The Friday Gathering – Life change edition

By glblguy

Chimney Rock Park

We went on vacation a few weeks ago to the North Carolina mountains. It was a very frugal vacation in that we camped on our in-laws land and really didn’t go anywhere nor did we spend much money. My wife and I have been visiting the mountains of North Carolina since before we were married. I fell in love with them the first time I visited Biltmore house and then my wife and I have some very fond memories of hiking in Chimney Rock park when we were first married.

We’ve often talked about moving to the mountains, but due to the type of work I do there just weren’t any decent jobs for me. That changed recently as my employer is becoming more open to people working remotely. I thought I would push the limits a bit and just see what would happen if I asked about working remote. I was surprised with an answer of “Yes”.

My wife and I decided to move quickly so we wouldn’t talk ourselves out of it and thus began our journey to what we expect will be a life changing move. See we aren’t just moving to the mountains, but looking for something close to where our in-laws land is. That land is in a fairly remote area of the mountains. To give you some perspective, it’s about 20 minutes to the nearest interstate, 30 minutes to the nearest town and 15 minutes to the nearest gas station/store.

Besides living in an area that we have grown to love, moving is going to save us a considerable amount of money. Here’s how:

  • Significantly cheaper land. Land runs around $8,000 – 15,000 per acre in the area we are looking
  • Property taxes are 1/4 the cost we currently pay
  • With town being so far away, it won’t be so easy to quickly head to the store to pick something up.
  • We’ll have plenty of land to make a rather large garden.
  • Overall cost of living in the area is significantly less expensive

These are just a few of the things that will help reduce our overall expenses, not to mention we are looking to downsize our home as well to cut back on our mortgage, utility expenses, etc.

Earlier this week we put our current house up for sale and have spent the week doing two things: 1) Moving all of the “clutter” and our personal items into storage to make the home show better and 2) Repairing various items on our house and having contractor provide estimates on repairing our chimney and painting the house. Surprisingly, these items have come in far less costly than I expected.

We’ve also found a place in the mountains where we would like to live and an official offer will go out today. The place sits on a hill, has a beautiful view, has 3 acres and has a 3 bedroom home. The house is exactly what we want, just don’t tell the sellers!

The next couple of months should be interesting and I’m sure I’ll be writing about my experience. I’m already working on a few posts. One about how to sell your home, another on frugal moving tips and another on buying a home.

If you would, please keep my family and I in your prayers that everything works out. The timing on all of this as it pertains to selling our house and buying another is all pretty key. I certainly don’t want to get stuck with two mortgages if I can help it! Also, if I miss posting every so often, please forgive me. I don’t plan to, but with everything going on, I can see how that might need to happen. After all there is only so much time during the day.

The Gathering

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  1. Patrick Says:

    I grew up in the country and it is a very nice way of life. I wish you and your family the best with this development. :)

  2. Mrs. Micah Says:

    Sounds lovely. When inside the apartment, I often pretend that I’m anywhere but DC. It would be wonderful, though, to actually go out and find woods and fields to walk in (I actually pretend I’m at college, which had woods and fields). It’s also awesome that you can telecommute!

    Congrats and thanks for the mention too.

  3. Frugal Dad Says:

    I think you’re making a great move as it sounds like a great place to raise a family. I hope to do something very similar one of these days, but like you I have to wait on my employer to warm up to the idea of telecommuting.

    Oh, and thanks for the link!

  4. Pinyo Says:

    I am so jealous. :-)

    I am glad you are moving toward living out your dreams. Congratulation and good luck.

  5. Kristen Says:

    Wow, Gibble. That’s really exciting. Good luck! I grew up in the country, but in some ways I actually prefer city living. To be honest, I am really an indoor-type girl. That’s awesome that your company is so flexible, too.

  6. SmartyPantsMoney Says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to reading more and finding more about the M-Network. I am adding you to my link love.

  7. MMJ Says:

    Glad to see someone taking this route. I commend you on your decision as it will be good for your family. We sure will pray for a positive result.

  8. Deb Says:

    Fantastic!! I think it is a wonderful decision and I just know that when you look back on it, you’ll be extremely happy you made the change.

    We recently did the same thing – I now telecommute, and hubby has his own business for which he travels (perhaps 1-2 weeks out of the month). We purchased a small home on 4 acres, built a large metal shop for our woodworking/gearhead/art hobbies, and we are presently creating a half acre garden for which we devised a rain barrel water collection/drip irrigation system. The property taxes are dirt cheap, the PUD is far less expensive than the energy bill in town, and the peace & quiet are priceless. We drive less, shop less, spend less, and have never been so happy!

    Congratulations on following your bliss, I am really happy for you. Be sure to keep us posted!

    (btw, have you thought about hanging on to your house in town as a RE investment/rental? That’s what we decided to do).

  9. No Debt Plan Says:

    Woah that is big news! Congrats man! Are you moving close to Asheville/Boone?

  10. Zombie Money Says:

    Awesome! I love the country :)

  11. Sarah Says:

    Wow! What an exciting life change! We will keep your family in prayer, as you watch things fall into place.

    We had about 6 weeks to tie up loose ends and move to a new state. It was kind of nice to have a quick time frame. :-) It kept me on my toes.

    Enjoy the mnts.! I like living by them, but love my mall and Starbucks just a few minutes away too. Ha!

  12. Funny about Money Says:

    Wow! What a wonderful thing to do!

    Wish I were brave enough to take that step…I know a great place to live in the country, but am too chicken to do without a salary. The university has canceled its policy of encouraging telecommuting and the president has announced that henceforth no one will be allowed to telecommute. Green, eh? So I’d have to retire to get away with what you’re doing.

    Hope you love every moment of your new life!

  13. Frugal Vet Tech Says:

    Wow, exciting! I can’t wait until we’re able to do something similar. I am so not a city girl. Life in the country runs so much slower and is just more relaxing (at least for me). Enjoy.

  14. glblguy Says:

    @No Debt Plan – Asheville

  15. fathersez Says:

    Wow, all the best. Hope the purchase goes through as planned.

    I’l be looking forward to read about your life in the mountains.

    Best regards

  16. Brip Blap Says:

    What cool news! Anytime I hear someone’s making a big change I’m excited. I wish you nothing but the best – I hope it’s a wonderful move for you and your family… and I think it will be!