Didn't receive your economic stimulus check?

By glblguy

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Many people are wondering why they haven’t received their 2008 economic stimulus tax rebate checks. This is especially true for those that expected to receive their payments based on the schedule the IRS published and haven’t yet received them. To further confuse matters, the IRS also said they were starting 4 days early.

It just so happens that I was one of those that were a bit perplexed. I was perfectly fine waiting until the last day for my SSN range (May 9th). That is until I talked to my mother on Monday and found out she had received hers on Monday morning (5/5). She has the same last 2-digits for her social that I do…so I joined the ranks of millions wondering why I hadn’t received my rebate check yet.

So doing what any blogger would do, I started scouring the internet for for answers and what I found was very interesting…

Updated Information (5/18/2008): Reports have surfaced that some 1500 stimulus checks have been incorrectly deposited to the wrong accounts. While a very small percentage of the overall deposits made, you may be impacted by this. Additionally, 350,000 people haven’t received their $300.00 per child refund. If you received your money, but were shorted the amounts for your children, the IRS will be sending checks out in July to all those who missed out the child refund.

You can check your status using an online stimulus tracker

I didn’t realize until recently that the IRS has an IRS stimulus tracker and status application that tells you when you can expect your check and even how much you will receive. The trick is that it will only provide a status if your check is due to be deposited or issued within the next week or two. Many people are complaining that the application isn’t aware of their information. This actually occurred for me as well when I first checked my status, but a few days later it told me I was getting back $3000.00 (remember I have 6-kids) and I that I would receive my funds on May 9th.

Did you have a professional do you tax return? If so, you’re getting a paper check

Per the IRS, “If filing or preparation fees were deducted from your 2007 Refund or you received a rapid refund, you will be receiving a check instead of a direct deposit“. It doesn’t matter whether you received your refund as a direct deposit or not, you’ll be receiving a paper check. Refer to the paper check schedule to determine when you’ll be receiving your check.

Do you owe the government money?

If you owe the government money for things like taxes, back student loans, back child support, or anything similar that you reported to the IRS, your stimulus payment will be offset by that amount. In some cases, that may mean you don’t get one. Ouch!

Did you receive a refund anticipation loan or refund anticipation check?

If you choose to receive a refund anticipation loan or refund the tax rebate will be in the form of a paper check mailed to the address used on your tax return. This is because the IRS didn’t credit the money directly to your account but through your tax company. This information is straight from the the H&R block website.

Did you close your bank account?

If for some reason you closed your bank account between now and the time you received your direct deposited refund, the IRS will still try to issue you a direct deposit. This will of course result in the deposit being rejected, which will in turn cause you to receive a paper check.

Did you file your taxes late? It may impact when you receive your payment.

Your economic stimulus payment will be sent out no sooner than 6-weeks after your refund is received and no sooner than 2 weeks after your refund is mailed out. Further more, the payment schedule only applies if your return was received by the IRS and they finished processing it before April 15. If you filed your return on time, but close to the April 15 deadline, the IRS may not have finished processing it before April 15 and therefore your payment may not be received based on the published schedule.

None of these apply?

Well, if none of these reasons apply, than you might fall into the “who knows but the IRS” category and they actually do have something at the very bottom of their payment schedule page that says “A small percentage of tax returns will require additional time to process and to compute a stimulus payment amount. For these returns, stimulus payments may not be issued in accordance with the schedule above, even if the tax return was processed by April 15.

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  1. Todd Says:

    Thanks so much for the awesome info! I searched the IRS website pretty thoroughly trying to find a payment estimator and couldn’t find it. Thanks for putting that link in….


  2. Lance Says:

    This is great info – I’ll be checking out the IRS website link to see when to expect my check!

  3. Jeremy E Says:

    I called the IRS number on the “status” link above and unfortunately if you ammended a return, like I did, expect at least 8-12 weeks before you will receive your deposit/check. They essentially place a lock on your account until they process the ammended return in case your situation changed enough to affect your stimulus check.

  4. Eden Says:

    I filed right on the deadline so I suppose I will be waiting a while longer. No worries though, it’s just extra money that I will be paying toward a credit card debt so there is no rush for me.

  5. Yvonne Says:

    Thanks for the help on this! I’ve been wondering how to find out more! I appreciate your research!

  6. Laurie Says:

    “If filing or preparation fees were deducted from your 2007 Refund or you received a rapid refund, you will be receiving a check instead of a direct deposit“.

    Wonder if this means that using TurboTax (and deducting the fee for that) means we’ll be getting a paper check. We filed sometime in late March and had our refund by 4-11, and are due for our check on 5-16, but nothing is showing up yet. Sigh. And that money will completely fill our Emergency Fund. We certainly can wait until July 4 for the money as it will just sit in the bank until then, but I was pretty excited about hitting our goal.

    Anyone else who used TurboTax as their preparer and wrote off the fees and who has a lower number SSN seen their check or gotten results yet in the “Stimulus Payment Status”?

  7. Lee Says:

    Great information…very helpful. It was nice to check on my rebate. Though nothing’s showing up yet…and we are supposed to get it tomorrow, according to the posted schedule. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

  8. castocreations Says:

    I wonder if ours will take longer since we had to write the IRS a check this year. First time ever. Not a big check but still. And we had a financial planner file ours for us.

    *sigh* I guess we’ll be waiting. Even though I think it’s a dumb policy I am looking forward to them returning some of our money. :)

  9. Frugal Dad Says:

    I almost wish the IRS hadn’t mentioned sending payments early – just surprise us when the things show up! Thanks for sharing the various ways to track it down. The majority of ours is going into savings, so I am not in a big hurry – but I am eager to see that balance in the emergency fund increase!

  10. Curious Cat Investment Blog Says:

    Good job providing a clear picture of the status. I happen to think the policy of increasing the taxes on our grandchildren to pay for these stimulus checks is bad policy. But given that the politicians want to increase taxes on those not around yet, letting people know what the status of those check is helps.

  11. David Says:

    How did your mom get hers already on the 12th when it is only the 8th today? ;-)

    We haven’t gotten ours either yet, but it will arrive when it arrives I suppose.

  12. glblguy Says:

    @David – Ha, I’m a week ahead it seems :-)

    @Laurie – I did mine using Turbotax and expecting mine tomorrow via direct deposit. I’ll let you know!

  13. Funny about Money Says:

    Thanks for the link to the paper check tracker. It’s nice to know (uhm…i guess) that mine won’t be mailed until July. We’ve had a lot of crime in the neighborhood lately, & what with all the “have you received it yet” buzz, I was beginning to wonder if our mailbox thieves were at it again. Nope! Just back-of-the-line blues! ;-)

  14. Amanda Says:

    Hi, we received our stimulus check today via direct deposit. I am confused however and looking for answers. We are married with 3 children and did not fall into the high income bracket or owe the govt any money. our deposit was for 1500. I don’t understand why we did not receive 2100. I was under the impression we would get 1200 being married filing jointly and 300 for each child (900). Our kids are 4,5,15. I am a full time student working very little and our combined income was in the 40’s. Hope I gave you enough info. can anyone help me out please or tell me where to go for answers. thank you in advance, Amanda

  15. Dave Says:

    Amanda I’m in your situation but didn’t get my direct deposit today, so I don’t know what’s going on with my stimulus pymt.. I have 3 kids all under 10 and hoping to get th $2100 as well.. The IRS DD my refund in April so don’t know why my pymt isn’t deposited yet.. I used Tax Act online so I’m thinking that maybe why, but not sure.. Any other help would be great..

  16. Joel Says:

    I owe about 25k in student loans, but they are current and not in any negative status. Will that still affect me?

  17. Jon Says:

    It’s May 9th….the IRS Website says, no later than may 9th according to the last 2 digits of my SS#.
    I do not have notification in my bank account for this check.
    I did all the requirements (on time, etc)

    Anyone know whats up?

  18. Kathy Says:

    “If filing or preparation fees were deducted from your 2007 Refund or you received a rapid refund, you will be receiving a check instead of a direct deposit“.

    I used Turbo Tax and did direct deposit also. My SS# is in the single digits and when I hadn’t received the rebate today, I used the IRS tracker and it said that my check will be *mailed* on May 16th. How disappointing.

  19. Joel Says:

    what about if you used http://www.hrblock.com
    same situation as the turbo tax?

  20. Jon Says:


    so if I used TurboTax, I will not get it until later than the direct deposit date?

  21. Donna Says:

    Amanda, you and your husband had to pay at least $1200 in federal taxes to get a $1200 stimulus refund check…You and your husband didn’t owe any taxes, so that’s why you got only $300 each.

  22. Frances Says:

    Guess who wont be filing with H&R block next year; over 10 million people have filed online and none of us were aware until we did not get our direct deposits on the due dates, this will surely affect the economy as the money is still being delayed despite the governments efforts to get it out early. This is terrible.

  23. mary Says:

    We filed in early February using Liberty Tax Service online – our refund came through quickly as a direct deposit. Now, after reading all these comments about delays – and after getting the “sorry there is no detailed information blah,blah,blah” on the IRS stimulus check estimator – I am concerned that we may be in the ‘end of the line’ category. Our originally scheduled timeframe based on husband’s ssn is 5/16 but in that news came out that deposits were being issued early I thought it would hit today. I am more than eager because the amount that we estimate should be coming is the exact amount that we still owe on our very last credit card debt. We, like glblguy, had [at least] seven accounts only a few years ago. In 1/06 our cc debt was still just over $27K. At the beginning of ’08 we still had three accounts. There is a historic day coming for us and I am far too distracted fretting over the timing of that blasted stimulus check! I too, wish I had not heard that they were ahead of schedule.

  24. chad Says:

    hey dave i didn’t recive my check either and i used taxact.com and i don’t owe any back money, however my sister used the same tax application and got hers on time….

  25. Tina Says:

    Thanks for the info. But when I repeated the stimulus “checker” it told me that you can expect to receive your stimulus check up to 2 weeks after the scheduled date.

