Friday Gathering for 2/22/2008

By glblguy

Busy as a bee
Busy as a bee by elj3ff3

It never ceases to amaze me how up and down life can be. One week you have tons of extra time, you get caught up on your email, write a couple of blog articles in advance, knock out a few things on the “honey-do list” and even have a little time to relax. Then boom, the next week you are so busy you barely have time to eat.

The past two weeks for me have been those “barely enough time to eat” weeks. I am really hoping once this little stomach flu is behind us my life will be a little less hectic. I love to stay busy, but that past two weeks have been far busier than I like to be! One of the few highlights of the week though was the success and positive feedback I received on my series How to get a great deal on a new car. It was linked to by a number of blogs and did very well on StumbleUpon as well.

Here are my favorite articles this week:

9 Responses (including trackbacks) to “Friday Gathering for 2/22/2008”

  1. Randall at CreditWithdrawal Says:

    Thanks for the include, I hope things calm down for you next week.


  2. PT from Prime Time Money Says:

    Thanks, Gibble!

  3. Mrs. Micah Says:

    I really hope things get better. *hugs to the family*

    Have a better weekend.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Hope everything settles down at your place! Thanks for the mention. :)

  5. Sean Says:

    Hope this storm blows over for you soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Pete @ biblemoneymatters Says:

    Hope everyone is feeling better – we just went through a bit of the flu as well – and it can really wipe you out.

    Thanks for the link!

  7. My Dollar Plan Says:

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon! And the car series was terrific… I’ll be highlighting it this week since we are back into car buying mode.

  8. Jagdu Says:

    Just read your new car article and no wonder it was so popular, great advice!

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