The Carnival of Debt Reduction #170

By glblguy


Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction #170. I am  Glblguy, author of Gather Little by Little and I’m very happy to be the host of this edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction.

‘This particular edition received 37 submissions of which only 15 were included. There were lots of great articles submitted, but many of them weren’t on “getting out of debt, personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt.” which is what the Carnival of Debt Reduction is all about!

Without further adieu…

Editor’s Picks

Two of the articles in particular caught my attention. The first was an awesome poem on going to college, going into debt, and suffering the long term consequences. The second was a very thoroughly researched and well written article on student debt (hmmm, I think I see a pattern here).

The rest…

While the articles below didn’t make Editor’s Picks, there are some really great reads here. So get comfy, grab something nice and warm to drink and get dig in!


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19 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Carnival of Debt Reduction #170”

  1. Green Panda Says:

    Great job on the Carnival! I especially loved ToughMoneyLove’s post on Student loan debt. It’s insane how fast tuition rises. The explanation given to us was it was to build school programs, like a new football team and a small research office park. I got to foot the bill, but won’t benefit from it. :(

  2. Mr. ToughMoneyLove Says:

    Thanks so much for the editor’s pick. Maybe we can get some college financial aid and budgeting officers to pay attention.

  3. laura @ no more spending Says:

    Yay..thanks for hosting the Carnival and thank you for including my post :)

  4. RC@Thinkyourwaytowealth Says:

    Thanks for including my article, glblguy, great job on the carnival!

  5. mbhunter Says:

    Thanks very much for hosting the Carnival GLBL!

  6. The Debt Helper Says:

    An excellent carnival and very apt given the current problems that many people are experiencing in the current global credit crunch. My personal favourite was “Anthony Delgado presents Learn to Pay Off Debt”

  7. The Happy Rock Says:

    Thanks for hosting GLBL!