The Friday gathering – ouch edition

By glblguy

My boys had been planning a big family football game the day of Thanksgiving. All of the kids and adults where going to play according to the plan. On Wednesday, my boys were out in my in-laws backyard practicing and my wife encouraged me to go out and play with them.

My kid like playing “light tackle”. It’s a little more aggressive than touch, but not near as heavy duty as full tackle. We had been playing for a good 1/2 hour, and we decided to do a running play. I got the ball, found a hole and ran for it. They all jumped on my back and I proceeded to carry them. My 13 year old noticed I had the ball out where he could strip it and so he grabbed it. When he did, it pulled my right ring finger and bent it side ways just above the middle knuckle (you know the way it isn’t supposed to bend). Ouch!

Game over for me. My finger quickly swelled up and throbbed like no tomorrow. I was hoping it was just sprained. My wife made me make a tip to the local urgent care where it was very obvious from the x-ray it was broke. Nice clean break from the middle of the knuckle, to the outside of the bone about half way down.

The blessing was that the nurse at the urgent care was a good friend that we used to go to church with a long time ago. Talking to her and hearing about all of friends and how the children from our Awanas and children’s church program were doing was wonderful. It did make me feel old though!

I wasn’t able to play in the big family football game and ended up being the referee :-(  I’m very carefully typing this as well as hitting the tip of my wrapped finger on the keyboard smarts!

Even with the broken finger, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had lunch with my in-laws, and then dinner with my parents. My step-brother and his new wife drove up from Florida and we got to spend some time with them which was great! It had been a while since I’d seen him.

We’re heading back to the our home in the mountains later today, and while we enjoyed our time here, it will be nice to be back home. Our mountain home is my favorite place in the world.

Hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving and better memories than a broken finger!

Important Stuff

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The gathering

I didn’get much time to read this week at all, but here are just a few quick picks for you to check out:

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2 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday gathering – ouch edition”

  1. Dusty Says:

    When I was a senior in high school, I broke my collar bone (and a few ribs) in a “friendly” game of football. That, most likely, caused me a chance at a scholarship to play soccer. I say might have, because I may not have made it aways (who knows).

    Luckily, at the time my parents had really good insurance!

  2. Make Friends, Earn Money Says:

    How’s the finger doing now? I think that breaks to the hand or fingers are much more painful because you have to use them all the time and they are always like to get knocked again in the healing process.