The Friday Gathering for 2/29/2008

By glblguy

Before nightfall

This has been a very inspiring week here at Gather Little by Little, thanks to Gina’s guest post about her financial epiphany. Other bloggers have shared their stories by posting articles on their blogs, and readers have shared their stories and thoughts in the comments. There are truly some amazing stories. I’ve added links to all of the other bloggers who have written about their epiphany moments and I even shared mine. If you haven’t shared yours, I’d invite you to do so. Just think your story might become someone’s epiphany moment and you’ll change someone’s life for the better!

Also this week, I reached a small milestone which brought me one step closer to one of my 2008 goals for this blog, I surpassed 900 subscribers yesterday. It jumped back down today, but that’s just part of the roller coaster subscriber ride I’ve gotten somewhat used to with blogging. 600 or so more subscribers to go and I will reach my 2008 goal of having 1500 subscribers! If you would like to help, subscribe via RSS or via email.

M-Network news

Money Matters for all ages eBook

The M-Network and friends has pulled together all of the great articles from the Money Matters for all ages in a free eBook. Yes, a free eBook. If you haven’t read this series, the eBook is a great opportunity to do so. As the title implies, it addresses money issues for all ages, from infants to senior citizens. We also encourage you to share it with friends, family, neighbors, church, whomever! You can download it here.

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps Series

The M-Network is currently doing a series that is highlighting Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and offering our thoughts, insights, and perspectives. Patrick over at Cash Money life provided the overview, and you can find links to all of the articles in my part of the series, Dave Ramsey Baby Step 1 $1000 Emergency Fund. We’re current at step 3.


I’ve mentioned it before, but wanted to mention it again. The M-Network members have a blog about blogging called Blogthority. If you are a blogger, I’d recommend you check it out. There are some really great articles out there. Hoping to finish up writing a few I have in progress and get them posted as well!

New Poll

I’ve closed out the poll about how you’re doing your taxes this year. The results weren’t surprising. I had 69 total responses that broke down as follows:

39% will use Online Tax Software
32% will use Tax Professionals
13% will use shrink wrap tax software (the kind you buy at the store)
12% will use paper forms
1% will use the IRS online site
3% selected other

My new poll is related to this post, and asks: Do you enjoy/read my Friday Gathering posts? I ask this question because link posts are surprisingly quite a bit of work. I don’t mind doing them at all, but I only want to continue if they are of value to you. After all, that’s who this blog is for…you. If you aren’t, I would rather spend that time writing articles that you might enjoy more.

So please take a second to visit the poll in the side bar and cast your vote! It only takes a second.

The Gathering

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    Thanks for mention!

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    I have confidence that you’ll be able to make your own “I Quit!” announcement someday. :)

    And I personally enjoy the Friday
    Gatherings, but if you ever decide to drop them, send your readers on over to my blog on Saturdays. We always pick the same roundup posts anyway. :)

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    I like your roundup posts.


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