The Friday Gathering For 10/26/2007

By glblguy


It is Friday again all already and time for my weekly Friday Gathering. Before I give you the links to my favorite posts this week, I have a couple of announcements:

  • The M-Network aggregated feed has now changed over to a Feedburner feed. Make sure you subscribe to the new feed as it’s better and faster! The M-Network feed is an aggregated feed containing posts/articles from all 10 M-Network members. Of course you can still subscribe to just my feed. If you aren’t a subscriber, I’d encourage you to subscribe!
  • The M-Network will have another group writing project coming up in November. Stay tuned for more details. Our first one was a huge success.
  • I’ll be heading to the mountains this afternoon for a long weekend. I’ll be back on Wednesday (10/31) so no articles until I return. I can’t wait, as we really need the break.
  • For those that have been following my broken wrist saga… I received word this week that I won’t require surgery (yeah!) and that I should heal up in 8-12 weeks with just a cast. Each day is getting a little better, and I am actually typing this post with both hands! Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Now for the gathering!

From the M-Network:

From the PF Blogosphere:

11 Responses (including trackbacks) to “The Friday Gathering For 10/26/2007”

  1. Erin Says:

    Have a great vacation and enjoy your time off!

  2. David Says:

    Thanks for the mention and have a nice vacation!

  3. glblguy Says:

    Thanks Erin. You’re welcome David!

  4. Pinyo Says:

    That’s great news about your wrist, and enjoy your weekend in the mountain. You will be missed!

  5. glblguy Says:

    @Pinyo – Thanks!

  6. TV Girl Says:

    Thanks for the link, and have fun in the mountains! :)

  7. glblguy Says:

    @TV Girl – You’re welcome and thanks…leaving right now…see ya!

  8. Lynnae @ Being Frugal Says:

    I’m so glad you don’t have to have surgery! That must be a relief! Have a great vacation! And thanks for the mention!

  9. Patrick Says:

    Thanks for the mention! :)

    Have a great trip in the mountains, and good luck with your wrist! Surgery is never fun!

  10. Bunk Says:

    Congratulations on not needing surgery. Congratulations on the vacation! And congratulations on the great links!

  11. glblguy Says:

    @Patrick – You’re welcome and thanks!

    @Bunk – Thanks Bunk!