January – A great way to start the year

By glblguy

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Photo by: venkane

Reflecting back on January, it was an incredible month for Gather Little by Little in pretty much every way:.

  • Subscribers rose from 392 to 768
  • Unique visits rose from 14,0001 in December to 26,906 in January
  • Page views rose from 27,583 in December to 51,447 in January
  • My number of comments more than doubled
  • and last but one of things I am most proud of is having an article I wrote featured on Get Rich Slowly asĀ  a guest post!

Well, I could go on and on, but I’m continually amazed at the growth this blog continues to receive. Thanks to all of my readers who visit this site, read and comment on my articles. Thanks also to all of the other bloggers who continue to link to my articles and refer their readers to me. Speaking of which, here are the top 10 referrers to Gather Little by Little in January:

  1. The Simple Dollar
  2. Being Frugal
  3. Moolanomy
  4. Get Rich Slowly
  5. I’ve Paid For This Twice Already
  6. Cash Money Life
  7. Mrs. Micah
  8. The Dough Roller
  9. pfblogs.org
  10. My Two Dollars

10 Responses (including trackbacks) to “January – A great way to start the year”

  1. Four Pillars Says:

    Wow, huge increases all around – congrats!

  2. Patrick Says:

    Outstanding growth! Congratulations! :)

  3. Tom Says:

    Patience and motivation pays wonders! If you think your blog is doing great now, imagine it down the road in 3 years!

  4. Mrs. Micah Says:

    Excellent! You forgot to add “Got on track with financial goals and the like.” Also very impressive.

    I’m glad I could send traffic your way. :)

  5. Lynnae @ beingfrugal.net Says:

    Wow! You almost doubled your subscribers! I knew you were growing quickly, but that’s REALLY great! Congratulations! And I’m always happy to refer traffic your way! :)

  6. Pinyo @ Moolanomy Says:

    That’s a great month glblguy. Congratulation.

  7. Sister Honey Bunch Says:

    I just discovered you and am looking forward to reading more.

  8. Lisa Spinelli Says:

    That’s great, keep it going! I enjoy your comments very much. If you have any tips on how to increase traffic, I would love to hear it!

  9. NoDebtPlan Says:

    Congrats on the growth — that is pretty impressive numbers % wise!

  10. Efrain Rosseau Says:

    Very interesting to say the least! I will need to try some of them! It for sure aint that easy as the many people make it seem. You really gotta be very very deligent and one should never ever give up. The results will come in due time.