  26. mary Says:

    Did anyone else receive a notice from IRS several weeks ago that ‘explained the stimulus plan’? The letter we got said that another notice would be sent out just prior to our receiving our stimulus deposit. No news yet…

  27. Donna Says:

    Mary, I got my money yesterday by direct dposit…I never received the second notice explaining anything?? I thought there was suppose to be a second one also??

  28. mary Says:

    Thanks Donna –
    Did you ever try to track your stimulus money on the IRS site? I have tried several times – but always get the ‘we’re sorry…’ message. Our anticipated date is next Friday – and still I get the same mesage on the tracker…

  29. Donna Says:

    Mary, I thought we were going to get it a week ago, but we didn’t. So I tried the tracker on the IRS web site, it said we would get our money on May 9th…We did get it on the 9th! No body I know has gotten it early though.

    By the way, I’ve been on a few other web sites and alot of people who filed taxes online are getting paper checks??

  30. Heather Says:

    Hmm… i saw someone else used Turbo Tax I did too and I have not gotten my stimulas payment by 5/9 as slated by IRS according to my SS numbers…. I hope that they will not leave me in the dark much longer? Of course if they expected a payement from me and i did not make good they would be knocking on my door on 4/16. I guess we have to be thankful we are getting the money at all but i would just like to know when. Thanks for the link I will keep checking back there.

  31. Donna Says:

    On other web sites, lots of people are saying they used Turbo Tax. Now they are saying they are getting paper stimulas checks…I think it has something to do with the fact they paid the fee’s for Turbo Tax online??

  32. mary Says:

    I wonder if they are getting paper checks even if their regular tax refund was sent as a direct deposit. We rec’d our regular tax refund quickly by direct deposit. SO I am hoping that it will go the same for the stimulus deposit. Thanks for the note about no one else’s deposit being early. That helps me relax and not feel like we were skipped over or something. We didn’t use turbo tax – but did use liberty tax service online.

  33. Donna Says:

    Mary, I’ve been reading on some of the other sites that many people who used H&R Block and Turbo Tax type of programs were getting paper checks even though they got their regular tax refunds by direct deposit. It has something to do with how it was handled?

    I had my taxes done in person by an accountant, in her office and my refund was direct deposited. Unfortunatly many people are going to be disappointed because they have to wait for the paper check.

  34. Lil Sol Says:

    I know a few people who used turbo tax and got their stimulus check direct depositied. I also used turbo tax and payed the fees out of pocket at the time of filing. I still haven’t got my deposit and it was due may 9th.

  35. Lil Sol Says:

    I also heard if you used the split deposit feature (meaning you had some of your tax return deposited in on account and the rest in another account) your going to get a paper check?? anyone else heard this

  36. Trina Says:

    I am dissapointed also i was told we would get direct deposit but since we used turbo tax it wont be dd it will be check and i have to wait til july 4 the lady at the irs assured me mid may beginning of june because they are going out quicker but i havent ehard no such thing anyone else?

  37. Daniel Duncan Says:

    *************************WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING***************************

    THAT WEBSITE LINK FOR THE IRS IS A IDENTIFY THEFT WEBSITE LOOK AT LINK IT ISNT EVEN IRS.GOV LOOK BEFORE THE IRS. This website has been posted on several websites as one of the opportunities thieves have been taking advantage of. Please do not even take the chance of entering your ssn. If you want to find it yourself please go directly to irs.gov and find it.


  38. Lee Says:

    In reference to the warning email in the comment above, Gibble’s link does have the “IRS.gov” in it. I don’t think we have anything to worry about with identity theft. I think Gibble’s responsible enough to not send us a bogus link…I’ve been to it, and it was the IRS site. Anyway, we’re still waiting on our rebate too. Thought it would come the 9th. We never have gotten anything in the mail saying when it’s coming either. The only thing I can think is that the IRS said to not check on the status of the rebate check until it’s been 6 weeks after your return has been filed. It’s not quite 6 weeks for us, so I think they are still processing everything. With govt. doings, things are usually slow…that’s a lot of paperwork. We’re trying to be patient. Thanks, glbl, for the info.

  39. Donna Says:

    Lee is right, I’ve had no problem with the IRS web site status tracker…And I got my direct deposit on the 9th, when the site said I would!

  40. Aaron Says:

    Ive heard so many different things such as “The IRS is weeks ahead of schedule”, “If you filed RAL your check will be mailed by May 16th”, and so on, and so on.

    The last 2 of my soc. are 19 which means may 30th is when my check should be mailed by…but if they are really ahead of schedule when should I expect it?…does anyone know how far ahead of schedule they really are?

    Please help!!

  41. Donna Says:

    Aaron, the IRS isn’t doing exactly what we heard they were going to do on the news, or what we read in the newspapers…For some reason some people with higher numbers are getting their refunds before people with lower numbers…It makes no sense! But that’s the government for you!

    Did you try the IRS stimulas status tracker in the article on the top of this page to see when your check will be mailed? I used it and it worked for me.

  42. glblguy Says:

    Daniel, while I appreciate your concern, that website address was pulled from the IRS site. It is NOT an identity theft site. I always thoroughly research links before placing them on my site.

    I have personally used the site, and it provided an accurate date AND amount for my refund, verifying it’s a valid IRS site.

  43. glblguy Says:

    @Lee You are most welcome and thanks for your confidence in me on the link. I really appreciate you saying that.

  44. Ron Says:

    We filed weeks before the deadline using TaxAct and got our regular refund pretty quick and have a ss# ending in the “DD” date of “BY” May 16th with it starting today (12th) but we called the bank this morning and no stimulus money. Oh well, I should have known this would be a bunch of crap with the present ‘powers that be’ running things.

  45. mary Says:


    I have been checking the stimulus tracker for about 10 days[ever since I found that link]. I had only gotten the sorry there is no detailed information….until this morning. It now gives me detailed information of payment and date to expect the direct deposit. Our deposit should come on 5/16. THAT, my friends will be our DEBT FREE DAY [execept for the mortgage].

    Thank you glblguy for your time putting this article and link on the site. I appreciate the heart behind your writing.

  46. Trina Says:

    I have heard most people who use tt are getting paper checks also…i have heard a few people with higher number have received their checks already i dont seem to think there is a rhyme nor reason with the stimulus it is like a guessing game..i have checked on the irs website and only get the no info thing…mary what is the last two of your ss just curious anyone with higher number got it yet through the mail? They say no checks being mailed yet but i have heard people have gotten them

  47. Deana Says:

    I recieved my Stimulus Check, but I figure it to be more, I’m married with 2 qualifing kids and yet I received the amount for being married and none for qualifing kids, I notice on my tax forms that the child tax credit was split this year, so How do I get my $300 per child, I claimed them on my taxes, What do I do

  48. Ron Says:

    Back again … well, we had checked the bank this morning and the link as well this morning to get the “no info” message, I just checked the link again to finally get some info, with this being the basic … “Your payment of $600.00 is scheduled to be deposited to your bank on May 16, 2008. If you do not receive the credit by May 21, 2008, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until May 21, 2008 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.” As I had stated earlier it’s a bunch of deceptive crap about anything being early … who was it said the checks would be early? Their lips were moving so I should have remembered that’s how to tell they’re lieing.

  49. mary Says:

    I think a deposit ‘on time’ is better than one late or not at all…

  50. Trina Says:

    Ron did you have fees taken out of your refund or did you pay them up front? I am jsut trying to figure it out if i go by the paper check i will have to wait til july 4. I dont know how many people are in the same boat as me but i am just sick…I should have known it was too good to be true and who made the comment as to the irs isnt doing as they told everyone was right on track cause i hear people getting them with larger number already :(

  51. Trina Says:

    does anyone know when the irs wheres my stimulus payment is updated>

  52. Ron Says:

    Trina, TaxAct is free when you file federal, but it’s about $12 for using it to file the state which we do on paper because they always intercept mine due to money owed the comptroller of Md. :-) Anyway, we’ve used TaxAct for about 4 years now and I’ve got no complaints … it’s quick,automatically figures it all and sends it on to IRS after which both they and the IRS send us an email confirmation .. then usually we’ve got our money direct deposited within 3 – 5 days. https://www.taxact.com/tsupport/index.asp

  53. Ron Says:

    Even though basic TaxAct is free you can pay for extra features and so forth in the program which they deduct, so this was what they’ve stated and probably holds true for most e-filing sites/programs that you pay for ….

    “If you chose the option to have your TaxACT filing fees deducted from your refund, the IRS sent your income tax refund to Republic Bank. The transaction fees and TaxACT’s product fees were then deducted, and they forwarded the balance of your refund to your bank account.

    Because the IRS is not working through the 3rd party banks to process the Stimulus Payments, you will receive yours by paper check.”

  54. Laurie Says:

    Thank you for the link. I happy to find I will be getting mine this week but disappointed we aren’t even getting the full amount for filing jointly. I filed via online via Tax Cut, paid fees on my credit card and we will have direct deposit. We only grossed about 27,000 and only one of our two children qualify (the other was born before 12/31/1990). I got the same message about not contacting before the 21st, mine also stated we are only getting $900. Our plan was to catch up on bills and have a cheap vacation for once, so much for that (at least bills will be caught up)…

  55. Paris Says:

    Thank you so much for all the information you posted. It was a lot of help!

  56. Shanta Says:

    I filed my taxes early Feb. 2008 and carried my mother who was a dependent. I filed as Head of Household with an exemption and set my taxes to be direct deposited into my account and my date based on the last two numbers of my SSN number have passed. Still no check! I am to a point where I am having to take on another job to make ends meet and was hoping on a stimulus check to help out with my mother and some bills to get ahead but to my dismay it won’t happen. This recession has taught us one thing that GREED can get you in situations you never want to be in and that IT AIN’T NO TOMORROW and that the future is something that you must work at and protect. My questions is that althought I carried a dependent over the age of 17 and had my tax preparations fee deducted from my refund do I get a paper check although I signed up for direct deposit? Or is it based on when the IRS processed my taxes? Which is before the 15th of April.

