The Friday Gathering: Nintendo Wii Edition

By glblguy


Photo by: Jessica Driver

I mentioned last week that we paid off our Chase card using some of the money from our economic stimulus check. The $3000.00 we received also went to a family dinner out at Olive Garden (something we seldom ever do) and the highlight of the week for me, we purchased a Nintendo Wii.

My wife and I have actually been looking to buy a Wii since before Christmas, but due to them being so difficult to find we refused to wait at the local Best Buy for one at 5:00am on a Sunday morning. We also never seemed to get lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time to stumble upon one. But we kept our ears and eyes open. Thanks to my neighbor telling me about a small video game store that had a few, I was finally able to find and buy one.

The Wii is an amazing piece of hardware. It reminds me of Apple hardware: simple and just plain works. The graphics on the Wii aren’t anything compared to the XBox 360 my kids received as a combined gift for Christmas; however, the wireless controllers used when playing make up for it. You literally get one heck of workout!. Myself, my wife, and our kids have literally woke up sore the next morning from playing! The other great thing is that all of our kids, with the exception of our daughter who is only 2 can play. We’ve had quit a few exciting boxing, tennis and bowling matches the past few evenings. While it’s a bit pricey (about $300 all said and done), I can honestly say it was worth the price.

How did we justify such a purchase? I think it’s very important to reward yourself for achieving financial goals. We paid off our Chase card, a major goal we’ve had for a while. I’ve also talked before about how I’m Gazelle Intense, but probably not as much as others. Also, it was purchased using windfall money, no credit, no emergency fund money, and zero impact to our budget.

Important Stuff

just a few small things this week:

  • Amazon added a new widget to their collection this week that plays snippets of MP3 files they sell for .99. Since it seems many of you enjoy contemporary Christian music like I do, I added the top sellers in the Christian contemporary category to the widget. The widget is just below the ING Direct ad in my sidebar. Just click on it and it will start to play through the list. Nice way to listen to some great music while reading. I’ve found MP3s are the best way to buy music as you get to buy only the songs you like. Let me know what you think.
  • I’m also working on revising the theme here on Gather Little by Little. Primarily a modification to the header along with a new logo. I plan to roll it out sometime this month. If you have any opinions or feedback, I’d love to hear them. Just leave me a comment or contact me.
  • Next week I’ll start a contest where you can win a $75.00 gift card. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the contest details!

The Gathering

Now, here are my favorite posts from the M-Network and the rest of my blogroll this week:

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