Create your own economic stimulus check

By glblguy

The talk of the country over the past few months has been about when people would receive their economic stimulus check. Now the Obama campaign is talking about the possibility of a second economic stimulus check. I’m not exactly sure why, but I was thinking about these stimulus packages over the weekend. Instead of the government bailing out the economy, why couldn’t Americans create their own economic stimulus checks?

Create your own economic stimulus check

Economic stimulus checks are at the very least $600.00. How could the average American earn $600.00? Here are just a few of the many ideas:

  • Start an online business – Setting up a website and starting your own online store isn’t near as hard as it used to be. You can literally have a store selling other peoples products online (called Affiliate Marketing) in less than an hour. You won’t get rich over night and it will require some work, but the rewards could be far more than $600.00.
  • Start a small business – One of the best ways to create your own stimulus money is to start a small business. Think about things in your neighborhood or maybe even at your “normal” job that other people would pay you to do. Use this as a starting point for small business ideas.
  • Begin saving money – How about just saving some of that money you earn already? Set-up automatic savings and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can stash some cash.
  • Reduce your expenses – This one is a bit painful sometimes, but if you give your expenses a really hard look, it’s not hard to find areas where you can cut back. Save that money instead of spending it and soon you’ll have the $600.00 economic stimulus check.
  • Work a part-time job – This is a more traditional idea, but still a great one to consider. Many employers are looking for people willing to work part-time. If you have the time either in the evenings or on weekends a part-time job can not only earn you some extra cash, but also increase your skills and give you a break for your normal full-time job. I used to work at a software story on weekends and during the holidays, I loved it.
  • Sell your own product – The internet is full of ways to market and sell your own product. Have knowledge about something others may benefit from? Create custom T-Shirts and sell them to others via  zazzle or CafePress.   Write an eBook on something you know about and sell it on Clickbank. Do you enjoy making crafts? Sell them on Etsy. The internet is full of opportunities like this.
  • Find work online – Even in a down economy, people are always looking for people they can farm work out too. Search sites like,, or Amazon Turk which looks like a great idea.
  • Read email and complete surveys – Granted, you’ll need to work real hard to make money going this path, but I’ve heard of people that do and make a decent income. Consider Mypoints, MySurvey, and CashCrate.

Again, these are just a very small portion of the many things you can do to create your own economic stimulus check. Note, they all require work. Nothing works better at earning money than good old fashioned work. Proverbs 14:23 says, “Hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”  Maybe if we would all pitch in and work a little extra, we could recover our own economy without having the rely on the government to bail us out.

This article is part of an ongoing series called Money Saving Monday. Each Monday, I share tips and techniques you can use to start saving money.

What ideas do you have for earning some extra money? How do you feel about the economic stimulus checks? Add a comment!

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7 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Create your own economic stimulus check”

  1. Frugal Dad Says:

    This is a good idea, but one that requires discipline that many Americans don’t have. Why bust your rear end building up a part time business, or go through the pain of cutting expenses when we can simply wait for another check from “the government.” I wish people would take more control of their own destiny, and your ideas would certainly be a step in that direction.

  2. Roshawn @ Watson Inc Says:

    I agree with Frugal Dad in that discipline often seems to be a lost art nowadays. Additionally, some of these require some additional baseline knowledge. Still, I think this list represents some of the many ways to earn some extra cash. Who knows, maybe someone’s small business will really take off!

  3. My Daily Dollars Says:

    I agree. . .this is a great list. I know from experience that even a little step like doing a few surveys can help motivate you to look for more ways to get extra income!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Amen, brother! :-) I have nothing else to add really. Most people don’t want to work for extra money–they want it handed to them. My family was very thankful for the stimulus check–but I certainly do not expect more.

  5. Philip Brewer Says:

    As an alternative, I’d suggest that when the money economy is what’s most stressed, that you try to place a fraction of the support for your household outside the money economy.

    – Pick a few things that you current pay to have done and (instead of getting a second job) come up with a way to do them yourself. Much of what you lose in efficiency you make back in taxes (because you have to pay taxes on your wages, and whoever you pay to do the work has to pay taxes as well).

    – It’s not a great time to be starting a garden (at least in the northern hemisphere)–but your neighbor’s late-season crops are probably peaking right about now, so there’s stuff to be had for barter (or even for free). Plan a garden for next year.

    – Garden crops are by no means the only thing that can be bartered for. Your stuff and labor can be exchanged for other people’s stuff and labor.

    – If you have a hobby in which you make something (knitting, pottery, etc.), use it to avoid spending money. Make things your own household can use. Make things that you can give as gifts (rather than having to buy gifts).

    It won’t stimulate the economy much, but things like this can protect your own household from purely financial problems–which are just the sort we’re facing now.