  57. Chey Says:

    This is absurd. I filed last February (another TaxAct customer),opted for direct deposit and got nothing on the 9th, my scheduled date. I even got the letter from them yesterday telling me how much I qualified for and that it would be direct deposited no later than May 9th! I got the letter on May 12th! Nada in the bank! But it says if it doesn’t show up on time to please wait 6 weeks to call. The link above tells me nothing!

    Jeez Louise!!

  58. Trina Says:

    I agree no one seems to be getting this on time as teh irs states they are early i would like to know whre because i havent even gotten a letter saying i qualify and for how much i have gone to the website and we do qualify…Why are they wasting the postage if they arent coming on time it sort of is a waste of money isnt it

  59. MB Says:

    Does anyone know if Turbo Tax users are getting a paper check instead of direct deposit?


  60. Trina Says:

    Turbo tax is saying i you paid your fees out of your refund you will get a chek in the mail if you paid ahead you will get direct deposit..I have heard people getting thier checks already though. So i dont know for sure wish it would hurry up already I filed thrgh turbo tax and havent heard nothing from the irs at all. And my info dont show up on the irs website neither :(

  61. Irfan Says:

    Well, I do not fall under any one of the conditions, above, but I owed taxes on my return, and TurbTax did not disclose this, but if you used direct debit to pay the taxes, you will get a paper check WTF! This is from the TT site:

    When I paid the taxes owed on my 2007 return, I had the IRS debit my checking account. Will the IRS also deposit my rebate there?
    No. The IRS says filers who used direct debit will get their payments by paper check in the mail.


  62. Trina Says:

    i spoke to the irs yesterday and they told me anyone who went thru turbo tax and had dd and fees taken out of the monies the dd has been blocked so dont be expecting your rebate sooner than they are telling people…mine is suppose to be july 4 well the man i spoke to told me expect around june 30 that really bites…

  63. mary Says:

    Our stimulus money arrived this morning, just as it was listed on the schedule. We are calling to get the EXACT payoff to the last credit card and zapping that whole stimulus deposit [plus some] over to chase RIGHT NOW. This ends our 20+ year bondage to credit cards.

    The stimulus money was such a nice extra – but it could have very easily not have happened. In that case we would have just continued on with our monthly debt snowball payments and finished later this year – October/November probably. I am grateful for the extra money today – but this kind of rebate should not be counted on as an entitlement – it is a one time deal.

  64. luke Says:

    well i got a letter yesterday saying i was getting my money today via direct deposit. i used turbotax, but paid via a credit card for the fees. so i should get it today, but no i didn’t.

    i went on the irs website and it said it was issuing a check today. dont these people know what they are doing, one says one thing another section says another.

  65. Aaron Says:

    I got the letter from the IRS saying how much I would get and that I could expect payment by May 16th(check)…well nothing was in the mail yet again today so its clear they have no idea what they are doing

  66. Samantha Says:

    My last 2 didgest are 4 and 2, i haven’t recieved my check yet, though it was supposed to be directly deposited into my checking account on May 9th but have not recieved, any information would be appreciated

  67. Trina Says:

    The irs was having problems with accounts and direct depositing them into wrong ones…I hope you arent one of those. They also had problems sending out not sufficient amounts. They seemed to forgot to pay many for the extra child 300.00. It seems to me they arent very organized becuase 3/4 of the people i have spoken to n the area have not received theirs on time or were late. So i also would like to know what their timeline really is. Some are getting them way ahead in checks then the people with lower numbers…I think they are not very organized GOOD LUCK. I am glad it int a life threatening thing becauce we would all be dead if it were..I need it desperately but it will come when it comes i guess :(

  68. Abby Says:

    Thank You so much for doing the research that you did and investing your time to do so and help others. I was beginning to get very distraught as to why everyone else got theirs except for us. I heard rumors that a bunch of checks got deposited into the wrong bank accounts which I thought was what happened but now I see otherwise. Thank You again :)

  69. michelle Says:

    I got a letter from the IRS stating I would get $1200 and it would be mailed out by 5/16. I havent gotten anything yet! I filed with HR Block way before the dealine and I want to know where’s my check?
    They shouldnt disclose a date and have people at the mailbox’s waiting for the mailman! So I hear to many things with this…I just want a real awnser to when it’s coming!

  70. candice Says:

    Thanks, but I still am not sure. I got my letter my last two are 05, i went thru turbo tax but so did my friend her last two are 64 and she got her money in her account last week, on the 13th. Myletter said it would be in account by the 16th, how do I know if i am part of the people affected by the “wrong account” people?

  71. Trina Says:

    If you are worried about your check being deposited into the wrong account i would call the irs…but get ready for a long wait they have been real busy. I have not even received a letter from them yet as to if i am qualified or when i am getting a check…I am sitting here waiting patiently but my patience is running out real quick. Good luck to all still waiting i hope you find an answer soon :)

  72. liana Says:

    I was supposed to get my check on the 16th. I tried calling the IRS and can’t get any one. here is my question. I used tax act, the only fee that came out was for my state taxes not federal. does this make a difference? I know I had to sign specific paperwork to allow tax act to put the money through the third party for state taxes.

  73. Jon Says:

    I was supposed to get my check by May 9th direct deposited.
    I still have not received it and have called the IRS line numerous times to hear no information that is valuable.

    Is there anyone to call to talk to live?
    What if my money was sent to the wrong person?
    Do they have a way to track it or am I SOL?
    This is brutal that I cant talk to someone live to give me information.

    Can anyone help?

  74. NancydaJoo Says:

    My Goodness, I thought my husband and I were the only ones being duped and not receiving our stimulus tax on May 16 as we should have according to the last 2 digits of social. We did use turbo tax, paid the turbo tax fee with a discover credit card, and paid our taxes out of our checking account (which by the way, the IRS took that money within 2 days!) We also stated that we wanted out rebate check deposited into the same account as well. But IRS takes their money post haste, but aren’t so quick in sending out money though. (sigh) I have been checking that darned “where is my stimulus check” thing on the IRS site, to no avail. It’s like we have fallen off the face of the earth… Damn, we had some plans for that money!

  75. NancydaJoo Says:

    I feel you Jon,
    I don’t feel like the IRS gives a rats ass about this situation. Their website even states “not to call because they wouldn’t have any more information available….” Where can we get answers?

  76. Irfan Says:

    NancydaJoo, if you paid your taxes out of a checking account, and used TurboTax, you are getting a paper check. Look at my earlier comment in this thread with link to the TurboTax website where I found this.

  77. NancydaJoo Says:

    Irfan, My understanding is IF you used TurboTax and “their fee” was to be deducted from your refund, THEN you will get a paper check, this does not apply to us. We had to PAY the IRS, which we did from our checking account, we didn’t receive a refund, and we paid the turbotax fee with our discover card. So where does this leave us? We don’t fit in the other scenario. But thanks anyway…

  78. Irfan Says:

    NancydaJoo, I guess you did not go to the link I gave. This is straight from the TurboTax site. It does not saw anything about RAL, which is another reason for not getting it electronically, but apparently this is another reason. This is straight from the TT website, and it is pretty straight forward, taht is, if we used ACH, we are getting a paper check:

    “When I paid the taxes owed on my 2007 return, I had the IRS debit my checking account. Will the IRS also deposit my rebate there?
    No. The IRS says filers who used direct debit will get their payments by paper check in the mail.”


  79. Irfan Says:

    And by the way, NancydaJoo, I am in the same shoes as you. Owed tax on my return, which was withdrawm from my checking account. Paid by Credit Card for my tax preparation fees.

  80. NancydaJoo Says:

    Well darn Irfan, I did look at the site, but apparently not that good, I was hoping you were wrong :)
    So, then, how can we find out WHEN we will get it? By that chart that lists mailing dates for rebates? If so, I won’t get the damn check until July….
    I remember turbo tax even asking if I wanted my stimulus rebate to go in to the same account that my taxes were drawn out of, and I answered :YES. So what the hell?!! I’m sorry. I’m just a teensy weensy bit upset…. But thanks, for responding….

  81. Trina Says:

    I am upset also guys…I found out a month ago we are getting a check versus the dd like we expected before that we agreed to buy a home and now we are waiting impatiently for this money in JULY which i think is a crock how is it going to help if we dont get it til we are all in the hole…Man the government was sure thinking this one over good werent they NOT! I have seen people getting their checks with their ss being higher than mine so how does that work? I also spoke to a rep and they wont tell you nothing that you dont already see on their website so it wont do any good to sit on hold to wait for a live rep either…They only tell you what the site says and i cant find nothing out about ours via the wheres mystimulus becuase it has to be a week prior to the delivery so i guess we are just like sitting ducks…WAIT i am disgusted…. well i hope you are all having a better day/// I have been trying to but its hard when you need that money

  82. jennifer mieirs Says:

    Looks like if you split accounts for your refund, you will also have to wait…seems that I’m not in the system even though my May 16th date has passed…I electronically filed, in January, and paid for the electronic filing prior to filing, so the only other answer is, I split my refund in two accounts, so that must be why I am not in the syste,.

  83. Irfan Says:

    NancydaJoo – Yes, I remember very clearly that Turbo Tax did not flag me in anyway, suggesting that this would happen. This rebate notion is pretty new, and they definetly dropped the ball on this. I am pretty ticked off at them myself. All I had to do was pay by check, and this won’t have happened! And now, it is pretty apparent that it will come via snail mail. In that too, IRS will be behind schedule, I am sure.

  84. Trina Says:

    It is jsut bad they told everyone how ahead of schedule they are and no one seems to be getting them early that i have spoken to…even dd are late

  85. Chey Says:

    I know of one person that did get theirs ahead of schedule. That’s it.

    I guess I should try and learn the lesson here. I always got my tax refund way earlier than I was supposed to so I assumed this would be the same. Tomorrow the payment will be 2 weeks ‘overdue’ going by both their schedule *and* the letter they sent to expect it by May 9th (but if it doesn’t show up wiat 6 weeks to call!!). The lesson: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch – do NOT base your planning on something that isn’t tangibly in your hand or bank account.

