

  1. Joe Says:

    great post love the site i have already signed up.

  2. Travis @ CMM Says:

    Thanks for the post. I went and signed up. Now, what to spend my $10 on?

  3. Eddie Says:

    wow this is a great deal! thanks for the post! *two thumbs up*

  4. Jeff - StretchyDollar Says:

    Awesome – signed up. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Joe Says:

    Im looking around dillyeo’s pages, everything looks great i really like how they list the past dillyeos great daily deals

  6. Trish Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I added a short post about this and linked to you.

  7. SimplyForties Says:

    Thanks for the info. I regularly check all the Woot sites but hadn’t looked into Dillyeo yet. Now I will!