The Friday Gathering – Hey! They blocked my blog!

By glblguy

A little bit of Sunshine by *Micky

For the first time in weeks it seems, we actually had a fairly quiet week in the GLBL household. Nobody has been sick, work hasn’t been to crazy, and we enjoyed a little downtime. One surprise this week for me was Gather Little by Little being blocked by my employer.

My schedule for the past year has been to arrive at work around 6:30 or 7:00am and write my article for the day first thing in the morning. I would then formally start work at 8:00am once my article for the day was published. Seems my site along with a number of other blogs was included with some type of site blocking update to my employers firewall software. So, had to make a change to my blogging schedule suddenly.

I was a bit upset by this at first, but change isn’t always bad. I’ve continued writing my articles early in the morning, but instead of writing it for publishing that morning, I am writing a day in advance. The article I write in the morning then gets proof read again in the evening and then published that night so it goes live the next morning at 6:00am (a nice feature of WordPress).

The big advantage to this is I have more time to proof read my articles and format them a little better. I sincerely hope as a result of this I’ll have less typos, spelling issues, and missed words. The second advantage is you’ll have an article each morning at 6:00am EST.

Important stuff!

The Gathering!

7 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday Gathering – Hey! They blocked my blog!”

  1. Dough Roller Says:

    My kids are 13 and they already take showers for what seems like an eternity. I like your 10 minute rule.

  2. Randall at CreditWithdrawal Says:

    Same as Dough Roller, Now if I can figure out how to ENFORCE the 10 min rule. Maybe toilet flushes??

    Thanks for the include in the list. I was wrong about the time to get out of debt. It’s actually NOW.

    No, NOW.

    Wait, it’s NOW!!

  3. Becky@FamilyandFinances Says:

    My employer just blocked your blog this week, too. Grrr!

  4. shawn Says:

    Happy Easter!

  5. Frugal Dad Says:

    Thanks for the mention, and for planning to add Frugal Dad to your blogroll.

  6. Four Pillars Says:

    Thanks for the link!