    It’s all I can do to remember this lesson and not get angry.

  86. Cary Says:

    Well we finally got ours Direct Deposited today, later then they said since my last 2 SS digits are in the low teens. I used Turbo Tax paid the fees out of pocket. We also owed money (we owe every year) and they took the taxes we owed out of the Stimulus Refund which was fine since we would have made monthly payments to pay it off, now that saves us from paying fees for having to make payments.

  87. mary Says:

    we were suppose to get our check by the 16th of may it is the 22 and still nothing.i called the irs and they say i have to wait two weeks before they will try and track it then it could take 6 more weeks before we get it.my family really needs that money.when i call the irs the man acted as it he was annoyed with me even calling.

  88. Trina Says:

    Yeah the irs is not a very polite place to call…They are sick of getting yelled at i think because they are suppose to be so early with their checks and they arent…Some deposits were even sent to wrong accounts…how unorganized

  89. Trina Says:

    i was also promised by the place i did my taxes that they were going to refund my money no later than the beginning of this week and it never happened so i am pretty fed up with the lies that places will tell you to get you off the phone….I had to call them back because they were going to give me a coutesy call on monday to see if i received it and guess what they never and i never got the money back either so they told me they had a problem with the transmittal well they had my phone number and now i have to wait 7 more days…Isnt this great or what…I am fed up completely…Thanks for listening to me vent guys lol

  90. Dawn Says:

    thanks for the additional info. i have searched through the IRS website so many times. i have even done the thing about “wheres my stimulus check” on the IRS website and it tells me that information can not be found. i was suppose to get it on May 16 according to the schedule. I guess i am one of the unlucky ones that will take longer. thanks again

  91. Trina Says:

    sorry Dawn i am frustrated and understand u are too…I am sitting on hold with the irs waiting for someone to answer because i want some answers…I am not going to be told wait til the due date or any of that bs…i want to know why people are getting some early and some arent and why we who filed so early will have to wait longer…the people who did their return late seem to get it on time i filed in january and have to wait til july. still holding for the rep sure they will tell me there is no info but i am waiting i want to vent lol will let you all know what i find out….i have been told so many stories and scenarios by these people i guess one more wont kill me…

  92. mary Says:

    well check was suppose to be here may 16th its may 22 nothing as of yet.i called the irs once again and the man says wait til wed.of next week if i dont get it then and they will try to trace it.that could take 6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. cristy Says:

    Mary: I too am in the same situation as you. I was to receive my paper check on the 5/16 after finding out that I was ineligible for the direct deposit was scheduled 5/9 because I used turbo tax. I have been checking the mailbox every single day since the 16th and nothing. It is really depressing when the president says to expect these “rebates” and the irs are not even on time, on schedule, and don’t have their information together.

    Based on my info from the web link on IRS, I would have to wait until June 13 before they can even take any action to trace the payment!!! By the time we receive these payments, Christmas may be around the corner!

  94. allison Says:

    Hey, thanks for the info..but man I owed the IRS $9.17 which they processed on April 21st! Does this mean I’m not getting one.

    Plus I mailed my taxes on April 15th. this is a bummer, I hope I can still get a return.

  95. Trina Says:

    the irs mails checks on thursdays….i was told today.

  96. Trina Says:

    Allison, you will get one if you qualify just because you filed late and owed dont mean you wont get one…hang in there….

  97. AngryinCT Says:

    Our last 2 are 07 we should have been mailed a check by the 16th. When I called the woman told me that they mailed it on the 19th then told me it should be here by now which was on thursday the 22nd. Then I calle dmy post office on thurs friday and today! I still did not get my check. I am so confused as to why this is so off the wall. i want others to know that its happening to us to. We recieved a letter stating how much we will recieve and when it will be mailed but its rediculous that its not here yet. my worst fear is that someone managed to cash it and take our money. I will have to call and call the IRS to get our money back.

  98. Lee Says:

    Well, we finally got part of our rebate check on the 23rd, deposited in our account, minus the 300. per child amount! It’s awful to expect 1500. and get 600. I know it’s better than nothing, but my 3 children equals 900. Where is it? I’ve read that the IRS will be sending out checks in July for those who missed getting the child credit money. Sigh. I sure hope we have a check coming then. My guess is all these errors are the govt.’s way of not having to send out so much money at once. After all, everyone’s payday taxes only come out once a week. Who knows. It would have been better if the stimulus had been scheduled for a different, later time, than right following the tax season. I wouldn’t want to be those workers, whew!

  99. Trina Says:

    I know how you guys feel i too am worried about when it comes time for my rebate to be mailed…I have to wait until july 4th and we all know that is a holiday…So it will most definately be late…We too are counting on this money we are moving and it would be nice to have to help with the uhaul and moving expenses. We are going to be strapped until it comes but will manange. It just sucks when you are told a certain time frame that we are suppose to get it and it takes forever and there is nothing the irs can do. Hang in there guys & gals hows that go good things come to those who wait…I hope so we all can use some good.

  100. William F. & Frances M. Enders Says:

    Filled out 1040 by tax preparer S24010248 on March 26, 2008

    Last 2 digets of SSN 55 & 25

  101. mary Says:

    well here it is may 24th no check yet.my daughter got her paper check to day and hers was mailed after ours.it is just so annoying to be out in limbo waiting for these checks.the lady at the irs told me last night that it went out on the 19th and then one today told me once again it went out on the 16th……….lord which is it

  102. Basia Says:

    Ok, I received the IRS letter saying that I would receive my check by May 16th………….today is May 25th and NOTHING! I called IRS (If you want to talk to live person, just keep pressing 0 and you will be transferred, but be ready to be on hold for at least 25 minuts ). Lady told me that my check was mailed out on the 16th and allow up to 1 week to receive a check, If you dont receive it they will issue a new one and stop the payment on the first check.
    Thanks and good luck

  103. mary Says:

    irs woman told me it could take six weeks to get a new check.mine they say was mailed the 16th as well

  104. Mycozmo Says:

    I too have the misfortune of having to wait for the stimulus check to come in paper check form…

    However I understand why. I used Turbo tax to do my tax’s… I recieved my refund withing 14 days of filing (that was Feb).. I asked Turbo Tax to deduct my fees from my refund.

    I believe the bank that was used to direct my “refund money” into my account was Santa Barbara Bank And Trust.

    What I am being told is .. when a Turbo Tax (etc) sets up a refund this way the bank (santa barbara bank and trust or whatever bank is being used) sets up an account in which the irs can deposit in. The irs then deposits the funds into “my” account with SBBT (Santa Barbara…..) Then SBBT redirects those recieved funds to my real account (the account I provided them) LESS the deductions.

    If Turbo Tax were to have given the IRS my correct bank account info.. they would not have been able to recieve their funds, therefore according to the IRS I did not do a Direct Deposit.

    Hope that makes sense.

  105. Chey Says:

    Friday it will be three weeks overdue but another three weeks must pass before I can call them and ask. The tracker page on the IRS site still can’t tell me anything. Here I sit with the letter saying we’d get it May 9th, and $8 in the bank, praying nothing hits the bank till we get a paycheck on Thursday afternoon. Wish to God I had not believed the letter.

  106. mary Says:

    well it was mailed the 16th they say it went out that day so i think it shouls have been here.i knew better than to believe the gov.but i did and here we set. with out crap and my elctric bill will be clearing the bank soon

  107. Trina Says:

    it seems like the economic stimulus is hurting people more than it is doing any good..This really sucks i feel for you guys…Fortunately i havent spent any of mine because i knew if i would trust the government i would have problems…I havent heard any one getting it on time or even close to when it is suppose to be there. It is nuts plain old nuts…How can they do that to people make them wait so long for a check…DId the checknter have a problem and they dont know where it left off and didnt send out half of the rebates? it sure makes a person wonder dont it. Hang in there guys

  108. Rene Says:


    I used Turbo Tax. My scheduled direct deposit date was May 9th…NO DIRECT DEPOSIT.

  109. mary Says:

    well it is now the 28th no check yet.irs says they are sure it went in thier mail on the 16th of may.how long does it t ake to get a letter from the darn gov.anyway?i sure could use this money

  110. Trina Says:

    I am wondering if they had a problem with the check printer and they dont know it maybe it quit working and they dont know where it stopped at…I cant beleive it would take that long to get a check in the mail,,,that is just plain nuts

  111. mary Says:

    it is nuts,im going to hope it comes tommorrow,thats all i can do,just sit and wait

  112. christina Says:

    anyone recieved their paper checks!! ss# ends in 08 and said it would be mailed on 16 and still nothing

  113. mary Says:

    i know how u feel,mine was sent out on the 16th and nothing yet and here it is the 28th

  114. Trina Says:

    my daughters roommate was suppose to be mailed out the 23rd and he got it yesterday in the mail. So i am confused why some are so much later than others and some arent getting them/

  115. mary Says:

    i dont know my sister in law isnt getting one,it seems she didnt make enough.i wish mine would hurry up and fet here

  116. mary Says:

    u would think it wouldnt take over 12 days to get a darn check from the gov.

  117. christina Says:

    I thought there for a minute that I was the only one waiting for a check! thought it was lost in the mail!!

