The Friday Gathering for 1/11/2008

By glblguy

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Photo by: tricky.

Well, the “How do you pronounce my name?” survey hasn’t gone as I expected, nor the way my M-Network buddies would like it to have gone either. Lynnae over at Being was even going to send all of her readers over to vote for “Gibble”…my new nickname thanks to them! I’m thinking of recruiting another blogger to help me write articles…Their pen name will be “Bits”.

Seriously, when I chose Glblguy, I never really gave much thought to how it was pronounced…I just selected it as a short hand for “Gather Little by Little Guy”. Which leads me to something I would like to clarify for everyone. I often have people wonder why I blog anonymously. Some people are more direct about it and others just make indirect comments. I blog anonymously, not because I have anything to hide but because I work in the financial industry and I am concerned about my blog being seen as a conflict of interest by my employer. So while I don’t use my real name (no it’s not really glblguy or Gibble) nor do you know exactly where I live, all of the stories you read and information you have learned about me is 100% true.

Anyway, whether you call be Gibble, Global Guy, Gather Little by Little Guy, or whatever your brain reads glblguy as, I’m just glad to know you. I am also honored by the fact you visit my site and read my ramblings. Thank you.

Carnivals this week:

I only participated in one carnival this week, the daddy of them all, Carnival of Personal Finance 134: Building on the Basics hosted by Mrs. Micah. She included my article 6 Ways to Kick Off Your Personal Finance New Year the Right Way.

This weeks gathering:

Here’s my top article selections from this week:

One other blog I’d like to suggest you check out if you are a blogger or interested in making money on the internet is Skellie’s (from new blog Anywired. I have the upmost respect for Skellie and enjoy her writing immensely. Thanks again for the logo Skellie!

9 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday Gathering for 1/11/2008”

  1. Mrs. Micah Says:

    Hi Gibble! :)

    Glad you participated in the CoPF. I would have been all over you for a submission if you hadn’t, of course.

  2. glblguy Says:

    Of course ;-)

  3. Lynnae @ Being Frugal Says:

    Even though the wrong name came out on top in your poll, you will ALWAYS be Gibble! :) My brain just can’t get that first “L” in there.

    Thanks for the links!

  4. Millionaire Money Habits Says:

    Hey Glblguy!

    Looks like some good stuff here I missed while I was out of town. Got lots of catching up to do!

  5. Randall Says:

    GibbleGuy!! Thanks for including me in the list! 100th post

    Here’s to 200 next!

  6. Patrick Says:

    I’ll be sure to check out Skellie’s new blog, thanks for pointing out! Thanks for the mention! :)

  7. Carolyn Says:

    Have you heard this one before: gullible guy? That one makes me laugh.

  8. glblguy Says:

    @Carolyn – hehe, yes I think that one’s come up before a few times too ;-) My wife would agree on Gullible guy!