The Friday Gathering but on Saturday

By glblguy

Mint Holiday Hangover Contest

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the Friday Gathering this week or maybe you didn’t notice. Well, here it is, just a day later than usual. Why? Well, a couple of reasons actually. Yesterday was my turn to share my article Teach your teen the basics of money management as part of the Money Matters for All Ages Series. The other reason is my job in the real world was killing me this week. So it would seem I’m a day late, hoping you’ll let me slide this time!

Another thing you may have noticed is that an article was posted today as well. What? The Glblguy posting an article on Saturday??? Well, starting today, I’ll be posting guest articles from other bloggers. Lynnae from Being Frugal has the honor of being my first guest today with her article In Credit Cards We Trust?.

Mint’s Holiday Spending Hangover Contest

Before I jump into my picks for this week, I wanted to let you know about a contest Mint is having starting on January 31st. It’s called Mint’s Holiday Spending Hangover Contest. Mint wants to help you pay off any holiday bills you may have! All you have to do is tell Mint your “holiday debt-ache” story either in a video or in written words and they will pay up to $5,000 of your holiday debt!

Mint says: “Play up the drama, originality, and humor because viewers/readers determine if you qualify to win. Get friends and family to rate your video/story to increase your chances of winning.“. The contest runs until March 31, 2008. Two grand prize winners will be awarded on April 15, 2008–one for the best video and one for the best story. The details aren’t up yet at Mint. This is a “sneak peek” so you can jump the gun and get your creative juices flowing. Check out the Mint site on January 25th and the official contest site should be up.

Money Matters for All Ages

As I mentioned above, Members of the M-Network and a number of other bloggers are participating in a group writing project called Money Matters for All Ages. Various bloggers have all chosen an age range and are blogging about money as it relates to particular age groups. You can check out the first article in the series, Financial Strategies for Infants and Young Children over at My Dollar Plan. This is an awesome series so far, so make sure you check it out all the great articles which are linked at the bottom of each article in the series including mine.

The Gathering

Here are my favorite article picks from the M-Network and the personal finance blogosphere:

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