Money Saving Monday Tip #13 – Just One Club Card

By glblguy

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This is not a paid review nor am I receiving any financial benefit from this article. Just One Club Card is a service that I use and find value from and I thought you might too.

Until recently I had at least 10 different “club cards”. You know, those cards you can now get at pretty much every store you visit. Those cards that give you a discount or deal on selected merchandise each week. I had some in my wallet, most of my key chain and even some in my car. They were a bit frustrating to say the least, but I kept them anyway as the savings I received justified the hassle.

Well I am happy to tell you, I’ve found a better solution, Just One Club Card. Just One Club Card is a simple to use website that lets you enter up to 8 card numbers on their website. The website will then allow you print the barcodes from your club cards on one business card sized card. It consolidates all of your cards onto one or two simple cards you can carry in your wallet or on your key chain. The site is free and very easy to use. They support a huge number of merchants, and I haven’t come across a club card that I use the site doesn’t support. If you do find one they don’t support, you can email them and they will get it added for you.

One problem I had when I first started using these cards was telling the cashier to cover up the other barcodes. Seems they now have a solution for that problem as well: A template for a windowed sleve.

Windowed Sleeve

Tired of managing all of those club cards, give Just One Club Card a try. If anything, it makes for some great conversation at the check-out counter!

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  1. Raymond Says:

    I thought about this but I personally concluded that the club cards are not really that of a hassle to keep around. I have a few strapped to my keys that take up very little space.

    Interesting idea, but not quite the product I would use. But, if they could come up with a key fob type device that I could just wave across a scanner and automatically log my club identification…now that would definitely be a product I’d use!