10 Goals for 2008

By glblguy

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I started Gather Little by Little on July 1st of this year after having written various personal finance articles on a very simple blogger.com blog. I had no readers other than my family, but enjoyed writing and sharing my ideas immensely. Being new to blogging, I really didn’t have any set goals nor did I really know where I wanted my blog to go. I was just writing about two things that were having a major positive influence in my life: my faith and getting control of my finances.

After blogging for a month or two I came up with two stretch goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of the year 1) Reach 500 subscribers and 2) Exceed more than 1,000 unique visits in a single day. While I haven’t reached the 500 subscriber goal, I did exceed 1,000 unique visits, multiple times in fact. I owe much of this to Trent over at the Simple Dollar, who for some reason seems to like my ramblings.

For 2008 I wanted to set some additional goals. I am a huge believer in setting goals and even putting a plan in place to achieve them. Here are my goals for Gather Little by Little for 2008:

  1. Reach 1,500 subscribers (currently at 447)
  2. Average 2,000 page views per day (currently at 900)
  3. Feature at least 2 guest articles each month with a longer term goal of 1 per week
  4. Continue posting frequency of at least 5 articles per week
  5. Continue focusing on making a positive difference in people’s lives
  6. Increase reader participation by increasing average number of comments per article
  7. Generate $500.00/month in revenue (currently at $200.00)
  8. Continue to improve the design and usability of the blog
  9. Participate in at least one group writing project per month
  10. Host the carnival of personal finance, festival frugality, and the carnival of money stories

I would like to thank all of the readers, fellow M-Network bloggers, and all of the other bloggers who have linked to me, supported me, and befriended me since I started this journey. Without all of you, Gather Little by Little wouldn’t exist. With this kind of support, I am confident I can reach and exceed all of these goals!

Oh and if you would like to help me meet my RSS subscriber goal of 500 for this year, please feel free to subscribe!

12 Responses (including trackbacks) to “10 Goals for 2008”

  1. Mrs. Micah Says:

    Those look like great goals! I have some similar ones. :)

  2. Millionaire Money Habits Says:

    2007 isn’t over yet! You can get there.

    Your ’08 seem very reasonable and within reach. I wish you the best of luck, and hope we can enjoy the same success!


  3. glblguy Says:

    @Mrs. Micah – Sounds great. I’m sure you’ll do well.

    @Ryan – I sure hope so! I am SOOO close. I tried to make then attainable, but not too easy. I’m sure you’ll do well Ryan, you have a great blog. Thanks again for the note.

  4. Randy Peterman Says:

    You could participate in writing about the Credit Rate Reduction Rally next month. That would be a good fulfillment of one of your goals for January ;)

    Actually, I have some similar goals – I’ll copy this concept and you can say you started a meme in 2007. Keep it up, I always enjoy reading what you’ve got on here!

  5. glblguy Says:

    Hi Randy, fully intend to do that and have plans to announce it to my readers next week as well :-)

    Thanks Randy…not sure if I want to take credit for a meme though ;-)

  6. Patrick Says:

    Great set of goals! I think they are all very reasonable and achievable. God luck reaching them! :)

  7. Lynnae @ Being Frugal Says:

    Those are some good goals! I’m confident that you are going to have a very successful 2008!