  118. Trina Says:

    mine is scheduled for july according to their schedule i may get it in time for christmas :(

  119. mary Says:

    i talked to the irs once again today………she says if i dont get it by next friday to fill out this form shes sending me and then it will have to be researched and they will send another check.she said that will take awhile so about 6 weeks after that.gosh i hope it comes today!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Trina Says:

    It sucks when you have to wait on hold for ten to 20 minutes and they tell you the same thing all the time…How can they not get a check to you when some are coming alright. Where are they and why cant they do more about it….I give up! good luck Mary I hope it comes today for you i know what you must be feeling…It is just terrible when you have to call and beg for something that is suppose to be there

  121. Basia Says:

    Hi, it me again

    So, it May 29th and I still havnt received my check in mail!!! The first time I called IRS, lady told me that it was mailed out on the 16th, then I called again and man said that it was mailed out on the 19th?! He also told me that he cant check if it was actually mailed to me on that day…………..NONSENS

  122. Trina Says:

    Basia that is complete bs. I would ask to speek to a supervisor they know if it has been mailed or not….I would call back and demand a supervisor tell them you want to speak to them about an earlier call…..I wouldnt accept that answer at all…They have ways to check their system they are too lazy to look

  123. mary Says:

    ok i called again waited 30 min.got a guy on the phone who told me they just tell us what the computer brings up………….he said my check could be one of the ones that they have lost.said it could have been put into someones account,,,,,,,,,isnt that a kick in the ass.told me it should have been mailed but they are having alot of trouble because they are depositing into what ever tax preparers account a person used at tax time.so all i can do is wait til next friday and try to see if they will track it then.well i am truely maddddddd at this whole thing.the guy said it should have been mailed the 16th so that it would get out here the week of the 19th.what hes really saying is that they dont know what they are doing so we just have to wait and wait………….

  124. Basia Says:


    I will be home soon and hopefully I find my check, but I doubt it….I will call IRS again tomorrow, they just keep changing the dates when my check was mailed out, they dont know what they’re saying!
    I really need this money, they should follow the time schedule!

  125. Tami Says:

    Hi Guys, I was so happy when I found this website as I am in the same boat as many of you. I used turbo tax and found out I’m not getting a check until July 11th….Yeah right!!!! The comments I’m hearing from you are disturbing. See what happens when there is too much government? And people want the this government to oversee and execute our health insurance???? No thank you! Anyway, I hope you all get your checks soon Hang in there and thank you all for the wonderful information on this website. Tami

  126. Cornelious Says:

    Yes, thanks for the informatiom I think it very informative. I think that some of the IRS or government information is always offset by some excuse . Thanks for the info

  127. Basia Says:


    I just want to let you guys know that NO CHECK YET! I was supposed to get it by May 16th………………..

  128. mary Says:

    i just can not understand what is taking this check so long to get here.from the 16th til now thats 13 days…………….maybe tomorrow

  129. christina Says:

    still no check!!

  130. christina Says:

    do u think that our checks are going to the people that did our taxes such as H&R block or an accountant if you used one. if you did one of those ral or rapid refund things. maybe we need to contact those people

  131. Trina Says:

    I was told by the irs that some of the monies were going to the preparers and they had to block these accounts (irs had to) they werent giving hte money to the people and when they did they were asking for another fee to give them this money.good luck people i know i am frustrated too i have to wait til july 4 and thats a holiday so i wont get it til late probably

  132. Basia Says:

    I am calling IRS now, of course I’ve been on hold for 10 minutes now, but I’m not goona give up!
    I will let you know what they told me.

  133. mary Says:

    i am hoping today we will get it.will let u all know.

  134. Basia Says:


    Ok, I called to IRS, very nice lady (I was suprised)told me that it shows that my check was mailed out on the 16th (they always mail the check out on fridays). She said that if I still dont receive it next week, I have to call them again and request a check trace, If they see that my check was cashed by somebody else then they will start invastigation and in that case it will take longer to get another check, but If it just got lost then they will send me another check fast and stop payment on the old one…………
    But I still hoping that I will have this check in my mailbox when I come home from work, I will keep you updated!

  135. Candy Says:


    what number are you guys calling where you get an actual person!?! The numbers I have called do not give an option to speak to a person.

  136. mary Says:

    still no check here………………waiting since the 16th.lady told me the same call next week if i dont get it by then.the num is 8004291040………they will say press 7 to check on rebate……..then dont press anything after that they will finally get u a person

  137. Trina Says:

    Hang in there Mary i know it must be very frustrating..I can hardly wait until i am expecting mine in julu and it isnt here…I will be steaming mad…Hopefully they get the glitches out of the system by then but i doubt it with the government

  138. mary Says:

    well i found my check it was sent back to the irs i have to call in the mornin give them this address and they will resend it.i have not moved but they sent it to wrong address lord,i hope they get it right this time

  139. Trina Says:

    omg leave it to the irs…i hope it is quicke this time….I would tell them you want direct deposit for their mess up…You are counting on that money, you let them know…

  140. mary Says:

    im going to call them in the mornin and see if they will direct deposit it,but i bet they wont,prolly have to wait for darn mail.the irs is just something else i tell ya.i will let u know what they tell me in the mornin

  141. Trina Says:

    good luck Mary it sucks that they cant get their heads out of their arses :)

  142. mary Says:

    called the irs lady said she will call me back said she will get it fixed,now im playing another waiting game………….i have her name and id num.

  143. Basia Says:


    How did you find out that your check was sent back to IRS?

  144. Trina Says:

    These stimulus payments are making people worse off than good…Seems to be backfiring which is a bunch of crap…I cant beleive they couldnt get this right for the people…Good luck MAry

  145. Candy Says:

    Thanks for the number Mary. Unfortunately, when I called it, it said the number had been changed. Any other suggestions?

  146. mary Says:

    i went to the wheres my stimulas payment and there it was then i called and they told me when they will mail it,they say now i will have it no later than the 30 th of june,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so here i am waiting…………here is another num800-829-0582

  147. Candy Says:

    Thanks, I was still unable to reach anyone. It just transfers me back to the menu where you enter in all your info and is all automated. I have a feeling I will hear the same thing you did…it should be no later then June 30th. That is what someone else I know was told also.

  148. mary Says:

    when u call just press 7 when they tell u to then dont enter anything they will repeat it a couple times then u will get transfered to a person

  149. christina Says:

    ok check was sent back to irs and now they say they will mail it the 13 th of june hahahahah!!

  150. mary Says:

    omg…..had u moved

  151. mary Says:

    i had not moved but my son who is named for his dad moved from my house and changed his address there fore changin our address so the address change sent our check back so now i have to wait again

  152. christina Says:

    mary now when you check the status of your rebate on the website does it tell you no information can be provided

  153. mary Says:

    i dont know i will check and let u know in a min

  154. mary Says:

    it tells me it was sent back and to contact the irs which i did yesterday,i tell u i have no patience forthe gov.they say it will be mailed again by ju 16th and i will have it no later than june 30th i sure hope i have it soon

  155. Basia Says:

    I still dont have my check. I called IRS yesterday and they said that nothing came back to them, so I requested a check trace. They told me to call back in 30 days (rediculous) and they should know what happened to my check. It doesnt take so long to trace it, I will call them again in the end of this week to see what’s up!
    It still shows that I should receive my check by May 16th…..so I dont know what happened to this check, maybe somebody cashed it!

  156. mary Says:

    omg!!!!!!!!u would think the irs would know what happens with these checks……………..everything is done with internet these days.well i called again today to make sure they had my address right this time and they say they do.for cring out loud,,,,,,,,,,,,it gets mailed the 16th…………..they say they are having to issue a whole nother check…………

  157. kimberly cabrera islam Says:

    i dont have my stimilus check we already file the 2007 & 2008 tax return.

  158. Trina Says:

    So the truth of the matter is the rebate tracekr online is pretty well useless since it may say its coming but it dont half the time it is delayed or lost…Hmmm Great cant wait until july when i am counting on mine…Darn IRs

  159. Basia Says:

    Called IRS again, they told me that I need to call them back again in 2 weekes to see what they will find out about my check. Lady said that its still possible I will get my check,maybe the post office is responsible………..

  160. LADY Says:


  161. LADY Says:


  162. Basia Says:

    No check yet…………I still have hope……….
    I know that many people still are waitting for their check that were supposed to be mailed out on the 16th of May, so I know Im not the only one. I think that there was a problem with all those paper checks for people with ss# ending in 00-09.

  163. Trina Says:

    Lady mine is being mailed the 4rth of July also i too think that is a joke soooo they are telling us they too will be delayed then if that is the date they are being mailed…Its crazy…I was told by the irs they mail on thursdays but still we wont get them even close to on time then :(

  164. mary Says:

    i called and asked if they thought i could get it before the 16th and the girl said no ,i just dont get why they couldnt just send it right out again.

  165. bodasnotaryservice Says:

    Just a quick question…has anyone actually received their paper check on the date that the second letter (the one from the IRS telling you how much and when to expect it) says it would arrive??????

    Or have everyone’s been delayed significantly?

  166. Ryan Says:

    Thanks so much. Had no idea there was a payment estimator on the website. I was wondering where that stupid check was!

  167. ab Says:

    What is up??? My last 2 dig of my SS are 05 and I’ve still not seen a thing? I didn’t even know there was a schedule for these payments, but then everyone I know said they’ve received theirs and I got worried. I sure hope it comes soon!

  168. LADY Says:


  169. Upnsmoke Says:

    My last two digits are 03 and I have seen nothing. I did file close to April 15 and owed money. They cashed my check but I still do not have my check from them!

  170. LADY Says:


  171. christina Says:

    Mary does the website for you say that it was returned from the post office or does it tell you it will be mailed on the 16 th. Mine said there was no information at this time and then right after we corrected the address today it is back to saying my check was returned undelivered and I already called days ago to have the correction fixed stupid people!!!

  172. mary Says:

    says it was returned by the post office. and i have not moved.our son did move from our address but i dont know y that affected us like it has

  173. John Says:

    Hello everybody,I received a letter from the IRS on June 2nd telling me how much $$ and that I can expect my check to arrive by June 6th.That day has come and gone.I counted on that money to pay my vehicle insurance,now I have to come up with some way to pay it out of my own pocket.This isn’t right !!!,when you owe the IRS money they hound you and even threaten you with jail time.I wish they never even started this stimulus bull****.I owe them nothing and always pay my taxes ON TIME so why can’t they be ON TIME ?!.

  174. Matthew88 Says:

    I am confused, my SSN ends in 12, and I was to receive a paper check, I files my taxes in February and got my refund in March, I was supposed to get my stimulus check March 23rd (or at least by June 6th if it was to be on the tail end of my range) Today is June 7th, and still no check, Where Is It? I have checked the “Where’s my Stimulus Payment” site and it says “We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus Payment is not available.” I have been checking every day for a few weeks, and it’s always still the same thing. Anyone know what it could be?

