The Friday Gathering for 1/4/2008

By glblguy

Appalachian Trail with snow!
Snow on the Appalachian Trail, photo by: Calweb

This is the first Friday Gathering of the new year and it was a great week for reading blogs. Everyone was sharing information on how they did meeting their 2007 goals and sharing our goals for 2008. The M-Network did a group writing project that involved 12 different personal finance bloggers where we all shared information about our 2007 net worths.

A few announcements:

  • To add a little fun and interest to the site, I’ve added a poll over in the right-hand sidebar. The current poll asks how do you pronounce my blogging name “glblguy” (yes, believe it, glblguy isn’t my real name). This topic came up due to a conversation my M-Network buddies had about the different ways they pronounce it.
  • The Credit Card Reduction Rally started by Watch My Money Maker starts on Monday. If you have credit cards with outstanding balances, I encourage you to participate. I’ll be calling Chase again all next week!
  • I added a blogroll page this week. This is something I haven’t had before and was hesitant to add, but I wanted to share all of the great blogs I read on a daily basis!
  • My Dollar Plan and DebtFree-Revolution have started a “credit card” duel which officially starts today. First two articles are already up: Dirty Credit Card Company Tricks and The Great Credit Card Debate Off to an Early Start!. If you would like to enter the fray, just write an article linking to their articles or head over to their blogs and post a comment! I’ll be jumping in next week.

Blog Carnivals:

I participated in two carnivals this week, Festival of Frugality #106 – Happy New Year Edition where my article Money Saving Monday Tip#20 – Keep the change was editor’s pick and Carnival of Financial Goals #2 – A Walk With Sam where my article 10 Goals for 2008 was included. Thanks to both Pinyo of Moolanomy and Lynnae of Being Frugal for hosting. Great job to both!

If you are a blogger, participating in blog carnivals is a great source of traffic and recognition. If you are a reader, they are a great source for some wonderful articles!

The Gathering:

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

16 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday Gathering for 1/4/2008”

  1. Lynnae @ Being Frugal Says:

    Somehow I just knew my credit card article would make your list. :) Thanks for the link, and have a good weekend yourself!

  2. Debt Free Revolution Says:

    Thanks for spotlighting the Debate, Gibble :) And you need to leave a few comments!

  3. glblguy Says:

    @Lynnae – How did you know? ;-)

    @DebtFree – Oh I will, I promise.

  4. Mrs. Micah Says:

    It will only ever by Gibble.

  5. glblguy Says:

    Mrs. Micah – Shhhh….you’ll skew the poll ;-)

  6. Randall Says:

    Thanks for the include. It’s always good to get a thumbs-up from Gibble Guy! :)

  7. plonkee Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Best of luck with trying to change how your name is pronounced.

  8. Justin Says:

    Wow, it’s Friday already?

    Happy weekend people!

  9. My Dollar Plan Says:

    Hmmmm, I always pronounced it by saying the whole blog name! Thanks for highlighting the debate… can’t wait to hear your side of it.

  10. Brip Blap Says:

    I pronounce glblguy “Melvin.” That’s just how I roll.

    Thanks for including my post in the roundup!

  11. glblguy Says:

    @Randall – You’re welcome!

    @plonkee – lol…not trying to change it, just curious if others think the same :-)

    @Justin – Friday too quick, I have to go back to work on Monday!!!! Have a great weekend!

    @My Dollar Plan – You’re welcome.

    @Brip Blap – Sorry, didn’t add that option ;-) As always, you are most welcome!

  12. Millionaire Mommy Next Door Says:

    Thanks for including me in your glblgathering! Have a great weekend.

  13. glblguy Says:

    MMND – You are most welcome!

  14. Patrick Says:

    Thanks for the link!

    By the way, it looks like you’ll hit 500 subscribers very shortly! (496 right now!)

  15. glblguy Says:

    @Patrick – You’re welcome. I sure hope so, it’s been teasing me that close for a few days now.