The Friday gathering – Ayyyyy, Matey!

By glblguy

A Pirate and his bird

Ahoy! Today be September 19th. What’s so special about September 19th you ask? Well, for you Lubbers, September19th be Talk Like a Pirate Day! You can read all about how it got started on t’ website. Avast! They even have a tutorial for those new t’ pirate lin’o. I learned about Talk Like a Pirate Day from a bucko and co-crew member about 8 years ago or so who came t’ work one day sayin’ Arrrr, Avast, and usin’ other crazy words I had never heard of. A number o’ us picked up on it and shared it with other buckos.

Yes, it’s kind of silly, but fun. Need a translator? Here you go….

Important Stuff

Nothin’ too major this week, but thar be a few thin’s I wanted t’ point out:

  • Gather Little by Little is no longer a do-follow blog. With t’ number o’ do-follow blog search engines available, t’ SPAM disguised as real comments as just too much and takin’ too much o’ me time. me apologies t’ those o’ you leavin’ legitamate comments, as I really wanted t’ reward people for commentin’. You can thank t’ spammers.
  • No more banners. If you look over in t’ sidebar you’ll note it looks much cleaner. I removed all o’ t’ banners. This be somethin’ that I have been on t’ fence about for a while, as I didn’t like t’ cluttered look. In a conversation with Jim over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity he made a comment that he didn’t even notice t’ reader o’ t’ week due t’ it bein’ mixed in with t’ banners. Arr! and I agreed 100% and Jim’s comment was t’ tippin’ point. A few minutes later, all t’ banners were removed.
  • I’m still looking for a new theme, so if you are a theme designer or if you know of a good theme you think I should use, let me know.

This weeks gatherings:

Dug up from the t’ Bung hole, here be my favorite articles from t’personal finance blogophere and t’M-Network this week:

5 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday gathering – Ayyyyy, Matey!”

  1. David Says:

    Thanks for the mention, matey!

  2. That One Caveman Says:

    Arrr, thanks for not makin’ me walk t’ plank!

  3. marci Says:

    Thanks for picking up my edible landscaping article at beingfrugal. It was my first guest post ever :)

  4. ChristianPF Says:

    This whole pirate thing reminds me of a terrible joke I heard about a pirate not going to a movie because it was rated… you guessed it… I know, I know…

    anyway – thanks for the mention – oh and while, the downside of few banners is often less income – it does look nice!

  5. Mrs. Micah Says:

    You’re silly. But you made me smile, so I guess it’s a win. :)