  175. Basia Says:

    My ss# end in 01 and still no check, I was supposed to get in by may 16th, I requested a check trace with IRS and just waiting.
    If anybody is to received paper check by june 6th , it will probably be delivered today june 9th.
    There was a plain crash with about 3000 stimulus checks, it was going to Montana.
    I the website says that no info available about your check it probably means that IRS hasn calculated your stimulus rabate……

  176. LADY Says:


  177. John Says:

    Hello people,just letting you know that my last two ss digits are 35 and I just received my check today.The notice I received June 2nd said that I should receive the check June 6th,today is June 9th so I guess the wait wasn’t too bad.Thank you Basia,you were right.I wish you all good luck and hang in there.

  178. mary Says:

    im waiting for the week of the 16th thats is when they reissue our check.i pray to the lord above we get it like they say this time

  179. christina Says:

    our check is suppose to be reissued on the 13th why does it say they still need our current address when you call and also on the website we give them the current address a week ago do they not update there website and info on the hotline?

  180. mary Says:

    mine is to be issued on the 16th and it still says that on the web pg on mine to

  181. John Says:

    I get no ES check because my AGI is too high. The IRS does not even consider the fact that my ex-wife still gets one-third of my take-home pay for which I pay the taxes. She gets tax-free money from me AND an ES check. This sucks.

  182. Trina Says:

    I am getting really nervous i am expecting a letter soon and havent received it saying i am getting one i am sort of counting on that money to move but can do it without it but it will be harder too. I wish the irs would get their crap straight this is ridiculous…

  183. Tom Says:

    My ss # ends in 00 and I asked for a direct deposit. I mailed my return on April 15th. When I call I tried to do option 7 but it tell ms eo enter a 3 digit extension. I can not get through to a live person. When I check on the status it says no information can be given. How do you get to talk to a live person? My money should have been deposited weeks ago. I am on SSD which is my only income except for a few books I sold for $150.00.

  184. Tom Says:

    I wanted to add that I never even got a letter for the IRS saying how much I would get. I have gotten nada.

  185. Trina Says:

    Tom they say to call the18004291040 number hit 7 then dont hit nothing after that it will get you a live person…good luck Tom

  186. Trina Says:

    I live in Iowa where there is severe flooding and many people need that money i am sure the flooding will delay it somehow also…This sucks

  187. Tom Says:

    there is no answer at 8004291040. I called about six times and it just rings

  188. Trina Says:

    18008291040 press 7 then listen til they say press 1 or check status press 2 dont press anything it will transfer you to a live person it rambles on and on about stimulus things but eventually will transfer you….it will tell you if u need to speak to a representative hold…

  189. Trina Says:

    i will transfer you to another number it says the mber i didnt catch it though….but the next one they transfer you too will get you a rep be patient it takes a while for them to come on the phone

  190. Trina Says:

    it will transfer you to another number it says the mber i didnt catch it though….but the next one they transfer you too will get you a rep be patient it takes a while for them to come on the phone

  191. mary Says:

    my son lives in iowa and he is baleing water out of his basement like crazy
    im waiting to see if i get mine now that they are reissueing it.i hope so cause we really need it as do u all im sure

  192. Kris Says:

    I was to get my rebate May 9. I had to pay in for this years taxes and used turbo tax to prepare and mailed the check and paperforms. I have yet to see my rebate and the link to status has no information on my rebate? Does anyone have more information on this? Do I have to wait for a paper check even thou I was prompted by the software to include the direct deposit info?

  193. Trina Says:

    what part of iowa Mary? I am around the Iowa city area

  194. mary Says:


  195. Trina Says:

    wow not far from me then hope he is o.k. Hey guys i saw this video and it made my problems seem like they are no longer existant thought maybe it will help ease some of your frustrations also get the kleenex handy……. copy and paste into browser and make sure you have volume up….. http://g.dwgsee.com/wake/index.htm God Bless our Troops. Lets not forget them even when times are tough we need to remember things could be worse

  196. Kim Klotz Says:

    We had an extension for our claim because our accountant was not able to submit electronically. We had to mail our tax return on April 16 and about 2 weeks later received it back in the mail. We had forgotten to sign the new copy. My account told me we should receive about $300 from federal and we owed for state. I have checked the return tracking and it says we are only going to receive $4!!. It has no idea about the surplus check. Wow this has been such an eyeopener about our government. We get assessed late fees if we don’t respond by a certain date, shouldn’t our government have to do the same?!

  197. Trina Says:

    seems like it should have to abide by same rules we do but its the government…I know it sucks….if we owed tehm money it would be terrible but when they owe us or are late paying us it is sol us…

  198. christina Says:

    mary any luck?? mine still says that the address needs to be updated it does not say anything about it being resent on the 16th?

  199. Trina Says:

    the irs website is updated on Mondays

  200. christina Says:

    I give them the correct address 2 weeks ago and they were suppose to reissue and check on the 16th of june I wonder why they haven’t updated it yet. maybe when the put it in the mail on monday they will update it. thanks

  201. mary Says:

    the irs says they mailed mine today so hopefully mon.

  202. mary Says:

    i mean the 13th

  203. christina Says:

    is that what the rep said or did the website say that?

  204. mary Says:

    thats what the rep said

  205. christina Says:

    cool maybe mine will be here tomorrow!!

  206. trina Says:

    soooooo anyways i am moving across town and my rebate is suppose to be mailed the weekend i move would you do a change of address or have the mail held?

  207. christina Says:

    got it today mary!!!!

  208. Susan Says:

    Thank you SOOO much!! The information you posted was VERY helpful!! You were more helpul than the people that work for the IRS!
    Thanks again!!

  209. Chey Says:

    Now 5 weeks overdue…

  210. Trina Says:

    Chey whats the last two of your number? It will probably be paper check

  211. Trina Says:

    how many people are actually getting the letter? i have not gotten one yet and mine is due the 4th of july?

  212. chad Says:

    trina, you will get your letter about a week before you get your check, don’t worry and just to let you know it will come about 3 to 4 days prior to the due date, i got my check on the 16th and was expose to get it on the 13th, it might be a couple days longer for you folks on the 4th cause of the holiday..but if you get the letter they can’t screw up on the address cause they already sent the letter and check to see the sight irs.gov wheres my stimulis check and type your infomation, it’ll tell you when your check is coming and that you’ll recive a letter, hope this helps anybody that is confused about the check sitution…

  213. mary Says:

    i am still waiting for my check.they reissued it on the 13th but its not here yet and this is the 17th:(

  214. Trina Says:

    thanks chad i hope they think ahead on the 4th sending them out i hope they send earlier instead of later….But we all know the gov. I checked the website but i cant get no info…It is crazy then i hear people who got into the website and it is past the day they are suppose to get the check they never got it yet so what do you beleive int he irs or the site its a hard call

  215. Chey Says:

    Trina, my last 2 numbers are 43 and I filed electronically, with Tax Cut, not TT.

  216. Michaeleen Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this information. I was checking the mailbox every day since ours was originally supposed to be sent in May. I check the status and it tells me it will be sent June 25th. I’m not sure why it has been delayed, I am just glad it wasn’t lost.

  217. Trina Says:

    i have yet to find out anything on mine it says so info…it is driving me nuts….I just want it to say something…

  218. mary Says:

    got my check today…………….yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!only about 6 weeks late

  219. Trina Says:

    Thank God Mary I am so happy 4 u….

  220. Trina Says:

    im still waiting for a letter saying i will get it…i know i qualify but you know it makes you wonder with the irs…just a waiting game

  221. mary Says:

    ty…………i hope all of u waiting get ur checks on time…..GOOD LUCK TO ALL

  222. Paul Says:

    My last two digits are 16. Here it is June 20 and I haven’t even received a letter, never mind a check

  223. Trina Says:

    that is crazy i would be calling and seeing what is up with that./ I havent gotten a letter and mine is the 4th of july i thought i would at least have gotten a letter by now well i did get one from the irs but not the one i wanted lol

  224. Trina Says:

    where do u live Paul? what state

  225. Amy Says:

    My husband last 2 digits of his social are 82 and according to the IRS web sit I should be getting mine mailed on July 4th. I have not gotten the letter saying when I should expect it. I really don’t care about the letter as long as I get the check soon. I field Turbo Tax and elected to have them with drawl the fee’s from my refund. I also claimed my small business and hope that doesn’t effect or delay my stimulus check in any way. Thanks to all that has posted on this site.

  226. Matthew Says:

    Paul, I know how you feel. The last two numbers in my SSN are 12, and I also am without a check. I called the IRS (It took 12 times and two hours of holding to get through) and they said they are “still processing” it. They told me to call back in two weeks. Go figure, who knows when I will get it. I have been told that if you go to the “where’s My Stimulus Payment” site on the IRS site and it says “We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus Payment is not available.” that means they still haven’t processed it yet, and this is still what I am getting. What does it say for you?

  227. Trina Says:

    Amy my husbands is 81 and we are suppose to receive it on the 4th we filed in late january through turbo also and had our fees taken out…I know a Lady at work told me tonight she got her letter three days after she got her check and i cant get no info online on wheres my stimulus either…So who knows i wish you luck i too am waiting

  228. Amy Says:


    Thanks for the update. I’ve done online thing on their web site and it gives me natta. I hope with the July 4th holiday that they would send them out early vs later. We will see. Take care.

  229. Trina Says:

    I wish you luck too Amy and yes i hope they send them out sooner also than later with the holiday. We can keep our fingers crossed and pray for the best..Good luck and take care Amy i will keep ya all posted ;)

  230. Tammi Says:

    Thank you for the information. My check was “mailed” on the 20th. We will see. The way I took the letter was we were to have it by the 20th. It just make you feel vulnerable not knowing.

  231. Trina Says:

    ok so i went online to irs.gov wheres my stimulus and it shows it will be sent ont he 4th of july if i dont get it by august 1st to call back….So there is my update….Now it is the waiting game…You know it does make u vulnerable not knowing it sucks

  232. Amy Says:


    Thanks for the update! Because your hubby’s social is so close to my hubby’s I went and checked and it said the same thing for me too. It’s good to finally see that they know we exist isn’t it. Let me know when you get yours and I will do the same. Take care.

