Gone fishing…

By glblguy

Ok, so I’m not fishing, but we did decide to head to the mountains for the weekend to relax a little and take a look at our “hopefully soon to ours” home. I won’t have internet connectivity to post on Sunday or Monday, but I’ll be back with some great stuff on Tuesday including an article on Roth 401ks and a new series I’m starting called Share your story.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Photo by: mmmarilyn

4 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Gone fishing…”

  1. Ryan McLean Says:

    I am a new reader and will be here when you get back.
    Why don’t you set it up so you write the posts now and then they automatically publish while you are away? You can do this really easily with wordpress

  2. kelly Says:

    Enjoy. There’s nothing like a weekend out in nature to unwind. :)

  3. glblguy Says:

    @Ryan – I normally do this, but with my schedule over the weeks I haven’t been able to. I normally write 3-5 days in advance, but that all depends on how much available time I have.

  4. Joycelyn Freie Says:

    Hi This is a wonderful outdoor site and found the page interesting,this will my catch particularly when im fishing for smallmouth,I will check back for new updates. Should you ever find some newfound lures be sure to place then on your blog.