Carnival of Debt Reduction #161 – Fall Colors Edition

By glblguy

Welcome to the 161th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction!

My absolute favorite time of the year is fall. I love the cool crisp air and the beautiful colors of the leaves as they turn. I also enjoy beautiful photographs. Not only will you find some great articles in this carnival, but I’ve inserted some beautiful fall pictures as well.

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Editor’s Picks

Here are my personal favorite articles from everything submitted:

  • Until Debt Do US Part presents Affluenza – the credit party is over posted at Until Debt Do Us PartReally interesting article that asks “So now that the easy credit party is over and we are all feeling the effects of the debt hangover the question I have is was it worth it?”. I even learned a new word that describes the cause very accurately, Affluenza. Nope, it’s not a disease…at least not physically.
  • shadox presents Credit in Tough Times posted at Money and SuchConsumer borrowing is down for the first time since 1999. Wondering why? Read the article.

Other awesome reads

While the articles above were my favorites, here are the rest of the great articles submitted. If you don’t see yours listed, it’s not that it wasn’t a good article but I was a bit selective and only included articles specific to debt and debt reduction.

Thanks for reading, now go out there and find some beautiful fall colors to look at!

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  1. mbhunter Says:

    Thanks for hosting! (Those pictures remind me of Upstate NY.)

  2. Budgets are Sexy Says:

    Oh how i love me some Fall!!! thanks for hosting :)

  3. The Debt Helper Says:

    thanks for doing a serious on debt reduction, it is such an important topic and yet so little time is often given to it, it’s always good when personal finance bloggers pick up this subject and run with it like you have.