  233. Trina Says:

    ok so now i go online to irs.gov and punch in his ss and it says no info i punch in mine it says july 4th mine ends in 08 weird huh?

  234. Amy Says:

    It still says the same info for my hubby’s ss #. I punched mine in to see what would happen and I get the same info. It would be nice if I got 2 checks…lol

  235. Trina Says:

    yeah it would wouldnt it lol…i havent checked anymore who knows maybe they are having a glitch right when i was doing it who knows with the irs

  236. Trina Says:

    Kim are both of your children under 17? Because if one is 17 you will not get that extra 300 for that child i a in that boat was wondering if maybe you are also….I was hoping to get it for my 13 and 17 but just my 13 is who i get it for

  237. Trina Says:

    funny yesterday i checked my husbands ss and it said the 4th later that day i checked his it said no info then i checked mine it said the 4today they both say the 4th crazy isnt it i think the irs is trying to push people over the deep end wanting this money adn needing it so badly they liek to play with our minds :)

  238. Kim Klotz Says:

    My children are 6 and 15. The strange thing about it is that, my accountant tried to file electronically and the 15y.o’s ssn came up “not valid” so we had to file a paper claim instead. I called the SSA and they could not understand why this happened, as he has had this number since 6 months old, and i have claimed him all these years since.

  239. Trina Says:

    that is weird im i had that problem one time but then when they reentered it it went through…Good luck Kim

  240. Paul Says:

    Trina, I live in Arizona.

    Matthew, when I plugged in my SS# at the IRS site, I got the same response as you did.

    I tried calling the IRS, but it didn’t take long before I realized it was going to take forever to get an actual person on the line. There’s too many people calling them over this. My game plan right now, is to wait out the process. If I still haven’t received my check by the end of July, you can bet your boots, they’ll be getting a call from me. It’s frustrating, but I’m trying not to gnash my teeth over it.

  241. Kim Klotz Says:

    FYI to everyone still waiting for checks. I called the IRS yesterday to find out where my refund was. While on hold the info about stimulus checks is that due to many mix-ups, they will be sending checks out until everyone receives theirs. No deadline of any sort is given since they seem to have screwed up in all areas. Many people were not given all their child credits and supposedly will receive another check at some point.
    Best advice I can give is don’t hold your breath!

  242. Nikki Says:

    Hey all I am supposed to get my check tommorrow. Got a letter last week saying I would get it on the 27th of June. I was wondering for the people who did get theirs close to the actual dates,how long after the date did you recieve it. I was told if things go well, 3 to 5 days later?????????? I will believe it when I see it!!!

  243. Trina Says:

    what i do know is that i havent gotten a letter as of yet but mine is issued the 4th of july i was told by others that they mail on thursdays and people are either getting them saturday or mondays…..Good luck keep us posted

  244. Jeanine Says:

    Hello all!! I’m to get mine the 4th or mailed on the 4th I recieved a letter yesterday that I can expect my check by the 5th so we will see!!!!

  245. Trina Says:

    jeanine i dont understand how they figure if they send it the 4th a holiday it will be there by the 5th? Irs is really strange….I havent even gotten a letter yet and mine is to be here the same time as you i do know they mail on thursdays though but still the irs stated at first that they will be mailed by the 4th now it says on the 4th i hope i get my letter soon i am about to lose my mind whats left of it lol

  246. Nikki Says:

    Have hope guys!!, I got a letter last week saying I would get it on the 27th of june. I was told that they only mail them out on mondays and thursdays. So, it you are expecting yours on that date, you won’t get it on the actual date. You will probably get 3 days later or so. It will come. You will usually get the letter first, and the next week, you will get the check. If you don’t get a letter of some sort, it means something probably went wrong. Now I have it, it will be gone just as quick lol!!!

  247. Nikki Says:

    OOH Yeah, the reason why I know is I got mine today YEAH!!!!!!!! It will come.

  248. Trina Says:

    good for you Nikki i am happy for you….Keep your fingers crossed for me please…I am moving this weekend and am having my mail held at the post office so it wont get sent back to the irs….I am not doing an address change since they would prob send it back

  249. Amy Says:

    Trina & all other scheduled July 4th(ers),

    I got my letter today! Now hopefully I will get it on time. For reference for anyone else

    SS# ending 32
    Location: Fort Worth, TX (Keller to be exact)

    I will update as soon as the real deal gets here.

    Have a good 4th everyone.

  250. Nikki Says:

    Thanks trina, all will be fine with you. Keep in touch and let me know what happens Girl!!!!!!!!

  251. Trina Says:

    I also got my letter today when i was at work saying i will receive it by July 5th lets see how long it takes now guys….I am getting excited lol I am in IOWA the letter was dated todays date soooo we will see if we get it by the 5th. Wish me luck and Good luck to all of you Have a safe fourth

  252. Trina Says:

    My letter came from Atlanta Georgia i always thought they came from A different place…hmmm

  253. Amy Says:

    Mine came from Memphis TN. We can only hope we will get it before the 4th.

  254. Matthew Says:

    Here it is, July 1st, still no letter, still no check, still getting “We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus Payment is not available.” on the IRS site. GRRRRR!!! I was counting on that money to move out, and into an apartment by the 1st (today). Guess it isn’t going to happen. My guess is that they are going to send out the “who knows where it is” checks after the last batch is sent out (maybe around July 18th?) I haven’t called the IRS back yet as they instructed, but I plan on calling today. I will call and then post my results when I do later on today. By the way, I’ve been enjoying reading all the posts here. I am subscribed by email. Anyone besides Paul and I in this situation where your check is way overdue?

  255. Matthew Says:

    Also, my parents received their Stimulus Payment AND the letter about it on the same day. The letter was dated that days date, so apparently they know exactly how long it will take to get to your house. I just thought it was odd they received both on the same day. Theirs came early. They received it on May 29th, and it wasn’t due until June 6th.

  256. Trina Says:

    it would be great to get it before the 4th so i can move….i am not holding my breath though it will prob come the 5th exact

  257. Paul Says:

    Well, what do you know! I got a letter! I’m actually kind of surprised. I thought for sure it wouldn’t be until every other taxpaying citizen got theirs first.

    Supposedly, I should have a check by the 5th. We’ll shall see.

    Matthew, I know it’s frustrating, but I have a feeling you’ll be hearing from them soon.

  258. Trina Says:

    i got the same letter by the 5th? no mail the 4th so does that mean on the fifth on line it says mailed the 4th….it takes 2 days to get mail out to people hmmmm

  259. Matthew Says:

    Well, I just called the IRS back, and after 15 tries and one hour of holding, I did NOT hear what I wanted to hear. Now they claim that I am not eligible, and that someone has claimed me as a dependent. My mom or dad did not claim me, so apparently someone has illegally claimed me. I am 19 years old and have been working for 3 years. I have been out of school for over a year, so that means that my parents couldn’t claim me. I filed a tax return in February (on time) This is about to get the best of my nerves, and I guess I have reached the end of the road. I asked who claimed me, and they said “we can’t tell”. I don’t know what to do now, and I have a headache from it all. I hope all goes well with everyone else’s.

  260. Trina Says:

    I wish everyone luck i will believe it when i see it too Matthew the 5th with the 4th a holiday dont see it happening

  261. Trina Says:

    Matt it is illegal for someone to use your social and claim youso i would probably get on the line with the irs and make that clear to them and tell them you want to speak to a supervisor. That is nuts…..I would wig out bad on who ever i spoke to that isnt right. They cant tell you but it is illegal for anyone to use your social….I am not sure if your parents can legally since you are still going to school i think they can but it wouldnt benefit them too much since you have your own income and that would seem to probably make them pay more taxes, I would ask them if they did but i imagine they would have told you or asked first. Tell them what you found out witht he irs and they will understand. But then again when you call the irs today they may have a enw song and dance a whole new story them people dont seem to have a clue. Hang int here and keep us posted :(

  262. Trina Says:

    Matt it is illegal for someone to use your social and claim youso i would probably get on the line with the irs and make that clear to them and tell them you want to speak to a supervisor. That is nuts…..I would wig out bad on who ever i spoke to that isnt right. They cant tell you but it is illegal for anyone to use your social….I am not sure if your parents can legally since you are still going to school i think they can but it wouldnt benefit them too much since you have your own income and that would seem to probably make them pay more taxes, I would ask them if they did but i imagine they would have told you or asked first. Tell them what you found out witht he irs and they will understand. But then again when you call the irs today they may have a new song and dance a whole new story them people dont seem to have a clue. Hang in there and keep us posted :(

  263. Trina Says:

    no news today from no one i was hoping to get it today havent heard of no one getting it sucks………….urgh

  264. lady Says:


  265. Paul Says:

    Matthew, that doesn’t make sense. I can’t imagine anyone claiming you, illegally. I don’t think you could get away with it. Trina is right! I would dig until you uncover the mystery.

  266. Trina Says:

    I am unsure of the letter i got that says i will receive mine by the 5th but they are saying mailing them on saturdat? What is it with the irs and their wording…It drives me nuts..I didnt get it in the mail today and tomorrow isnt looking well either not if they told you that they are mailed on saturday bs is what it is a letter says by the 5th we will receive it then the site says will be mailed out on the 4th and will receive a few days after which is it the fourth or by the fifth? MAn i am getting frustrated.

  267. Kim Klotz Says:

    To Matthew please look into this further to find out what happened. When claiming our 2 underage children, and all childcare costs, we transposed the 9 into a 6 on his social security number; and for all I know that could happen to be your social security number! This has put us into debt $1800 and so they decided to take my stimulus check. I calculated our stimulus check to be $1800, but they only counted one child. We will not be getting any money until this is all cleared up.

