Just a reminder

By glblguy

Just a reminder that I’m moving and won’t be posting for few days. Most likely until not until Monday the 27th and that’s assuming my DSL connection gets hooked up as promised. If for some reason I’m not back by Monday, hang in there I’ll be back soon and hopefully give you an update on how our move went and include some pictures!

If you just can’t wait that long (and you can’t right???) read back through my archives. There’s lots of really great articles in there…or at least I think so. Here are just a few:

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Take care, and as they say “See you on the flip side!”. Oh, and please keep us in your prayers. I don’t tend to worry much, but this whole move thing has got me a bit worried!

– Gibble (aka glblguy)

Photo by: isaac bowen

7 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Just a reminder”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Have a great move!

  2. carol at A Second Cup Says:

    Have a great move. Hope you dsl gets installed on time. You will be missed.

  3. Laura Says:

    Best wishes!

  4. imDavidLee Says:

    yeah..moving house is good…thanks for your reminder…waiting for your good post about your life in new house!!!

  5. MoneyBlogga Says:

    Good luck on your move. I’m guessing that I’m in the same financial spot right now that you were in a couple of years ago. I’m sure it feels good to be in a more secure financial position now AND moving on to a new house – gravy :)

  6. Karina Harris Says:

    Good luck on your move, hope all goes as planned!

  7. The Debt Helper Says:

    How did the move go? Have you written a post about your new place or did i miss it? Would be great to see a picture of the new house.