A New Theme Coming Soon

By glblguy

While the current theme here on Gather Little by Little has served this site well since it’s inception 4 months ago, I have been finding various issues with it that are both limiting what I want to do with the site and causing it to not display well at various resolutions. As a result, I’ve been working on a new version of the theme that I’ll be rolling out in the next couple of days.

It won’t be dramatically different, but here are a few changes you can expect:

  • ¬†3 columns instead of two. This will make the site easier to navigate and place more information¬† “above the fold” for you.
  • The site will display consistently across all resolutions and there won’t be a large amount of white space between the content and the sidebar.
  • Links will be underlined to make them clearer and meet current web standards
  • The new theme has a more web 2.0 look and feel to it. This will become even more so over the next few weeks.
  • Faster load times.
  • More SEO optimized

The biggest change for you the reader will be the move from 2 columns to 3. So make sure you check-in over the few days and check out the new theme and provide your feedback on it!

2 Responses (including trackbacks) to “A New Theme Coming Soon”

  1. Laura Says:

    Good for you, though I really do like this look. I’m still working on mine. If you have some time, could you please post your thought process and design thoughts a bit more? I’d love to read your take on it.

  2. glblguy Says:

    Thanks Laura. Do you mean post my process and design thoughts on my new theme or just my thought process/design process in general?