Kids eat free at Dickeys

By glblguy

Kids Eat Free
Photo by: chefranden

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I’ve written about kids eat free deals before and how given we have 6 children we are the constant prowl for restaurants offering kids eat free deals. One of the restaurants we found recently is Dickeys BBQ. They offer a free kids meal with the purchase of each adult meal on Sunday afternoons. Unlike a few other kids eat free restaurants we’ve ran across, the food is awesome!

Not only is the food good, but you get tons of it too. One of my favorite features is their huge deli style pickles that are all you can eat. I love a good pickle. Our kids favorite feature is the free all you eat ice cream that comes with every meal. They provide cones, chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Yes, all you can eat, and its good too!

We went yesterday after church, as we like to enjoy a family meal out together on Sunday afternoons. Here is the breakdown of what we got:

Myself – Sliced Smoke Id Turkey Breast with macaroni and cheese, green beans with bacon – About $8.50
My Wife – Pulled pork BBQ sandwich – $4.00
Son #1 – The Special: Fried chicken (1/2 of a chicken) macaroni and cheese and fries – $7.50
Son #2 – Dino bites (chicken nuggets) with fries – FREE
Son #3 – Corn dog bites with fries – FREE
Son #4 – Dino bites with macaroni and cheese – FREE
Son #5 – Corn dog bites with fries
The girl – Corn dog bites with fries
8 drinks

Total: $36.64. To be honest, it’s hard for us to eat at a place like McDonald’s for much less.

I’m not affiliated with Dickey’s in anyway. I just wanted to share my positive experience and the great prices with you. So if you’ve got kids (or even if you don’t) and want a great meal out that is reasonably priced, try Dickey’s. You can visit their site to find locations in most areas of the US.

Other restaurants we’ve found in our area offering kids eat free deals:

Any places you frequent that offer kids eat free deals? Add a comment!

7 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Kids eat free at Dickeys”

  1. Ron@TheWisdomJournal Says:

    Read my post on Eating out for Five but Paying for One.

    There are websites that track “kids eat free” promotions!

  2. Storm Says:

    That’s an awesome deal especially for the good food you received. Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!

  3. No Debt Plan Says:

    I, for one, was definitely hoping to see a picture of a dickey from the 80’s… ah well :)

  4. Lee Says:

    Great article! I’m always looking for “kids eat free” places. I haven’t heard of Dickey’s…and when I searched, we have a Dickey’s close by…I’m excited! We enjoy eating out at new places, and this one sounds good. Thanks for letting us know about it. I’ll have to check out the other places you mentioned.
    (A side note – I didn’t realize you had just one girl…it’s cute how you called her “the girl”:)

  5. glblguy Says:

    @No Debt Plan – I think I am afraid to ask…but what is a dickey from the 80s???

    @Lee – Actually, its more like the “da gurl” :-) In reality it should be the princess…my boys spoil her rotten!

    Let me know what you think…the smoked turkey rocks!

  6. RobY Says:

    I’ve found that while kids may eat free they often time don’t drink free. The price of drinks at many places are out of control (i.e. – the hidden charge that gets you).

    Anyway, a tip unrelated to kids eat free is to keep an eye on your bill for the drink charges. If my kids order from the kids menu and it says their drink is included then I double check that on the bill. Since my kids are 11 and 12 now, I VERY often find that they try to charge me for their drinks (at $2.00 plus each). When they come to get my check I simply say something like ‘Don’t the kids meals include their drink’. The normal response is ‘Oh, I’m sorry… yes they do, I’ll take those off when I ring it up’.

    On one occassion (Wild Wing Cafe) I remember the server saying they brought my son an adult drink instead of a kids drink because he looked old enough to drink one. It was a judgement call by the server. Now that just doesn’t make sense to me :) Kids get free refills too so putting it in a bigger cup just helps them keep from filling it up so often. So I’m helping them by letting them give my son a bigger cup, right? They shouldn’t also try to charge me more for it.

    Don’t be shy about asking for a correction to your bill. They are expecting to (and will) honor the special on the menu so make sure you get it.

    BTW, I always make sure I tip well so removing the drinks doesn’t really hurt the server but of course they don’t know this.


  7. Lickety Says:

    YUM! I love a good pickle too! Thanks for the awesome kids restaurant M-F list too!