The Friday gathering: Whoosh edition

By glblguy

With a loud Whoosh, our typical fall schedule arrived this week. Football season started for my 13 year old this week. He’s currently playing in Pop Warner but is also planning on trying out for the school team next week as well. The school has been running 2 hour conditioning sessions each day this week from 3:45 – 5:45. Following that, he then goes directly to his Pop Warner team practice which is from 6-8:00 3 nights a week.

I am truely amazed and very very proud of him. He has attended 4 hours of football workouts almost everyday this week. Last night towards the end of his Pop Warner practice, he got hit in the nose and developed a pretty serious nose bleed. His coach made him sit down. My son watched his team finish practice with their typical wind sprints and as they finished, his nose finally stopped bleeding. His immediate response? “Dad, I’m going to go do the wind sprints I missed.”

I of course wouldn’t let him for fear his nose would start bleeding again, but I was also very proud of the level of dedication and team spirit he has. He felt guilty about missing the wind sprints with his team mates. My son has strong character and lots of it. That makes me very proud.

Also this week we’ve been busy trying to get an offer together on another house we found up in the mountains. Remember I said that even though things didn’t work out with the house we previously made an offer on that I knew God had a plan for us? Well, we found the perfect house for us. While it is at the top of our price range, we can afford it and due to the housing market decline, we should be able to get it for nearly $70,000 less than the normal asking price.

The house is on almost 4 acres, right on the side of a mountain, has a beautiful mountain view, is more than 3000 square feet and has a creek running down the left side of the property. Now if we can just sell our house…

Which brings me to the next thing that is currently consuming our life: preparing our house to sell. Yesterday, our buyer’s agent invited 13 real estate agents to our home for an open house. The purpose was two fold, increase traffic to our house and receive feedback on things we can do to make it more appealing to potential buyers. And provide feedback they did. We’ll be spending this weekend painting, cleaning, power washing and repairing various things in our home based on their recommendations. We’ll also be having someone come in to clean the carpets next week as well (Any recommendations?)

I wrote earlier this week about how I purchased a gently used 2000 Ford Expedition on Sunday. I ran to the DMV this week to get it registered, then to the inspection station to get it inspected, and finally to my insurance agent to get my insurance set-up for it. i have been driving it some this week, and so far it’s doing great! It does suck gas like their is no tomorrow (10-15MPG based on my scan gauge mpg meter), but it’s nice to be able to ride together as a family.

Oh! I almost forgot. School starts on Monday as well, so we’ve been buying clothes and school supplies along with attending school open houses. In between all of this, I worked a full 40 hour week, still wrote 5 articles for Gather Little by Little and my wife was at home doing laundry from our vacation and cleaning up our home in preparation for the Realtor open house.

Woosh!!!! That is exactly what Monday sounded like as we arrived back from our house hunting trip to the mountains. I felt like the subway train of fall pulled right into the station in the middle of our house.

I know my friend Lynnae from Being is going through this right now as well, how about all of you? Has the subway train of fall whooshed into your house?

The Gathering

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11 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday gathering: Whoosh edition”

  1. That One Caveman Says:

    Boy, do I know that sound! It seems my whole life is Whooshing right now. Good roundup and thanks for highlighting my painting article. We’ll be doing a lot of painting this and next weekend with the gems we found.

  2. Frugal Dad Says:

    Thanks for including my article! Yes, we are well aware of that “whooshing” sound. It started even earlier for us, with schools starting the first week in August. We decided with all that is going on to skip youth soccer this year (I coached my daughter’s team). She’s going to give basketball a try later in the fall, so we won’t rest for long!

  3. Patrick Says:

    It’s not quite so busy in my household (no children as of yet), but it’s still pretty busy! Glad to hear all is well, and good luck with the house(s)! :)

  4. David Says:

    Since you are selling and we are looking to buy, too bad we live on opposite coasts! Thanks for the mention glbl!

  5. Flexo Says:

    Thanks for the mention and the nice comment!

  6. Diane Says:

    Yes, the fall schedule ‘whoosh’ is here in Louisiana – early. And its still so hot and humid here that it can’t possibly be fall! Premier soccer with 17 year old son on July 28th would you believe – already had a weekend tournament in Houston (from New Orleans)! High school started August 13 – Parents night August 20th. College for older son started August 18th. What ever happened to summer – all that’s left of it is the HEAT. We’re looking forward to actual fall with cooler weather so we can at least take a deep breath as we jump in and out of the car…

  7. AnnMarie Says:

    We’ve used Chem-Dry with excellent results for carpet cleaning. The carpets are nearly dry when the leave, which makes life a lot easier!

  8. Kristen Says:

    Good luck with everything. It sounds like you have a full plate.

    As far as the carpets, is it a possibility to rent a carpet scrubber and do them yourself? My husband and I only have one room in our rental that has carpeting. Unfortunately it’s cream carpeting, and we have a big, messy dog. We have rented a rug doctor from Lowe’s on several occasions. The carpet comes out looking great, and it takes out the smells. Plus, it’s very easy to use, and there’s an attachment to clean cloth furniture.

    The cost of the scrubber (the Rug Doctor) with the cleaner is about $50 a day. It might be cheaper to do it yourself. Just a suggestion …

  9. Lynnae Says:

    Boy do I feel the Whoosh! And school hasn’t even started yet. At least after tonight most of the packing will be done.

    Best wishes on selling your house and moving. It will all work out in God’s perfect timing. As far as cleaning the carpets…I’d probably do the un-frugal thing and pay someone to do it. When you rent rug doctor, you’re at the mercy of the equipment, and some equipment isn’t very god. We found that out the hard way when we cleaned our own carpets several years ago. It turned out terrible!

  10. Mrs. Micah Says:

    There was a whooshing sound? I didn’t even hear that. :P At least the world is still here!! :)

  11. Jerry Svartel Says:

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