The Friday gathering – lots of things

By glblguy

This week as been a very busy, but interesting week. We’ve had a bunch of miscellaneous things going on in our lives:

  • Finished Moving – We spent the early part of the week back at our old house getting the last remaining few items that we missed when we first moved. We also finished cleaning up and doing any last minute paint touching up and repairs. It was really eerie returning to the empty old house.
  • A new President – The other reason we went back to our old house was to vote. Unfortunately the candidate I supported didn’t get elected. Don’t get me wrong, I think President Elect Barack Obama is a very nice man that has a sincere passion about our country and it’s people. He seems like a man of moral character and is a good husband and father. I just don’t agree with some of his beliefs about how to change America. But that’s the great thing about America, we don’t all have to agree or believe in the same things. I wish him the very best, and as our new President I will support him 100%.
  • Switching hosts – I’ve continued migrating my various sites from Dreamhost to Media Temple. So far I am very happy with the move. The Media Temple server is faster, and their support is awesome. They have 24×7 telephone support, so immediate help is just around the corner if needed. Moving your sites over isn’t too difficult either, just a bit painful. Definitely not something I would want to do very often.
  • Empty Cabin Media, LLC – I’ve started my first blog consulting job. I’ll announce the site later once it’s up and running, but thus far my consulting work has been great and I’ve really enjoyed sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with my first client. My new company is called Empty Cabin Media, LLC. Not only will it provide consulting, but it will also become the owning company for all of my blogs and online stores. I’m still working on the company site, but it should be up soon. Interested in having me consult with you on your web-site or blog? Contact me. Services provided include: Site set-up, theme design, SEO optimization, generaing traffic, WordPress training, ad optimization, affiliate marketing, niche store set-up and I’ll even provide ongoing site maintenance, updates and support for a low monthly fee. The last option is a great one if you hate doing the technical portions of blogging and just want to focus on writing.
  • The M-Network Lives! – I don’t want to spill the beans, but my M-Network buddies and I have been really busy working on 2 awesome projects for the holidays. We’re also really busy planning for next year and we’re really going to kick things up a few notches. Look out blogosphere, the M-Network is returning in a big way!
  • The new house – We’ve been really busy on the new house as well. We’ve got pretty much everything out of boxes, but we’re still trying to figure out where it needs to go. All the items on our inspection punch list have been completed as well so that’s all out of the way. We’ve been working on cleaning up the yard quit a bit while the weather is still nice. I have lots to do on the inside as well, but I figure I’ll have plenty of time this winter once it gets to cold to work outside. The house is awesome. I continue to wake up thinking I am dreaming…I just can’t believe we’re here!

The gathering:

I really haven’t had much time to read this month, but here’s the few articles I did read and particularly enjoyed:

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  1. ChristianPF Says:

    Very strange but, I just switched from Dreamhost to Mediatemple the last week too! Man we must be on the same page ;)

    Thanks for the mention!