The Friday Gathering for 12/14/2007

By glblguy

Noah’s ark Christmas Lights

4:00pm today signals the beginning of 3 weeks of vacation. I don’t have to return to my real job until January 7th! I have been looking forward to this for weeks now. We aren’t planning to go anywhere, but I look forward to spending some time with my wife and children and just enjoying the holiday season. Since I haven’t completed all of my Christmas shopping yet, I guess I will have to venture out into the shopping chaos a little.

You may notice my posting schedule is a little off for the next 3-weeks. I do have full intentions of keeping it the same, but I am also a realist and continuing to get up early might be a bit of a challenge :-) But I’ll try, how about that?

The 12 days of Christmas personal finance style

The M-Network (specifically Lynnae from Being Frugal) kicked of an original group writing project this week, the 12-Days of Christmas personal finance style. Not only will it have some awesome articles on personal finance topics, but it should just be a really entertaining read. You can read the day 1 on being frugal. Lynnae’s article and all subsequent articles will have links to all of the other articles. I’m writing the 10th day so make sure you stop by on the 12/20 to read my version of the 10th day of Christmas personal finance style.


Once again, I participated in a few carnivals this week. No editor’s picks this week though (I need to work on that). Anyway, here’s links to the carnivals along with the articles I submitted:

Thanks to all of the hosts, your efforts are sincerely appreciated!

From the M-Network

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Blasts from the past

10 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday Gathering for 12/14/2007”

  1. Mrs. Micah Says:

    Thanks for the link. :)

  2. My Dollar Plan Says:

    Enjoy your three weeks! That will be wonderful. Thanks for the link too.

  3. Matt Keegan Says:

    Enjoy your extended time off. Maybe you’ll not want to return to work when your vacation is over.

    I’ll be curtailing everything after next Friday and through New Year’s Day. If I blog, I blog — if not, that’s okay too.

    Enjoy the time with your wife and children as you celebrate our Savior’s birth.

  4. wealthy_1 Says:

    Three weeks off! You’re so lucky! Enjoy your vacation and your time with your family!

  5. glblguy Says:

    Mrs. Micah – You’re most welcome!

  6. glblguy Says:

    Madison (My Dollar Plan), thanks. You’re right, it will be wonderful and you’re welcome for the link.
    btw, if you guys haven’t read Madison’s blog make sure you check it out and subscribe.

  7. glblguy Says:

    @Matt – Not returning would be great, but not sure if I could do without the money :-) You have a Merry Christmas as well.

    @wealthy_1 – Thanks! I am pretty fortunate, but have taken little to no vacation this year, so it’s use it or lose it.

  8. Lynnae @ Says:

    Thanks for the link! And enjoy your time off!

  9. glblguy Says:

    You’re welcome Lynnae. Thanks, already am :-)