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Gas Prices Are In A Freefall-Will Other Prices Follow?

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you that the price of gas is WAY down compared to a month or two ago. Unless the soaring price of gas in the summer forced you to sell all your vehicles and ride a horse and buggy to work, you have surely seen and felt the relief at the gas pumps already. In my area of the country we just dipped below $2 per gallon and are now in the $1.89 range. I couldn’t be happier as I am finally able to fill my tank in one shot without feeling nauseous when I see the total cost.

The Friday gathering – ouch edition

My boys had been planning a big family football game the day of Thanksgiving. All of the kids and adults where going to play according to the plan. On Wednesday, my boys were out in my in-laws backyard practicing and my wife encouraged me to go out and play with them.

Thankful for you

I’m at my in-laws house spending time with family and getting ready to overeat and feel miserable the rest of the day. But wanted to take a moment to to let you know how thankful I am for you, the readers of Gather Little by Little.

Every morning when I do a quick check of Gather Little by Little to make sure the site is up and spend time reading any new comments, I am always in awe that more than 2200 people subscribe and read Gather Little by Little on a a daily basis. I never dreamed of 100 people reading this blog let alone 2200!!

Alternative income from the internet

One of the golden rules of investing is to never have all of your eggs in one basic, meaning don’t place all of your money in any one single investment. What you don’t hear discussed much is why it’s a bad idea to only have income from a single source.

Accomplishing your dreams – one step at a time

Everyone has dreams and goals, some big, some small. I have lots of them, but for me my two primary ones are 1) Be debt free and 2) Have my own company full time. Dream #1 is is fairly recent and became important to be in 2006. Dream #2 has been a dream since I as kid and just kept getting stronger as I entered the work place.

Money Saving Tips for the Holidays – A free eBook

I gave you a teaser on Friday that the M-Network had a big surprise coming today, well here it is: a new free e-book titled Money Saving Tips For The Holidays“. No, you don’t have to link to us, subscribe to our blogs, comment or anything else in order to get it. This is our early Christmas gift to you and reading it is as simple as clicking the link below.

The eBook is a compilation of tips and ideas from all 8 members of the network – myself, My Two Dollars, Paid Twice, Cash Money Life, Moolanomy, Being Frugal, Plonkee Money & Mrs. Micah – it is available as a PDF download right here:

The Friday gathering – Benefiting the most

View from our porch last weekend

View from our front porch last weekend.

It’s easy to visit Gather Little by Little on a daily or weekly basis, read or skim through the articles then move on. Not only is it easy, but it’s beneficial too (or at least I hope so). By reading Gather Little by Little that way though, you’re really missing out. I thought I’d take a few minutes just to share with you a few things about Gather Little by Little that will help you benefit the most from it:

Tips for working from home

I’ve been working from home now off and on for a few months. It started with 1-2 days at home, then 3 and within a few weeks I’ll be working from home full-time. Personally I love it, but it’s different in more ways than I anticipated. Working from home also isn’t for everyone. I’ve found it to be highly productive for me, but it does require a great deal of discipline. Here are just a few tips I have for those that are either already working from home or might be considering it:

How to sell your home fast…or not

Back in September, I wrote an article providing tips on how to sell your home fast in a buyer’s market. These tips and suggestions were not only things I had personally done to the home we’re trying to sell, but also tips and suggestions from multiple real estate agents, friends, family and a significant amount of research and reading that I did on the internet.

Move to a rural area

Want a great money saving tip? Move to a rural area. I knew when we moved that it would save us money, but honestly it seems to be saving us more than I anticipated as we’ve had some unexpected savings. Here are just a few of the savings we’ve encountered so far:

  • Lower gas prices – Gas prices where we live now are on average about 20 cents less expensive per gallon. While we don’t drive a whole lot, the vehicles we do have don’t get great gas mileage.