  268. Trina Says:

    Yes Matthew check into it dont let it go so they can find out what happened and who got that credit…Its your money not someone elses…

  269. Matthew Says:

    Trina, actually, I am not in school. I graduated in 2007. I asked my dad a while back, and he said that they couldn’t claim me since I’m not in school and have my own income. I was hoping not to have to call the IRS again, because it takes a good 10 or 15 tries just to get through without getting the recording, and then an hour of waiting. But, it looks as if I will end up having to, because if I don’t say anything else about it, I guess it would just go on and I wouldn’t get anything. The weirdest thing is that I actually got the first letter saying I qualified for a check, and now somehow I’m claimed by someone else! When I call, I will probably immediately ask for a supervisor, instead of having to go through a bunch of other stuff.
    Kim – No, it couldn’t have been my SSN. It doesn’t have a 6 or 9 in it anywhere.
    Thanks everyone for the replies!

  270. Trina Says:

    Good lUkc Matthew maybe the rep you spoke to is not giving the right info or they had a glitch in their system and they punched in the wrong ss. Good Luck

  271. Amy Says:

    Well darn… no stimulus check today. I got the stupid letter 3 days ago and I was hoping to see if before the 4th. I guess now I can hope for the 5th.


  272. Trina Says:

    i didnt get mine either amy darn it i was hoping to get it before the fourth but of course i didnt hold my breath…Go figure huh oh well we are busy moving anyhow and it will be much more needed after we move i guess Happy Fourth guys good luck

  273. jesstina Says:

    i got my letter on the 28th of jun it was dated for the 30th it say get payment by the 5th maybe they mailed them early

  274. jesstina Says:

    do you think they will come out sat

  275. Tiffani Says:

    Well, I was reading everyone’s response and most people are correct. We were supposed to have recieved ours today the 5th, but NO CHECK!!! I am hoping it will be here Monday or Tuesday. This is crazy, we are planning our vacation around this check. I am getting worried. My kids will be so disappointed. Anyone who recieved theirs today please let me know.

  276. Amy Says:

    Sorry to report Tiffani that I didn’t get mine today either. I’m really hoping for Monday. My husband and I are wanting to pay some bills with this that we’ve put off for too long now. I will post back on Monday on the status of the check. Hope everyone had a good 4th.

  277. Lynn Says:

    I received my check today thank god!!!

  278. Lynn Says:

    Oh yeah I was supposed to receive by today and I did jut wanted to clarify

  279. lady Says:

    i didn’t get my check but i got my letter today. i called the irs a few days ago and she told me that most checks were going to be put in the mail today. i can’t wait we are going to buy school clothes.

  280. leslie Says:

    I didn’t get mine either, Man I hope it comes Monday!

  281. Amy Says:

    Just wanted to report that I DID get my check today for the amount they said I was going to get. YEAH HAPPY DAY! Hope everyone that was expecting it today gets it as well. Take care all.

  282. Matthew Says:

    Still no letter, still no check…

  283. Lee Says:

    Instead of complaining, I’ve got a good report! We had originally gotten our payment deposited in June, but it was minus the money for our 3 children. Yesterday, I checked my bank account and it had $900. extra! The IRS had deposited that missing amount, and we weren’t even expecting it. That was exciting! So, don’t give up people, it’s coming, you’ll get your money sometime, I’m living proof!

  284. lady Says:

    i got my check today!! now no more stalking the mailman!

  285. Matthew Says:

    Update: Well, I called the IRS again today. Got “right through” today on first try and only 20 minutes of holding. Anyway, now the story is that I am not in the system at all! She plugged in my SSN and wasn’t getting anything, and then tried to initiate a trace, and again, nothing. They told me that if I do not receive a stimulus check by July 21st to call back then. Guess I will call again than, because I really don’t expect to get it by then. Oh well…Hope everyone else is enjoying theirs! Congrats on people who got theirs today.

  286. Trina Says:

    I got mine on the 7th sorry i had no internet i moved over te weekend sure would have been nice to get that before i moved but i adjusted good luck to everyone else

  287. Chey Says:

    Today the impossible happened.

    Tuesday, the tracker told me to expect my payment to be direct deposited on July 11th. I didn’t believe it because I’d already been told to expect it May 9th and it didn’t show up then.

    But this morning when I logged into my bank to make sure my paycheck had been deposited and credited, the stimulus payment also showed up.


  288. Matthew Says:

    Just when I think nothing worse can happen, what do you know? It does! I’m really starting to wonder about the IRS… I got a 5-page letter from the Treasury Department saying that I have completed Claim 1133 against the United States for the proceeds of a US Treasury Check. The amount was $293.00 and dated 2-15-08. The check copy attached was my Federal Income Tax Return check. I didn’t even file a claim in the first place. I’m thinking it was one of the IRS reps that I talked to.
    Page 1 of the package says in big letters: STOP REASON: D: Entitlement. STATUS: 11: The check is paid: Claims package and image of check to follow. It goes on to show to Serial number of the check, my SSN etc. Page 2 is about the check, telling me it’s already been cashed, telling me to look at it to make sure it was I who had signed it, etc. Pages 3 and 4 are to file a claim against the United States for the proceeds of a Government check. OMB no. 1510-D019. Page 5 is a copy of my Federal Income Tax return. I have no idea what to do now. Has anyone else had this problem? Now I’m really confused!

  289. Shiva Says:

    My check was to be mailed out on July 4th, even got the letter in the mail saying I would get it on July 5th, but as of today, July 11th, I still have nothing. I did talk to someone at the IRS, twice, and the first lady told me that it was sent out on the 5th, the letter was poorly written, and that I should get it soon. The second lady I talked swore that my check was mailed on the 4th(okay), and to call back in 2 weeks if I still don’t get it. Anybody have words of advice?

  290. Deezee Says:

    Well it seems as if I’ve been waiting on this damn Stimulus for the whole year. Unfotunately my last two of my social happen to be apart of the last checks scheduled to be issued out. My aunt also has the same last two digits like mine and we live in the same apartment complex. She received hers on the july fourth, I did not. Does that mean that I will not receive a check? Because everyone that was suppose to get one around the same time frame as me, got one, except me of course. When I go one the irs website, it tells me, We’re sorry, blah blah blah, and it always have. Any one else having the same problem?

  291. Matthew Says:

    Deezee, I know how you feel. I’ve been waiting on my check since May. My last two SSN numbers are 12. With all the trouble I’ve been through with trying to figure out what’s going on (as you can see throughout this site, I don’t know whether I will get one or not. I seen on the IRS site that some of the checks will continue to be issued throughout the end of the year!

  292. Melissa Says:

    I still have not received my check & according to my last 2 digits, it was supposed to be mailed out by July 11th. It’s now 6 days later. I went to the IRS site & put my information in the “Where’s My Stimulus Payment” section & it says they are sorry, but there is no specific information about my stimulus payment.

    Is anyone else having this trouble?

  293. Shiva Says:

    It is now the the 17th of july and my check still has not gotten here. I was told by the irs for the 3rd time that my check was mailed out on july 3rd, and to call back on july 18th to make sure that the check didn’t get sent back to them, even though they have my address correct…..so I guess we will see what they say in the morning.

  294. Jeramy Says:

    I’ve not received my check, it was due June 27th, according to the site I should contact them on July 25th if not received. I filed my taxes in February, I don’t owe any taxes.

  295. Matthew Says:

    I still have no check, and on the 23rd, mine will be two months late! The last time I called the IRS, they said if I did not receive it by July 21st (tomorrow), to call them back again. I’ve already talked to them at least five or six times. Guess I will call them again and see what their story is this time, and when they want me to call back again.

  296. Melissa Says:

    I checked on the IRS website under “WhereÂ’s My Stimulus Payment” again today & it now says that I need to call a Customer Service Rep & mention the reference number 1646. I don’t owe any back taxes & I didn’t have a problem when I filed my taxes at the end of January. I am going to call tomorrow to see what I can find out.

    Has anyone else had this message when checking on the status of their stimulus check?

  297. shiva Says:

    Not only is my check somewhere else, but I have to wait until August now to have them look to see if it has been returned. The guy on the hotline said that it would take some time to get to me, since it was mailed out on the 4th of july, from our local irs office, and I told him that it does not take 12 “postal” days for mail to get 40 miles, which is how far I live from the office. I already have my 3911 filled out and ready to go. I also think it is weird that not only am I missing a check but a friend of mine who lives 3 houses away, whose check was to be mailed 8 weeks ago, is too…..hmmmmm, maybe there are some shady postal workers too???

  298. Melissa Says:

    After being on hold for 50 minutes, I finally talked to someone at the IRS. I was told that code 1646 means that a duplicate was filed or an amended return was filed. I only filed once in Feb through Jackson Hewitt. I was told that there was an electronic return filed in Feb & a paper in April. I did not file the paper return, only the electronic in Feb. They then put me through to someone else, who put me back through to the 1-800 # for the stimulus check hotline. It then told me that due to the high volume of calls, I needed to try again later or the next business day!

  299. Matthew Says:


    When I go to the site now, it also tells me to give them reference number 1646. I didn’t file an amended return. I did file a paper return in February through H&R Block. I still haven’t gotten a chance to call them back yet to see what they have to say this time. When I do, I’ll let you know.

  300. Melissa Says:


    Have you had any problems with ID theft? A few years ago, I had trouble with my federal refund (I had no problem with my state refund). I kept getting the run around from the IRS & no one would tell me anything. Finally, that summer I talked to someone who actually helped me out. He told me there was a duplicate filed & that someone had already received a refund using my SSN. He asked all kinds of questions to make sure I was who I said I was. I haven’t had trouble with my taxes since then.

    I learned that I was a victim of ID theft. After that, I started having problems with accounts being opend & so on. I’ve had all that taken care of (which is a HUGE headache!) and didn’t think that could be the problem this time since I didn’t have trouble receiving my state & federal refunds this year. Also, I stay on top of my credit report & haven’t had any problems with that in a while.

    I tried calling the IRS again today & I keep getting the same message of calling later or again on the next business day. So, in my case, there was a duplicate filed, but I only filed one. Either it’s an ID thief getting me again or someone entered the wrong SSN.