Online Surveys, MyPoints and more

By glblguy

Like most everyone, I enjoy earning money and supplementing my income. I do this a number of different ways: through blogging, doing side jobs building and maintaining websites, running a few online stores, and by participating in various online surveys, points programs and rebate sites such as Mr. Rebates and EBates.

I’ve been trying out various services and programs now for more than a year, and thought I would share my perspective on the one’s I’ve tried.

MyPoints (my personal favorite)

My favorite thus far is MyPoints. Why? Because it’s quick and easy. With MyPoints, I receive about 5-10 emails a day and they literally take all but about 30 seconds to work if you use the tips I recommend. About every 2 months I get enough points to redeem them for either a $25 gift card or $25 Olive Garden gift card.

Online Surveys

I started off doing each and everyone of these from the various online survey sites. This included surveys from MyPoints. Over time though, I found that the survey’s take up far too much of my time, and for limited reward. For example, some surveys take more than 15 minutes to complete. I also got frustrated when I would spend 5-10 minutes completing a survey, only to find out that I didn’t qualify. I seldom do these anymore, and when I do it’s primarily through MySurvey or MyPoints. Given the various supplemental income streams I have, I can spend my time on other activities and make more money than I do through surveys.

I have been trying a new site called CashCrate this week though, and so far I’m impressed. CashCrate pays cash for completing surveys and allow you to cash out at $10.00. One of the nice things I like about CashCrate, is that most of their surveys tell you up front how long the survey will take. For example, one this morning paying .80 cents was going to take me 25-30 minutes. Too long for me. Others though only take 5-15 minutes, far more worth my time. My wife on the other hand does them while she is reading email or surfing the web during the day. She says the time isn’t a big deal at all. She surfs a little, completes a survey page, surfs a little more, etc.

Another nice feature of CashCrate is their coupons section. The update their coupon selection daily. So if you’re heading to the grocery store, check out their coupons page and maybe save a few bucks.

Signing up for both CashCrate, MySurvey, and MyPoints are all completely free. I would encourage you to give them a try and see what you think. Please post your feedback here in the comments section.

Rebate Sites

The sites I most use are rebate sites. I purchase a large number of the things I buy online as I find it more cost effective and just plain easier. I’m not usually in a big hurry to get the items I want, so waiting a few days for shipping isn’t a big deal. Both Mr. Rebates and EBates have saved me more than $20 over the past 2 months. These sites work by allowing you to purchase items online just as you normally would, but they give you a discount. Both sites work with various online merchants and in exchange for driving traffic and purchases to merchants websites, they receive a commision for each sale. A portion of this commision is shared with you in the form of a discount. The amount varies per merchant.

This is a very quick and easy way to save money that literally takes just a few more clicks on your behalf. Whenever I’m ready to purchase something online, I always spend an extra couple of minutes checking both Mr. Rebates and EBates to see who has the best rebate option.

Your Take

What is your take on these various programs? Do you use them? The rebate sites are a no brainier for me. MyPoints and in particular the surveys do cost some time though and in my life time is money. I’m always having to make a decision about how to best spend my time. How do you decide which programs to use and not use? Please share your tips for utilizing these sites.

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7 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Online Surveys, MyPoints and more”

  1. Heather Young Says:

    I have been doing Lightspeed surveys for about 4 years or so and LOVE them. Compared to them I don’t like Mypoints at all.

  2. Jon Says:

    I’ve used MyPoints since the start of the year and I’ve had very little success. So far I’ve received one $10 gift card and I’m about to get another one. For some reason, I almost never qualify for their surveys, so I’m only getting points for reading their emails. You must be getting significantly more email volume than me to get $25 every two months!

    I’d say I get around 20 emails per week, but 3 of them are surveys and 5 or 6 of them are simply MyPoints advertisements, like “Hey come play a fun game!” which you don’t get points for reading/clicking.

    I’ve started doing credit arbitrage with a $4500, 0% APR, no fee balance transfer. At ING I earn around 30 cents a day on that. That’s equivalent to 45 MyPoints points, basing it on the $25 Amazon gift card for 3750 points. I wasn’t going to bother with such a small balance transfer until I realized how much time I’m wasting to get the same amount of money (or less!) through MyPoints.

  3. Uncommonadvice Says:

    The info you give here is priceless. I’ve recently been impressed by the returns I’m getting from “My Search Funds”.

    Have done about a million surveys in the past year to make a grand total of £1.79.

    I’ve also been entering absolutely every competition on the internet and have been winning on average a prize a fortnight. (The prizes immediately go for sale on EBay)

  4. EN Says:

    I’ve been a member of MyPoints for awhile and it’s not too bad. It’s my first survey/point type website so I don’t have much to compare to but it doesn’t seem to take up that much time. I just do it every few days and let the points accumulate.

    And thanks for the link to your post on speeding up the MyPoints process. I’ll be sure to check it out!

  5. David Says:

    Mypoints has been very good to me over the years, but need to start getting involved in other ones as well. Great post glbl!

  6. Survey Adventure Review Says:

    I have been a member of MyPoints for a while and have quite a good experience with them, I would also suggest Opinion Outpost.