The Friday gathering for 5/23/2008

By glblguy

Holding Hands
Photo by: Mr.Thomas

Today is my wife and I’s 16 year anniversary. It simply doesn’t seem like 16 years. In my mind it seems like only yesterday we were married in a small baptist church with only 30 or guests. I will never forgot the feeling I had when “Here comes the bride” began playing, and l looked up and saw my beautiful wife. It was the happiest moment of my life. I never for a second questioned my decision to marry her, and knew from the moment I first met her that we were supposed to be together. 16 years, 6 kids and a few “bumps in the road of life” later I love her even more. It’s truly amazing that no matter how much you love someone, you can love them even more each day you spend together.

Happy Anniversary sweety, I love you more than infinity and am so thankful God brought you into my life.

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I’ll be taking the day off from blogging on Monday to celebrate the holiday with my family. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

14 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday gathering for 5/23/2008”

  1. Kacie Says:

    Happy anniversary! What a great time of year to get married!

  2. Erin Says:

    Awww… Congratulations!

  3. janette toral Says:

    Congratulations to your wedding anniversary and citation in top ten emerging influential blogs. I hope you can join the writing and get more blogs recognized. Thank you.

  4. FFB Says:

    Congrats on your anniversary. May there be many more to come!

  5. James Varghese Says:

    Congrats on the anniversary. God bless you with continued happiness in your marriage.

  6. Mrs. Micah Says:

    Congrats, Gibble. That’s a long time…in a good way. :) I hope that 15 years down the road I’ll be able to make the same announcement. :)

  7. That One Caveman Says:

    Congrats! We’ll be celebrating Anniversary #5 next month.

    I just took a look at your archives and I can’t believe that you’ve only be at this since last July! You’ve definitely seen tremendous growth in that time. Way to go!

  8. Chief Family Officer Says:

    Happy Anniversary! And congratulations on 16 years – wow!

  9. ChristianPF Says:

    Congrats!! We are just days away from our 3rd!! I love it!!

  10. Lynnae Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  11. Susan Says:

    Aww, I love happy stories… and marriages that are strong!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  12. glblguy Says:

    Thanks so much everyone!

  13. Mr.Thomas Says:

    What a wonderful sentiment. Thank you for using my picture here. Such a wonderful and meaningful use. My wife and I are approaching 10 years in December and I can completely understand everything you’ve stated here. Congratulations to you your wife for 16 years.