The Friday gathering for 5/30/2008

By glblguy

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Looking at my subscriber numbers this week, I finally crossed the 1500 subscriber threshold. All I can say is wow! and thank you! I continue to be amazed at how many of you read Gather Little by Little on a daily basis. Based on the number of encouraging emails I get each week, it would seem you enjoy my writing and get something positive out of it as well. That is what it’s all about for me, making a difference.

I also realized that I have a significant number of new readers and I thought it might be beneficial for them to know what my normal posting schedule is, assuming of course you haven’t already figured it out:

  • Monday Money Saving Monday – Every Monday I share a money saving tip.
  • Tuesday through Thursday – Various personal finance articles
  • Friday – What you’re reading right now, the Friday gathering. The Friday gatherings contain various personal and financial topics, announcements and my favoriate personal finance article picks of the week.
  • Saturday Guest posts from various writers, authors and personal finance bloggers
  • Sunday Sunday Lyrics where I post the lyrics and YouTube video link to my favorite contemporary Christian music.

Stuff worth mentioning

  • Guest Posts Needed – As I mentioned above, each Saturday I feature a guest post by another writer or blogger. Interested in writing a guest post to be featured on Gather Little by Little? Contact me!
  • Time is running out to win the $75.00 Amazon gift card I am giving away. Make sure you enter the contest. I’ll be announcing the winner Monday morning (6/2)!
  • Of course I’d like you to visit Gather Little by Little everyday next week, but in particular make sure you stop by on Wednesday. The M-Network will be doing something I think you’ll enjoy. Yep, that’s all you get for now!
  • M-Network member Pinyo from announced PF Buzz this week. PF Buzz is a Digg like site, but focused on personal finance. It’s a great way to find top personal finance articles along with finding new blogs to add to your blogroll or reader list. Make sure you check it out, he did an amazing job.
  • Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity put together a really nice (and free) eBook called College Grad Money Guide. The book contains everything a recent college graduate needs to know about personal finance. Here is his article with the details on how you can get a copy.

The Gathering

Here are favorites of the favorites this week from my blogroll:

10 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday gathering for 5/30/2008”

  1. Pinyo Says:

    Glblguy, thank you for sharing PF Buzz with your readers and congratulation on reaching the 1,500 subscribers mark. You worked hard for it and it’s well deserved.

  2. That One Caveman Says:

    Thanks for the link and thanks for cluing me into PF Buzz. I’m interested to see how well it works.

    Congrats on 1,500! I know it’s taken a lot of hard work to get there.

  3. Frugal Dad Says:

    Congrats on the subscriber milestone! Great “Gathering” this week, thanks for including me.

    I second your vote for I told an offline friend about it the other day and described it as a “StumbleUpon dedicated to personal finance.” Shows much promise!

  4. debtdieter Says:

    Congratulations on reaching 1500 subscribers, that’s an amazing number!

    Thanks so much for the link too! :-)

  5. rocketc Says:

    Great round-up. I’ll have to check some of them out.

  6. AndyS Says:

    Thanks for the linkback to my US dollar article. 1500 readers….. wow! I had a recent post covering my passive income target of which one was $50 p/month from blogging. One of my regular readers – Curt – had a comment that based on Get Rich slowly, each RSS reader is worth about 0.14c p/month. So for you with 1500 readers, that equals $210 p/month. Not bad and that doesn’t include affiliates or paid link income. I myself am not convinced yet by the RSS reader $ measure, so it’ll be good to hear your thoughts on this.

  7. Greener Pastures Says:

    Congrats on getting to the 1500 mark. I can see why! Thanks for a great round-up-


  8. Randall at CreditWithdrawal Says:

    Great job on that 1500 mark. Remember when it was just 500? Wasn’t that long ago. You’re zooming up the charts.

  9. LindaH Says:

    Congratulations on all the new subscribers WooHoo! I will have to check these links out you have mentioned Thank you.