148th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance!

By glblguy

North Carolina

Welcome to the 148th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! I am beyond honored to be your host and had a great time reading through all of the excellent articles submitted. Let me tell you, being this is the first carnival I’ve ever posted, I had no idea how hard it was to pick the “editor’s picks”! All the articles were so great!

Without further rambling from me, here are all of the carnival entries organized by category. As you read through the carnivals, you’ll also receive a photo tour of my home state, North Carolina. I hope you enjoy it!

Glblguy’s gathering of top picks

NC Moutains

My favorite place to gather my family together is in the mountains of North Carolina, which make up the whole western side of the state. The picture above is a view from the Blueridge Parkway.

Now, here are my top picks:

  • Blueprint for Financial Prosperity presents Curb Spending By Writing Goals on Credit CardsJim shares a great way to remember your financial goals by writing them on your credit or debit card. What a great and original idea. I also really like the idea that it may spur conversation with someone.
  • Cash Money Life presents Spend $10. It’s Worth It!Patrick reminds us that it really is the little things in life that matter.
  • I’ve Paid For This Twice Already… presents Sometimes It Is The Amount of Money You MakeSo many personal finance articles focus on expense reduction. Paidtwice looks at it from a different perspective, by taking a look at increasing her income through alternative streams.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Funds presents Beneath the Iceberg: The Psychology of the Recession (and a silver lining)Ginger not only helps you understand why some are feeling the way they do about the recession, but provides tips on how to survive and strengthen them while it’s going on.
  • Tales from the road less traveled presents Emotional SpendingMomma provides a really good and personal read that shows how hard it is to manage spending, especially when emotions are involved. Best part of the article is this quote: “We just resolve to do better next time and move on.”
  • Free Money Finance presents StuckFMF offers some help to a mother who feels like she is stuck working when she wants to be at home with her kids. Are you a parent who “feels like you can’t afford to not work”? Read this article and realize you aren’t stuck.
  • My Family’s Money presents Outsource To Your Kids Already!Steward shares an interesting article that really made me think and even spurred some good discussion between my wife and I. At first I didn’t like the idea, but then the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. For me, the key here is keeping it your childs choice.


There’s lots to do in the NC Mountains, including visiting Cherokee, NC where there is an Indian reservation a zoo, and plenty of places to do a little river rafting.


Grandfather Mountain
Or, you could visit Grandfather Mountain, home of the “mile high bridge”.


Chimney Rock Park
My favorite place is Chimney Rock Park and Lake Lure (yes I’ve stood on top of the chimney)


Blueridge Parkway
Rather not hike? No problem, how about a nice leisurely drive on the Blueridge Parkway?


Or visit Biltmore Estates, nestled in the mountain city of Asheville, NC

  • Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Idling our way to $4 per gallonmbhunter wonders why, with gas prices so high, people still leave their cars idling in parking lots?


Or maybe you are a city type. Visit Raleigh, the state capital.

  • The Digerati Life presents How Money Challenges Prevent You From Building The Life You LoveYou can’t buy love, but “Focusing on wealth creation for the sake of our families will help us create just the life we’re looking for, for ourselves and for those we love”. Good stuff.
  • Master Your Card presents Why America NEEDS a RecessionJonathon asks Does America need a recession? That is the argument Jonathan makes and I think he might actually be onto something.
  • The Wealth Accumulator presents Keeptrack of your financial progressEnoch tells you what to keep track of, how often and how. Tracking your finances will not only keep you on track, but will make your progress visible.


Raleigh not big enough? How about Charlotte?



While you’re in Charlotte, check out some Nascar. The #24 shop is right across from the speedway.

Money Mangement

Outer Banks
What? Don’t like the mountains or the city?? How about the outer banks? Nothing but sun, sand, water, and quiet.


Wright Brothers
While there, check out the Wright Brothers Memorial. First in Flight you know!

  • Funny about Money presents Generating Traffic with Carnivals and Festivals – vh shares a very insightful article that uses statistics and traffic measures to show the benefits of participating in blog carnivals. Not directly personal finance related, but good information.
  • Million Dollar Journey presents The Best Time to Start is NOW – FrugalTrader answers the question of when to you should start doing something about your finances. When? Now.
  • Working for Rachel presents The Financial Generation Gap – Rachel provides some really good insight into the financial generation gap that makes it seem like young people don’t know how to save. She argues its a different world for them, and I agree.
  • Chief Family Officer presents Our car buying experience – Part Two: Financing and the Trade-inCFO shares her experience of financing a new car and surprising the dealership after the deal with a trade-in. Way to go! Nothing better than getting a great deal.
  • Dreaming of Ferraris presents Reasons to Not Buy That Car…Foxie gets tempted by a red Honda S2000, but maintains control and manage her debt. Good choice!
  • Millionaire Money Habits presents Should I Use a 401k Debit Card?Ryan tells us why 401k debit cards are such a bad idea, and I couldn’t agree more.
  • Ask Mr Credit Card presents Bought a New Lexus RX 350 – My Adventure and ReasonsMr. Credit Card buys a new Lexus and shares his reasons why and takes us through the negociation process.

Real Estate

Battleship North Carolina
Wilmington, NC isn’t far away and houses the Battleship North Carolina


NC Beach
Maybe head a little further south, and walk one of the many beaches on the NC coast.

  • Single Guy Money presents Most Reliable Used CarsSGM shares a summary of the most reliable used cars from 2007 from Edmunds.com. Looking for a reliable used car? Look here first.
  • GRACEful Retirement presents Time for a Book ReportGrace reviews the Social Security Answer book and recommends it.


Oh yeah, don’t forget to grab some Carolina BBQ!


Last, but not least, make sure you eat some grits with those biscuits!

Photo credits to: Matthew Abadi,msprague,Karl Palutke,triplezero,kreg.steppe,kreg.steppe,candescent,rvaphotodude,Ricardo (Kadinho) Villela,HowdeeDoodat,Go Card USA,Go Card USA,Go Card USA, Mark Sadowski, wilbanks, nickgraywfu

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    This year, he’s driving us up to Washington DC. One of these times, we have to get him to actually show us around North Carolina instead of taking us to neighboring states. It looks like NC has a LOT to offer :)

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