10 Mutual Funds For A Greener Future

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There are many ways you can make a difference in the environment and make your money greener including eliminating paper, driving more energy efficient cars, etc. I would like to focus on investing. There are a number of new mutual funds that you can invest in that will not only make a difference in the environment but will also provide you with strong returns.

Here are just 10 of the literally hundreds available:

Winslow Green Growth (WGGFX)

Objective: The Winslow Green Growth Fund (“the Fund”) seeks capital appreciation through environmentally responsible investing in small growth companies that have a positive or neutral impact on the environment

Inception Date: 5/3/1994

10 Year Avg Return: 15.56%

Calvert Global Alternative Energy (CGAEX)

Objective: Seeks long-term growth of capital through investment in equity securities (U.S. and non-U.S.) of companies involved in alternative energy that meet the Fund’s investment and social criteria. Alternative energy includes renewable energy sources (including solar, wind, geothermal or biofuel), technologies that enable these sources to be tapped, and services or technologies that conserve or enable more efficient use of energy.

Inception Date: 5/31/2007

YTD Return: 9.21% (with 4.75% sales charge)

Claymore/LGA Green ETF (GRN)

Objective: Seeks investment results that correspond generally to the performance, before the Fund’s fees and expenses, of an equity index called the Light Green Eco*Index™. The Eco Index selection methodology is designed to identify companies with the best combination of environmental performance trends in their respective industries as determined by Light Green Advisors (“LGA” or the “Index Provider”).

Inception Date:5/31/2007

YTD Return: 6.50%

New Alternatives (NALFX)

Objective: There is no commitment to a specific formula in selecting investments, such as favoring growth or value or any technical system.

The Fund’s Advisor selects securities for purchase or sale by subjective concern to the areas of interest and concentration. The Advisor assesses the perceived risk of the investment at a particular price.

Attention is given to the perceived prospects for the company selected and its industry, with concern for economic, political and social conditions at the time.

Inception Date: September 1982

YTD Return: 8.77% (Load Adjusted)

Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy (GAAEX)

Objective: Seeks long-term appreciation investing in equity securities (U.S. and non-U.S.) of companies involved in alternative energy or alternative energy technology sectors.

Inception Date: 3/31/2006

YTD Return: 35.75%

PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy Portfolio (PBW)

Objective: The investment seeks results that correspond generally to the price and yield (before the Fund’s fees and expenses) of an equity index called the WilderHill Clean Energy index. The fund normally invests at least 80% of total assets in common stocks of companies engaged in the business of the advancement of cleaner energy and conservation. It may invest at least 90% of total assets in common stocks that comprise the Clean Energy Index. It is nondiversified.

Inception Date: 3/3/2005

YTD Return: 31.02%

Market Vectors Global Alternative ETF (GEX)

Objective: The investment seeks to replicate the price and yield performance of the Ardour Global Index (Extra Liquid) Index. The fund normally invests at least 80% of total assets in stocks in proportion to their weightings in the index. It will invest at least 30% of assets in securities of non-US companies located in at least three different countries. The index includes companies primarily engaged in the generation of power through environmentally friendly, non-traditional sources. The fund is non-diversified.

Inception Date: 5/3/2007

YTD Return: 11.88%

Portfolio 21 (PORTX)

Objective: The investment seeks long-term growth of capital. The fund primarily invests in common stocks of domestic and foreign companies of any size market capitalization in at least three, but typically as many as ten to twenty countries in addition to the United States. The companies must satisfy certain environmental criteria and exhibit certain financial characteristics that indicate positive prospects for long-term earnings growth.

Inception Date: 9/30/1999

5-year Annualized Return: 20.45%

Allianz RCM Global EcoTrends Fund (AECOX)

Objective: Seeks long-term growth of capital. A global portfolio of common stocks and other equity securities of companies that directly or indirectly have exposure to, or otherwise derive benefits from trends in, one or more of the EcoEnergy, Pollution Control and Clean Water sectors.

Inception Date: 1/28/2007

5-year Annualized Return: 32.77%

Green Century Balanced Fund (GCBLX)

Objective: The investment seeks capital growth and income. The fund primarily invests in stocks and bonds of environmentally responsible companies. It may invest up to 75% of assets in stocks and at least 25% of assets in bonds. The fund may also invest up to 35% of assets in high yield below investment grade bonds. It may also invest in bonds with any maturity and credit quality.

Inception Date: 3/18/1992

5-year Annualized Return: 15.00%


Whether you choose to invest in a green mutual fund, buy stock in companies that are green, reduce the amount of paper you use, buy a more energy efficient car, or do any one of the other countless things you can do, do something. Our world, the world our God provided for us is in an environmental crisis. As good stewards of this beautiful planet we live on, I believe it is up to us to make a difference. Make a difference today.

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